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The Plight of the SAHM vs FTWM

My Mum was a serious career high-flyer at a French bank, before she quit her job to….. look after me. For most of my life, I’d always thought it was such a silly decision, and that when I grew up, *I’d* never sacrifice all that money/career-glory just for my kid.

Now, being a SAHM and having made the same decision Mum made all those years ago, I truly understand and appreciate the sacrifice she made. This article I wrote for Material World is dedicated to her.

It is also dedicated to my mummy girl friends, and to anyone who is a mum and reading this. Because we’ve all made our own choices. We’ll never be sure if we made the right one, but we sure as hell hope it is!


The Plight of the SAHM vs FTWM, written for Material World.

Hope you enjoy the read ūüôā

GIVEAWAY: One ‘My First Pack’ of 156 stickers from Stickerkid (worth $55)!

Stickerkid - Brunch With My Baby Singapore

(psssst! Read on for a discount code to Sickerkid)


Both my kids start their unaccompanied playgroup in the new year!

They’ll be attending 3x a week, for 3 hours each time. HELLOOOOOO kid-free mornings for me, for three glorious days a week!! Seriously, I won’t know what to do with myself.

Because of their close age gap (18 months apart), they’ll be in the same classroom. There’ll be just 6-8 kids in the class (including them) with 2 teachers

Despite the small class, the teachers told me to make sure they have all their belongings labeled, or they risk getting their stuff mixed up with other kids.

I’ve never purchased labeling-things before, because I’ve been dubious. Kid things go through a LOT of rough handling and a LOT of washing – how can something so simple as a¬†sticker that you slap on last through all that??

Turns out, they really do last. 

My kids’ stickers are by a Swiss company called Stickerkid, that make personalised stickers and labels. They are Swiss-made and¬†ridiculously durable.¬†As in, they last so well that it can’t even be normal. Key example? The stickers on their waterbottles are in PERFECT condition – with no nicks or peeling bits – despite the waterbottles being washed and scrubbed daily. They’ve been stuck on for 6 weeks now (I wanted to give it time to make sure Stickerkid labels really do work!), and they are still PERFECTLY stuck on. Freaky!!


Stickerkid are giving away one ‘My First Pack‘ of 156 stickers (worth $55), shipped worldwide.

 My First Pack contains:
– 32 large stickers
– 14 shoe stickers
– 60 small stickers
– 50 clothes stickers

a Brunch With My Baby giveaway

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Giveaway will run from 27 Dec 2013 to 2 Jan 2014 inclusive.
Winner’s entry(s) will be verified according to the entry criteria(s).
Any person from any country may participate – Stickerkid will ship worldwide!

And for those of you that want to order RIGHT NOW, before the new school year starts…

Stickerkid are offering a 10% STOREWIDE DISCOUNT with code: brunchwithmybaby

Valid until 31 March 2014.
Discount is valid on all merchandise storewide, but excludes shipping cost.


So these are my kids’ stickers, that arrived swiftly in the mail. I did spend ages trying to decide on the pictures, because they are so many option sto choose from! Stickerkid also have just launched the option to upload your own photo – coolness!! ¬†The stickers come on various sheets and with accompanying instructions (though it’s kind of a no brainer).

Stickerkid - Brunch With My Baby Singapore


The stickers aren’t made of paper, but some sort of vinyl(?) material… that makes the stickers extremely flexible and durable. They¬†feel good.¬†

This is the back of the Shoe Stickers:

Stickerkid - Brunch With My Baby Singapore


The Shoe Stickers fit nicely in kids shoes, and don’t peel off or come loose, to annoy little ones. My kids are pretty amused whenever they see their favourite animals stuck inside their shoes when they’re putting them on.

Stickerkid - Brunch With My Baby Singapore


Incredibly, I stuck on a sticker (NOT the iron-on label) on the back of Hunter’s hat.. and it’s been through a bunch of washes… but the sticker is still there!! In perfect condition.

And as I mentioned before, the stickers on their water bottles have lasted 6 weeks of daily washing and rough daily use. Zero peeling edges, zero nicks, zero colour fade.

Stickerkid - Brunch With My Baby Singapore


I regressed into a kid and went on a sticker slapping frenzy! Popped them on all their belongings, including their Buono desks. I figure it’s a good way to get them to recognise and read their own names, right??

Stickerkid - Brunch With My Baby Singapore


And also on Hunter’s Y Velo bike. Because the green is identical and looked too cool!

