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MY LITTLE SPANISH PLACE: Kid-Friendly Restaurants, Bukit Timah, Singapore

My Little Spanish Place

I must’ve driven past My Little Spanish Place at least a hundred times in the past two years in Singapore, but never noticed it. It’s located right next to Coronation Plaza, along a row of shophouses. I’m glad that I discovered it on the Singapore Restaurant Week list, or we’d have never realised this little gem existed.

It’s cozy and the atmosphere is warm when you walk in. They pride themselves on serving authentic Spanish home-style food, with an extensive menu to choose from.

My Little Spanish Place - Brunch With My Baby Singapore

At centre stage is their Jamon Bar. Legs of ham are flown in from Spain, and represent their gourmet charcuterie. It was both impressive and kind of scary to see!

My Little Spanish Place - Brunch With My Baby Singapore

My Little Spanish Place - Brunch With My Baby Singapore

Their Cafe con Leche/Spanish Latte is basically a standard latte, brewed using Spanish beans. It was very mild and quite milky.

My Little Spanish Place - Brunch With My Baby Singapore

I was delighted with our appetizers. Both were incredibly kid friendly!! Our kids slurped it all up with gusto 🙂

The Meatballs in tomato sauce were very well cooked, with soft meatballs and a rich tomato gravy that wasn’t too salty. Bread was provided for mopping up the extra gravy.

The Chicken soup with angel hair pasta would probably be a bit bland and boring for the grown ups, but our kids loved it. In particular, the chickpeas were really soft and we could mush everything down with a fork and spoon it all into waiting mouths.

My Little Spanish Place - Brunch With My Baby Singapore

Apologies for the horrifically poor picture, which belies the fact that this dish was delicious. This is their Fried fresh chorizo with eggs and toasted country bread and the star is, of course, the chorizo. It was cooked to perfection – little juicy chunks that were charred just-right, and packed a real tasty punch. It was paired very well with our creamy scrambled eggs.

My Little Spanish Place - Brunch With My Baby Singapore

We were also pleased with the Jamon, serrano, menchego, with eggs on toasted country bread. The Spanish ham is sliced to order from their Jamon Bar, and the thin slivers are laid carefully on the bread, then topped with two fried eggs. It’s a lovely combination and the portion size was sufficient.

My Little Spanish Place - Brunch With My Baby Singapore

I personally am not a fan of creme caramel desserts so the Creme catalana didn’t excite me. It’s a lemon and orange infused custard dessert with a crunchy burnt caramel crust, and Chris loved it. Hunter wasn’t impressed. Carter gobbled it all up.

I guess we were 50/50 😉

My Little Spanish Place - Brunch With My Baby Singapore

My Little Spanish Place - Brunch With My Baby Singapore

I felt right at home with the warm service at My Little Spanish Place, and I appreciated how food arrived swiftly and was well executed. It does seem like we were at a Spanish friend’s place, and the kids obviously enjoyed themselves as they had zero fussiness and were on top behaviour throughout.

Last Bite: My Little Spanish Place impresses with its home-style Spanish cuisine and warm ambience. Chorizo and jamon are the stars of their menu, though our kids really rated their appetizers.
Highchairs: Yes
Easy access: Yes
Change tables: No
Kids’ menu: No

My Little Spanish Place
619 Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 269720
Phone: 6463 2810
Prices: $$$
Hours: Mon: 6:30 pm – 11:00 pm, Fri: 6:30 pm – 11:00 pm, Sat – Sun: 9:30 am – 3:00 pm, 6:30 pm – 11:00 pm

JAMIE’S ITALIAN: Kid-Friendly Restaurants, Harbourfront, Singapore

Jamie's Italian

It’s funny, the power a new restaurant can have in Singapore. Actually, more like the power food has in Singapore.

When Jamie’s Italian first opened at Vivocity a few months ago in July 2013, it was MADNESS. I was kinda amazed (mostly freaked out) and the psychotic rush to eat there. The restaurant boasted that they were booked-out for months (!) and the queue outside made me wonder if food was being served for free.

But last week, 3 months after they opened, Chris and I walked straight in at dinner time on a weekday. The restaurant was about 70% full. No queue.

Jamie's Italian - Brunch With My Baby Singapore

What surprised us were the number of children dining at the restaurant. 2 out of every 3 tables had kids there. Being a “celebrity chef restaurant”, I’d expected it to be relatively unpopular with families, but I was wrong. It’s VERY popular with the kids!

The restaurant obviously knows this, and caters well for the children. The kids menu is presented in a Viewfinder toy.

I’ll repeat myself.


How cute is that?!?! Obviously this interests only older kids (Carter was only interested in trying to eat it), but it is a super cute concept and, to be honest, the kids menu photos looked really really enticing.