Stickerkid - Brunch With My Baby Singapore


These babies are really, freakily, durable. They last through so much – both physical man-handling, and washing. I’m also impressed with their thin-ness (so it doesn’t annoy and get in the way) as well as their flexibility (they wrap around odd-shapes very well with no bubbles or peeling).

This is what Stickerkid is proud to offer in their stickers:

Thanks Stickerkid!

CHARLY T’s: Kid-Friendly Restaurants, Katong, Singapore

Charly T - Brunch With My Baby Singapore

I very rarely order roast chicken when we go out – for the simple reason that, more often than not, the chicken comes out pretty dry and tasteless. Actually in general, I never order chicken in restaurants.

So I was really interested when I heard that Charly T’s¬†specialised in rotisserie chicken!

I was really surprised to discover that it’s not just rotisserie chicken that they serve, but a whole variety of dishes from around the world. It kind of makes it hard to decide what to get ūüėČ

The interior of Charly T’s is welcoming and family-friendly, with lots of high chairs and an outdoor patio area with a large TV screen. But the calling card is the¬†play corner.

My kids made a BEELINE straight for it!

Charly T - Brunch With My Baby Singapore


On one Sunday a month, Charly T’s hosts a full-blown kids event with an instructor…. FOR FREE. Kids are eligible when¬†accompanied with dining adults.¬†Not trying to sound stingy or anything here.. but any place that keeps my kids occupied for a good our for free is tops in my books!!

This month, the activity was “instrument making”.

It was a really simple concept and used simple craft materials, but was such a good idea and one that I’d never thought of before. The kids happily decorated the backs of 2 paper plates, stapled them together so they formed a drum/tambourine, and threaded through large bells to make them jingle-jangle. What a hit it was!

Chris was a champion and guided both kids through the craft making  Рthough if your kids are a bit older, they can just be left there whilst you eat in peace.

Charly T - Brunch With My Baby Singapore Charly T - Brunch With My Baby Singapore


After that, we relaxed with an Iced Latte and Iced Lemon Tea.. whilst the kids played around the area for a bit and shared a freshly-squeezed Green Flash juice РGreen Apple, Orange, Pineapple ($7).

Charly T - Brunch With My Baby Singapore


Of course, we¬†had to try the Rotisserie Chicken with 2 side dishes¬†($14.50)! We were told that they pride themselves on chilled, never frozen, chickens that are marinated for over 12 hours before they are slow-cooked Rotisserie-style. Mmmmmmm……..

The meat was plump and tender, and I liked how crisp and smoky the skin was. But most of all, I thought the sesame (I think?) dipping sauce it came with was excellent. The kids loved it smothered all over their chicken! Speaking of which, both kids pretty much ate half the chicken each. I was kinda impressed.

Charly T - Brunch With My Baby Singapore
Charly T - Brunch With My Baby Singapore Charly T - Brunch With My Baby Singapore
Our two side dishes was the Garlic Rice, which was full of flavour and a total must order, and the Macaroni and Cheese, which I liked but wasn’t kid-friendly for my kids as it has a mild peppery flavour due to the red peppers in the sauce. It’s a healthy version of mac and cheese, by the way, which uses less cheese and incorporates cauliflower into the sauce, but is still very tasty.Charly T - Brunch With My Baby Singapore


I insisted on the¬†Kansas City BBQ Pork Ribs($22)¬†because saying “no” to pork ribs when they’re on the menu is criminal. They were meaty and tender, but still had ‘bite’. The meat was mostly lean, which I appreciated, and the BBQ sauce wasn’t too rich or sweet. I swapped my Vegetables side dish for German Potato Salad, and I’m so glad I did, because ¬†the warm potato salad was delicious because it came with lots of bacon bits studded through it.

Charly T - Brunch With My Baby Singapore


The¬†Kalua Pork ($20) was described as… uh… Kalua Pork on the menu, with no other description. I wouldn’t have ordered it if I hadn’t been told that it’s actually slow-roasted pork belly. I repeat: THIS IS SLOW-ROASTED PORK BELLY PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And thus, this was our star dish of the meal. It doesn’t look very attractive in the photo, but believe me, this is one of the best pork dishes I’ve ever had. The pork was so juicy and tender and silky it was absolutely sublime. I normally don’t like the fatty bits, but I ate up the thin slivers of fat inbetween the layers and felt it added to the silkiness of the texture of the dish. I didn’t even bother with the accompanying sauces – the pork was perfection eaten on it’s own.