Jamie's Italian - Brunch With My Baby Singapore

We got the Crispy squid ($11.50) which came in such a tiny portion I thought the empty half of the plate was empty because a waiter had accidently tipped half the food out. Unfortunately, that really was the size of the dish. That said, the squid was fried to perfection. The squid was tender and easy to chew (I cannot stand rubbery squid), and the batter was delicious crisp and the seasoning was so tasty. A lovely little snack.

Jamie's Italian - Brunch With My Baby Singapore

The Crispy stuffed risotto balls ($11.50) were more filling, but I thought something in the crispy exterior made the whole thing taste…. raw. Almost like crispy uncooked rice, or something like that. There was very little flavour in the rice and exterior crust, so it relied solely on the stuffing to bring out the flavour, which wasn’t sufficent. Fortunately, it came with a small saucer of salsa which was a refreshing change of taste.

Jamie's Italian - Brunch With My Baby Singapore

I’d heard complaints that their pasta portions were tiny, so I was a bit wary when we ordered the Jools’ Favourite Silician Tuna Fusili ($21). This was the larger size, you can opt for a smaller size at a cheaper price. It definitely wasn’t a large serving, but it wasn’t teeny tiny either. Sufficient for an average eater, if you order an appetizer or a dessert as well.

The pasta was well-cooked, and I liked the chunks of tuna tossed through the dish. The breadcrumbs were a nice addition and brought texture to the dish. I enjoyed the tomatoes and garlic in the sauce, which wasn’t overpowering but blended well with the flavour of the tuna.

Jamie's Italian - Brunch With My Baby Singapore

We were undecided about my Basil Iced Tea. I was alright with it, but Chris said something about the flavours just didn’t agree. That said, it was pretty 🙂

Jamie's Italian - Brunch With My Baby Singapore Jamie's Italian - Brunch With My Baby Singapore Jamie's Italian - Brunch With My Baby Singapore

Last Bite: Jamie’s Italian is a must for all Jamie Oliver fans. The ambience is casual, it’s popular with families, and food is small-portioned but does hit the spot.
Highchairs: Yes
Easy access: Yes
Change tables: Yes (in the mall)
Kids’ menu: Yes

Jamie’s Italian
1 Harbourfront Walk
Singapore 098585
Phone: 6733 5500
Prices: $$$
Mon – Thu: 12:00 pm – 10:00 pm, Fri – Sat: 12:00 pm – 11:00 pm, Sun: 12:00 pm – 10:00 pm

GIVEAWAY: Win your choice of 1 item from Elly’s new collections!

Elly clothing giveaway - Brunch With My Baby Singapore

We are so delighted to have you guys around here at Brunch With My Baby Singapore. Thank you for visiting this site and I hope you’ve been enjoying the food reviews!

As a big fat THANK YOU for being a nice reader, Brunch With My Baby Singapore is happy to announce that we will now be hosting WEEKLY GIVEAWAYS! I mean, who can say “no” to cool freebies, right?? Quite a number of companies have been super generous and would like to give you guys their stuff – no catch. Just put yourself in the running and that’s it. And me? I’m just having fun linking up readers with companies I like, and helping organise the freebies.

Our very first giveaway here was by aden+anais (which ends today).

But this week, we have a very exciting giveaway hosted by the fabulous children’s clothing store ELLY! Now this is gonna appeal to those of you with kids ranging from 9 months -> 6 years!

And, no, you’re not getting old season stock.

They are generously giveaway something from their BRAND NEW SEASON! Some of the stuff hasn’t even hit their store yet!

For the girls: Elly have the whimsical Make-Believe collection of dresses (prices from $45-$89) that make me wish they had them in adult sizes 😉 How super sweet are they?

Elly clothing giveaway - Brunch With My Baby Singapore

For the boys: Elly has the Construction collection (prices from $45-$49). If you have a real boys boy, he’s gonna go nuts over these prints, like my kids did. Check em out:

Elly clothing giveaway - Brunch With My Baby Singapore

So let’s get to the fun bit: Giveaway time!

Elly are very excited to give one winner your choice of 1 item from the new Make-Believe collection or Construction collection! 

You can submit some of the entries more than once a day, so come back tomorrow to get more entries in the draw.

a Brunch With My Baby giveaway

Giveaway will run from 18 Oct to 24 Oct 2013 inclusive.
Winner may select and pick up their prize at the Elly boutique.
Prize may be up to the value of $49.

Their new collection’s prints are also featured in their new range of shorts! I personally love Elly shorts because they are thin and soft, yet sturdy. They also hit the knee, which I like as their knees are protected from grazes if they trip. Plus, how adorable are their prints? My kids own 3 prints here and I’m still coveting more. Ahem.