I flipped to their little menu board that describes their dishes, and saw this “the¬†pork belly is marinated in ti leaves for 48 hours and slow-cooked to perfection – fork-tender and moist.” Now it all makes sense.

A total must order! I would go back for this dish alone.

Charly T - Brunch With My Baby Singapore Charly T - Brunch With My Baby Singapore


So there’s this outside patio area that’s totally enclosed by railings so it’s safe for young children to run about in. And since no one was dining there, and since we have a kid that cannot sit still in his high chair after eating *stares at Carter*, we chucked him out there!

He was kept pretty entertained and we could eat whilst watching him (we were seated next to the glass doors/windows) overlooking the patio).

Charly T - Brunch With My Baby Singapore


We opted for the cryptically named (to me!)¬†Kaiserchmarrn ($16).¬†I was keen on it after being told it was “cut up pancakes in a bowl with ice cream“. You can’t go wrong with THAT! ¬†And true enough, fluffy warm pancakes studded with raisns arrived at our table, all chopped up and served with a scoop of ice cream. Awesome comfort food. The kids went nuts over this one….

Charly T - Brunch With My Baby Singapore


I was already lusting over the¬†Homemade Ice Cream Sandwich ($8) since I’d first eyeballed the menu when we arrived, so of course I ordered it pronto. I realised when it arrived that it was actually quite similar to the¬†Kaiserchmarrn dessert we ordered! Both had vanilla ice cream, and both had sweet carbs with raisins. So silly of me.

I’d recommend ordering either one, but not both at the same time!

Charly T - Brunch With My Baby Singapore Charly T - Brunch With My Baby Singapore Charly T - Brunch With My Baby Singapore


Charly¬†T’s are doing a 3-Course¬†Christmas¬†Set Menu (until 31st December), but we went a la carte when we were there. They also have a Festive Bundle (until 1st January) as well as a Chinese New Year Prosperity Bundle (from 1st January to 30th January).

The next¬†kids activity event is being held on 19 January 1-2PM, and is a¬†Chinese New Year Fish Making class! Fab for bringing along their handiwork when you go round visiting relatives ūüėČ

Plus, on the way out, I spotted a sign with this on it: Facebook LIKErs get 15% off when paying with Mastercard”. It’s a good deal ūüôā

Last Bite: Charly T’s is a HUGE hit with their free instructor-led kids activity event each month. It’s an excellent way to keep the kids occupied whilst you enjoy a tasty lunch. The Kalua Pork is a must order!

Highchairs: Yes
Easy access: Yes
Change tables: Yes (in the mall)
Kids’ menu: Yes

Charly T’s
112 Katong Mall $03-15
112 East Coast Road
Singapore 428802)
Phone: 6636 4701
Prices: $$
Hours: Mon – Fri: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm, Sat – Sun: 9:00 am – 11:00 pm

GIVEAWAY: Win one of five BabySafe Kid Pillows (worth $48.80 each)!

Baby Safe - Brunch With My Baby Singapore

Chris and I splurged on really nice latex pillows and mattress when we moved to Singapore 2+ years ago. We aren’t alone – most people I know are willing to splurge on really comfortable bedding, rationalizing that we are lying on them at least 6-7 hours a day, even more so than sitting on a couch!

Yet, for some reason, I haven’t seen many quality baby/kid bedding around. They are either just stuffed, or made with foam. And kids sleep on their pillow and mattress for 12 hours a night… not even including their nap times!

Hunter has always used the BabySafe latex mattress and pillow, since birth.¬†The firm and breathable latex provides excellent support and safety for a baby, and I couldn’t find any other bedding that was superior.

When Carter was born, I gave him Hunter’s BabySafe latex mattress and pillow, and got Hunter a regular pillow and cheap foam mattress *ahem*. He used this for a couple of months, and I always felt bad whenever I changed his sheets and saw the poor/crappy quality of the foam! So I was really delighted to finally transition him (back) to the BabySafe mattress and pillow a few weeks ago.

Baby Safe - Brunch With My Baby Singapore

BabySafe latex range is hypoallergenic, and provides firm orthopaedic support for spinal alignment and adjusts comfortably to the contours of the baby’s body. Aside from preventing allergies, it is naturally mold and mildew resistant, inhibiting dust-mite infestation. Being natural, it contains no toxic substance and unlike synthetic materials, does not emit fumes. It is also self-ventilating, reducing the risk of suffocation.

I am super happy that BabySafe are being brilliant and want to offer a giveaway!

BabySafe are giving away 5 Kid Pillows (worth $48.80 each)!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Giveaway will run from 20 Dec to 26 Dec 2013 inclusive.
Winner’s entry(s) will be verified according to the entry criteria(s).
Winners may pick up the BabySafe pillow at the Spring Maternity (Hoi Hup) showroom.


Baby Safe - Brunch With My Baby Singapore


You’ll see below that there are a variety of pillows for babies and kids. Hunter (at 2+ years old) currently uses the¬†BabySafe Kid Pillow¬†and I love how it is molded. My own pillow is a molded latex pillow, so I know how comfortable this is!

Baby Safe - Brunch With My Baby Singapore


Below is the BabySafe Kid Pillow and the BabySafe mattress. The mattresses come in a variety of sizes to suit almost all cots. I like how both come with a soft 100% cotton cover, so they can be whipped off and washed easily.

Baby Safe - Brunch With My Baby Singapore


Here’s a peek at the¬†latex mattress uncovered. Latex holds its shape beautifully, and doesn’t attract dust mites and bed bugs – a huge plus in my book. It’s also a very heavy mattress, which I like because it doesn’t feel flimsy like regular cheap foam mattresses.

Baby Safe - Brunch With My Baby Singapore


BabySafe include one set of sheets when you purchase their products, but I usually go out and get extras. Made of 100% sateen cotton, they are really smooth and soft and come in cute prints. Below you will see the¬†BabySafe mattress, BabySafe Kid Pillow, BabySafe bolster… all in Hunters bed from Mothercare (I believe BabySafe mattresses will fit any Mothercare bed).

Baby Safe - Brunch With My Baby Singapore


Hunter is bizzarely HUGELY fascinated with the latex mattress, and insisted I put it on the ground for him and Carter to lie on. And they did, for ages!! When I tried to cover it up with sheets and put it back in his bed, he had Meltdown Central. Go figure.

Here he is inspecting his new bedding, after he finally allowed me to put it all back in his bed.

Baby Safe - Brunch With My Baby Singapore


He then wanted to hop on in and test it out…

Baby Safe - Brunch With My Baby Singapore


“OK I nap now, Mama!”¬†

REALLY???? Well, go right ahead…..!

Baby Safe - Brunch With My Baby Singapore

 Baby Safe - Brunch With My Baby Singapore

Thanks BabySafe!

NADAMAN @ SHANGRI-LA HOTEL: Kid-Friendly Restaurants, Orchard Road, Singapore

Nadaman @ Shangri-La Hotel

(photo credit: Shangri-La)

I’ve been to Nadaman at the Shangri-La a couple of times now, but have never managed to take photos and/or review the restaurant. I finally did this time, but only managed a few photos, and ZERO photos of the Kaiseki… whoops. I blame it on being distracted by both kids – either trying to get one to nap or one or both to eat, etc, etc. I regret it, because the presentation of their dishes (especially in our Kaiseki) is¬†beautiful!!

The kids appreciate the place because it’s quiet (we always go for weekday lunch) and the service is top-notch. They are extremely attentive, very patient with children, and give an all-round pleasant experience.




Nadaman started in Osaka, Japan, 180+ years ago. The restaurant here, too, boasts refined Japanese cuisine that will delight any Japanese-food lover.

Obviously, their Kaiseki is top-notch and what I always get. Their Seasonal Kaiseki menu ($60) includes an appetiser, soup, sashimi, grilled dish, simmered dish, rice, pickles, miso soup and dessert.

However, this time, I decided to do something different and get the¬†Bara Chirashi (diced raw seafood on sushi rice, with appetiser, deep-fried bean curd, salad and miso soup). At $50, you get a huge amount of sashimi that’s disproportionate to the amount of rice. What can I say? It’s a sashimi lover’s delight!! You won’t be disappointed nor will you leave hungry.



This is the¬†deep fried beancurd¬†that comes with my Bara Chirashi. It’s silky and delicious, and is a hot favourite with my kid (though they eat just the inside tofu and not the deep fried exterior).Nadaman02


We got the kids a set lunch each, of¬†Grilled cod fish (Gindara Teriyaki) ($35). They can polish off a whole set each by themselves!! I discovered I can dip the sashimi into the piping hot miso soup, and it lightly cooks it, resulting in a gorgeously poached slice of fish… yummmm. And that cod fish? Delectable. Silky. Smooth. The perfect kids food.


Last Bite: Nadaman’s refined and elegant ambiance, coupled with delicious food, is a must for any Japanese cuisine lover. Get their lunch sets or kaiseki!
Highchairs: Yes
Easy access: Yes
Change tables: Yes (in the hotel)
Kids’ menu: No

Shangri-La Hotel
22 Orange Grove Road
Phone: 62134571
Prices: $$$$
Hours: Daily: 12:00 – 14:30, 18:30 – 22:30

WILD HONEY: Kid-Friendly Restaurants, Orchard Road, Singapore

Wild Honey - Brunch With My Baby


Just a quick and cheerful post today, on an oldie but a goodie – Wild Honey at Scotts Square.

If you’re a brunching mum, you’ll probably be well acquainted with Wild Honey. It seems to be¬†the place to be¬†for mums with bubs in tow! It’s not hard to see why – with an all-day brunch menu and a casual ambience, it’s very popular at lunchtime among mums and also the working crowd.

Me? I’m a fan of their hearty portion sizes and how kid-friendly the food is!

Wild Honey - Brunch With My Baby

Wild Honey - Brunch With My Baby


Wild Honey do a decent iced latte, but what transfixes me is the cool duo-coloured straw (see below)! I know these straws don’t come cheap, so I was pretty impressed they popped them into each of our drinks. A simple touch but I was adamant it made my coffee taste extra nice ūüėČ

It’s the little details that count!

Wild Honey - Brunch With My Baby


The Boulevard St Michel was Savoury French toast with double baked cheese & spinach soufflé, parmesan crumbed poached egg, slowroasted tomatoes, grilled back bacon & spicy tomato chutney. Whew, what a mouthful!

It was a HIT with Hunter, and he ate half of the dish. In particular, he loved the double baked cheese & spinach souffle, which had a mousse-like texture. I was personally impressed with the parmesan crumbed poached egg, which oozed molten egg yolk when cut open. Nice!!

Wild Honey - Brunch With My Baby


The¬†Spanish Hash sounded tasty but salty, as it was¬†Diced Chorizo, house corned beef & potato, two poached eggs & Hollandaise Sauce with grilled ciabatta.¬†¬†Oddly, it was very bland! To the point where it tasted like we were eating…. nothing.

The eggs were perfectly poached (a huge plus), but the tumble of corned beef and potatoes was largely tasteless. It was odd considering I’d expected corned beef to be pretty salty. It was also rather tough and chewy, and largely uninteresting.

Wild Honey - Brunch With My Baby


Last Bite: Wild Honey’s relaxed ambiance and all-day brunch is their calling card, and we give them thumbs up for their well-sized portions and interesting dishes.
Highchairs: Yes
Easy access: Yes
Change tables: Yes (in the mall)
Kids’ menu: No

Wild Honey
#03-01/02 Scott’s Square
6 Scott’s Road
Singapore 238897
Phone: 6636 1816
Prices: $$$
Hours: Mon – Sun: 9:00 am – 9:00 pm

BWMB RECOMMENDS: Elly CNY 2014 ‘The Horse Parade’ launches today!

Brunch With My Baby

Elly, the popular childrens boutique, officially launches their Chinese New Year 2014 collection TODAY! 

Titled “The Horse Parade”, it’s a total eye-candy extravaganza. It’s cute. REALLY cute. It also made me wonder where my invisible daughter is.. because OH MAN THE GIRLS STUFF IS SERIOUSLY CUTE. If you have a daughter, be warned – you’ll be stumped as to how to stop at just one piece. If you have a son, take comfort that there’s still cute boys stuff (especially their shorts!), albeit less designs.

We got a little preview of the clothes in real life, and did a mini photoshoot right there and then after a hearty brunch at GRUB!

Elly CNY 2014 - The Horse Parade - Brunch With My Baby Elly CNY 2014 - The Horse Parade - Brunch With My Baby

The kids are wearing as follows:

  • Carter (16 months) wears Bermudas in White Horses, in a sz 2. It fits him perfectly around the waist (he wears a diaper), but you’ll see that the shorts go below his knees. I love this size because I’m sure I’ll get at least a year’s wear out of this!
  • Hunter (2 years) wears Bermudas in Red Horses, also in a sz 2. It’s interesting to see how the same size shorts look different on both kids! On Hunter, it fits around his waist (because he wears underwear), but looks more like fitted shorts on him.

Elly CNY 2014 - The Horse Parade - Brunch With My Baby Elly CNY 2014 - The Horse Parade - Brunch With My Baby

Made of soft but durable cotton, these shorts are easy-wearing and comfy. The kids didn’t fuss in them and I like how the shorts will keep them cool when we’re not in air conditioning.

In particular I LOVE how these are appropriate for Chinese New Year, yet perfectly wearable year-round. They have that cool preppy vibe and I intend to send Hunter to his play school in them.

Elly CNY 2014 - The Horse Parade - Brunch With My Baby

There are MANY more designs for the boys Рin both shorts and shirts. Check out the full range (and buy online with free shipping) at the Elly online boutique.

And the girls? Oh man, oh man. So many pretty prints and colours, you’ll wish they came in larger sizes for yourself ūüėČ Here we have pictured the Girls Cheongsam and Boys Shirt in the ‘White Horses’ print.

Elly CNY 2014 - The Horse Parade - Brunch With My Baby Elly CNY 2014 - The Horse Parade - Brunch With My Baby

And a photo of the clothes we were going craaazzzzyyyy over!!

Elly CNY 2014 - The Horse Parade - Brunch With My Baby

The boys went to a birthday party after that, and I changed their tops to give them a¬†sailor look. You’ll see here how the shorts are versatile and how they can be worn with ‘regular’ clothing.

Elly CNY 2014 - The Horse Parade - Brunch With My Baby Elly CNY 2014 - The Horse Parade - Brunch With My Baby Elly CNY 2014 - The Horse Parade - Brunch With My Baby

Bummer they don’t do mens sizes in the shorts. I would¬†totally force my husband into a pair to go matchy-match with the boys – teehee!!!!

Elly’s CNY 2014 launches today (16 Dec 2013) in their boutique and online. Hundreds of pieces have been snapped up for reservation already, so get yourself in there quick!

GIVEAWAY: One Y Velo Balance Bike (worth $139)

Y Velo Balance Bike - Brunch With My Baby Singapore

Hunter is a supremely cautious kid. He’s worried about…. pretty much everything. However, I’ve noticed that when it comes to moving toy vehicles, he becomes quite the speed demon!

He became a pro with his scooter at a very young age, and adored his Ybike – zooming all over the place. It came to a point when I felt the Ybike was too ‘basic’ for him, and he needed a proper bike.

So there’s 2 ways for a child to learn how to ride:

  1. Balance Bike – these are bikes without pedals. The idea is for kids to feel and learn balancing, to be able to kick off and let the bike cruise along, keeping their balance.
  2. Training Wheels – these are bikes with the extra wheels on either side. As the kid gets used to pedaling, you raise (and eventually) remove the training wheels.

Personally, I’ve always preferred Balance Bikes. I don’t like the look of training wheels, and those bikes are really clunky and heavy. I like the idea of learning the courage to balance first (because that’s often the most fearful and difficult part), then putting on the pedals once kids are confident.

Also, I knew Hunter was good with his balance, since he was good with both his scooter and Ybike.

Here’s what I like about the Y Velo Balance Bike:

  1. The seat and handlebars are adjustable – the bike grows with your child.
  2. It’s extremely lightweight – at under 4KG, Hunter can lift it up by himself.
  3. It’s sturdy – made with aluminium, it’s really solid and doesn’t tip over when Hunter rides it, and takes up to 25KG in weight.
  4. It’s the most appealing of all the balance bikes out there – Hunter whole face lit up when he saw it! And I like how it looks like a¬†real bike.

The Y Velo Balance Bike comes in two sizes and colours:


Y Velo Balance Bike - Brunch With My Baby Singapore


There are only 50 Y Velo Balance Bikes available for sale in Singapore!

These limited bikes are only available (they launched this week!) at multi-label kids boutique nottoobig, as well as selected Mothercare shops. But guess what…….

nottoobig are giving away one Y Velo Balance Bike (worth $139)!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You can submit some of the entries more than once a day, so come back tomorrow to get more entries in the draw.

Giveaway will run from 13 Dec to 19 Dec 2013 inclusive.
Winner’s entry(s) will be verified according to the entry criteria(s).
Winner may pick up the Y Velo (green $139, or blue $119) from the nottoobig boutique at Forum The Shopping Mall.


700848_yvolution_yvelo_12_balance_bike_green_3_ 20131112_181627-1_resized

Hunter was¬†delighted with his Y Velo the moment he saw it, and to this day, is still extremely attached to it. It mustn’t look too daunting to a toddler, because he’s under the recommended age of 3 yrs old, but eagerly climbed on and whizzed around.

This photo was taken mere minutes after it was presented to him, showing how he can easily lift and walk around with the bike:

Y Velo Balance Bike - Brunch With My Baby Singapore


And then when he first got on the bike, taking it for a spin:

These three videos will give you an idea of his progression on the Y Velo..

The first video is his very first time getting on the bikie – you’ll see how slow and careful he is:

This second video shows him riding his Y Velo after a few days of practise – you’ll see how much more confident he is:

And this third video shows him after yet a few more days of practise – you’ll see how he zooms around with BOTH feet off the ground. He’s balancing!!

Y Velo Balance Bike - Brunch With My Baby Singapore

Y Velo Balance Bike - Brunch With My Baby Singapore

Y Velo Balance Bike - Brunch With My Baby Singapore


Carter is too short to use the bike, but it doesn’t stop him from sitting on it and being pushed along by Daddy:

Y Velo Balance Bike - Brunch With My Baby Singapore


And here’s my friend’s 4+ year old riding it. The bike is set to the lowest setting though, it should be raised higher since he’s much taller than Hunter.

Y Velo Balance Bike - Brunch With My Baby Singapore


I was surprised by how Hunter, being a cautious kid that shies away from ‘scary’ stuff, was dead excited and hopped onto the Y Velo immediately. It also amazed me that he learned it so quickly and can balance easily on it. If you have an active and/or daring kid, I bet they’ll pick it up even quicker than Hunter did!

The bike’s also quite a hit with other kids and adults.. kids always want a go on it when Hunter brings it out, and parents always admire how it looks and ask me where to get one. It’s definitely eye-catching!

Thanks nottoobig!


BWMB RECOMMENDS: GRUB’s limited-edition Christmas menu!

Cookyn's Christmas menu - Brunch With My Baby Singapore

What’s that you say?

A fun Cake Pop making session for the kids?

An epic multi-course Christmas set meal, from GRUB’s limited edition Christmas 2013 menu?

A fabulous ‘ol time with the kids running in the park and chilling with coffees and icy cold beers?

Yes. Yes. And yes!

Cookyn's Christmas menu - Brunch With My Baby Singapore


Us mummies and our kids donned our aprons, cracked open a couple of cold beers (only one beer each okay, we don’t promote drinking on the (mummy) job here at Brunch With My Baby!), and rolled up our sleeves for a fun afternoon with the kids at GRUB.

What a blast we had!

Cookyn's Christmas menu - Brunch With My Baby Singapore


The¬†Cake Pop making session¬†captured the kids’ full attention. And ours too. It was actually a very simple process, but I wouldn’t do it at home because it’s just too much prep work and fiddly. Much better to do it in an organized environment like at GRUB!

First we rolled the cake into balls, then chilled them in the fridge.

Then, we stuck a straw into each one and dipped them into liquid white chocolate.

Finally, we decorated them with pretty sprinkles!

Cookyn's Christmas menu - Brunch With My Baby Singapore

Cookyn's Christmas menu - Brunch With My Baby Singapore

Cookyn's Christmas menu - Brunch With My Baby Singapore



It wasn’t much effort, and you don’t need to be a creative genius. Everything just looks pretty with sprinkles, you see. Hunter had loads of fun meticulously dotting his cake pop with silver sprinkle balls. I was delighted, because it kept him occupied for a good 20 mins.

Cookyn's Christmas menu - Brunch With My Baby Singapore


After that, the GRUB crew cleaned up the area (thank goodness for them, and kudos to their patience considering the tables and floor was covered in liquid chocolate and sprinkles!!)…. whilst all of us took the kids out to play in the park right outside. It was perfect, because the kids got a chance to stretch their legs and run up and down and get some fresh air.

Cookyn's Christmas menu - Brunch With My Baby Singapore

Cookyn's Christmas menu - Brunch With My Baby Singapore

Cookyn's Christmas menu - Brunch With My Baby Singapore


After the place was cleaned up, we were ushered back in again (though it was a bit of a challenge herding our active kids back!) for their……….¬†Christmas set meal¬†ūüôā This 3-course set meal is exclusive for December 2013 only, so get yourself down to GRUB asap!

And this is GRUB’s kitchen.. where all the magic happens!

Cookyn's Christmas menu - Brunch With My Baby Singapore

Cookyn's Christmas menu - Brunch With My Baby Singapore


I opted for the¬†Soup of the Day, a Potato, leek and gorgonzola¬†soup. It was my¬†favourite item on the menu, which is a big thing for me as I’m not even a soup person! Hunter polished off the fluffy foccacia bread, and more than half of the soup. With gusto.

The soup was creamy and rich, without being too heavy on the palate. And the gorgonzola was very very subtle but lended a delectable twist to the soup. It was delicious and so comforting. I’m hoping they put this on their regular menu, because it was a total¬†hit with all the kids!

Cookyn's Christmas menu - Brunch With My Baby Singapore


I was suspicious about the¬†Slow-roasted juicy turkey breast with gravy on sweet potato mash and pea tendrils shoots. Turkey is not my thing. To me, it’s like the drier, tougher version of chicken.

I’m not sure what GRUB did with the turkey breast here, but it was soft enough to be cut with a fork, and it was, yes, juicy! Very moist and tender enough that Hunter ate a whole piece himself. It had me astounded, since Hunter is not really a meat eater, let alone a kid that would sit and chew on meat. But he gobbled it up, along with the creamy sweet potato mash and cranberry sauce.

Colour me impressed!

And considering turkey is low-fat and high in nutrients, I’m very pleased that I can order this for my kids whilst it’s available in December.

Cookyn's Christmas menu - Brunch With My Baby Singapore


Everyone gave big thumbs up for their¬†Honey baked ham on mash, apple sauce and french beans. Cast aside your ideas on a ham dish being highly processed and salty. This ham was fat and freshly cooked, and wasn’t salty like what you imagine ham to be. It was very tender too, and was well received by the kids.

I particularly LOVED the french beans it came with, and wanted more! And more of the delicious apple sauce too please! I like lashings of it on my ham ūüėČ

Cookyn's Christmas menu - Brunch With My Baby Singapore


I’m not a¬†Bread and butter pudding lover, so was a bit¬†meh when it came out as a surprise extra dish. I personally am never a fan of bread and butter pudding, because I don’t like the mushiness of it and the raisins in the bread completely freak me out.

Not that it mattered, because Hunter ADORED it and polished it off!! It’s not a small portion either, especially for a 2 year old!!

Cookyn's Christmas menu - Brunch With My Baby Singapore


My favourite dessert was the¬†Banoffee – banana and toffee trifle with freshly whipped vanilla cream.¬†Shhhhh….. I actually scraped most of the cream off (a travesty, I know, since it was freshly whipped!) because I don’t like cream, but I loved loved LOVED the banoffee below!! The delightful salty-and-sweet biscuit base crumbled delightfully on my tongue and was so good I wanted twice the amount. It paired very well with the sweet banana slices also in my glass cup.

Cookyn's Christmas menu - Brunch With My Baby Singapore


GRUB’s new dessert (also on their regular menu now) was also served, the Sticky date cake with burnt caramel, vanilla ice cream and toasted almonds. It’s served very cutely in a coffee cup, and is a combination of hot and cold that really hits the spot. The sticky date is soft and moist, and you really need to eat the sticky date, ice cream, and burnt caramel sauce to appreciate this dessert properly.

The last time we got this (when we were dining at GRUB for dinner), Hunter ate the entire thing. It’s good.

Cookyn's Christmas menu - Brunch With My Baby Singapore


Bellies aching from our meal, the kids and us were sent home with our cake pops! ¬†Aren’t they adorable?

Cookyn's Christmas menu - Brunch With My Baby Singapore


The most-heard feedback at the end of the session: PLEASE do more kid-friendly events and lunches! The kids had a fab time and it’s even more fun if you get a couple of friends together for some mess-making and food-eating.

Cookyn's Christmas menu - Brunch With My Baby Singapore


GRUB’s limited edition Christmas 2013 set menu is available from now til 31 December 2013. At $30++ per set meal, it’s a real deal considering the fine-dining quality and presentation you get. It’s also extremely kid-friendly.. all our children ate¬†all the dishes!

Remember to bring your scooters/bicycles/etc so the kids can have some fun at the park too ūüôā