Elly clothing giveaway - Brunch With My Baby Singapore Elly clothing giveaway - Brunch With My Baby SingaporeElly clothing giveaway - Brunch With My Baby Singapore

Elly clothing giveaway - Brunch With My Baby Singapore Elly clothing giveaway - Brunch With My Baby Singapore Elly clothing giveaway - Brunch With My Baby Singapore


Visit the Elly boutique at Cluny Court (501 Bukit Timah Road, #02-29).

Thank you Elly!!


PAPPARICH @ STAR VISTA: Kid-Friendly Cafes, Buona Vista, Singapore

PapaRich @ Star Vista

Tucked in the outside-corner of the Star Vista mall, casual Malaysian diner PapaRich was completely empty when we arrived on a weekday at 11:30AM. This delighted us, because it meant our 3 kids had free reign over the place and we didn’t have to be extra-careful that they wouldn’t disturb other diners.

That said, by the time it came to 12:30PM or so, the cafe was absolutely packed to the brim with diners (mostly office workers). By then, the kids had finished eating and were happily in their high chairs, so we weren’t fussed with the crowd. But just something to note, if you plan to arrive during the lunch time crush.

PapaRich prides itself on serving authentic Malaysian food at reasonable prices. And that they certainly do well. To me, they are very similar to Old Town, but with a more extensive menu.


Our kids spent around 5 minutes running around the (empty) cafe, giggling and climbing on the couch seats. The staff just looked on, bemused by their exuberance. Hunter loves my friend’s daughter, so he was rather pleased that he was on a date with her! (Her older brother was around, but Hunter mostly just ignored him….)

PappaRich PappaRich


The Chicken Satay was delicious. The chicken was lean and tender, and flame-grilled beautifully. I personally loved the peanut sauce as it wasn’t spicy at all (though this will annoy some folk), and Hunter could eat it too. Who doesn’t love satay? It makes for such a tasty treat, and kids love nibbling on them.


The kids shared this Chicken hor fun in soup. It looks pretty dreadful and bland in the photo, but Hunter loved it and gobbled it all up.



My Nasi Lemak with curry chicken was just….. spot on. I’d order this again in a snap. The rice was moist and fragrant with pandan leaves, the ikan billis (tiny fried fish) were perfectly crisp and tasty, and the curry chicken was lip-smackingly“lemak” (creamy). I adored the sambal chilli sauce it was served with, and I don’t even like chilli normally! But this one had lots of little bits (onion?) in it that made it taste different to regular chilli sauce.


My girl friend opted for the Chicken rice set which came, horrifically, with a plate of bean sprouts. I’m sure people love it and all, but I don’t, and just looking at that plate of bean sprouts made me feel all shuddery inside.

She enjoyed the chicken rice so maybe I’ll get this next time, just without the bean sprouts!

PappaRich - Brunch With My Baby Singapore

This was a stand-alone serve of Curry chicken. They do a killer curry chicken here. The meat is succulent and moist, and the gravy is absolutely delicious!

PappaRich - Brunch With My Baby Singapore

My other favourite dish is the Prawn Noodles. It is EXCELLENT. You can smell the richness of the prawn stock from across the table! The broth is incredibly flavourful and I love to slurp it all up. It’s chockers with ingredients too (chicken and prawn) and absolutely hits the spot.


The Roti prata with banana and ice cream was for the kids, so I didn’t have any. We asked for the ice cream to be served later (because as parents, you and I both know that once kids spot ice cream, IT’S ALL OVER RED ROVER!), but errrr.. forgot all about it at the end of the meal!

The roti prata looked a little odd served with a banana on it, but my friend’s son gobbled up the entire dish, so I suppose it was good!

PappaRich - Brunch With My Baby Singapore

I was very pleased with my Cham drink. This was a 50% coffee and 50% tea drink, and really did taste of both! I had mine served iced (it was a sweltering hot afternoon) and it really hit the spot.

PappaRich - Brunch With My Baby Singapore

One iPad.

Three kids.

Somehow, this combination worked, even though I was envisioning sparks. And not the fun kind.

The kids were actually pretty well behaved and managed to take turns playing on it. They were pretty fascinated watching the Tayo theme song on the iPad! It kept them occupied for a good 20mins or so, whilst we adults managed to scoff our own meals and have a bit of a chat.

PapaRich12 PappaRich - Brunch With My Baby Singapore
All kids wearing current season clothing from Joules (stocked at nottoobig)

Last Bite: PappaRich is the place to go for affordable Malaysian cuisine. The menu is extensive, and the curry chicken was a winner with us. Go before the lunch crowd to avoid the chaos!

Highchairs: Yes
Easy access: Yes
Change tables: Yes (in mall)
Kids’ menu: No

The Star Vista
1 Vista Exchange Green #01-43
Singapore 138617
Phone: 6684 3373
Prices: $$
Hours: Mon – Wed: 10:00 am – 10:00 pm, Thu – Sat: 10:00 am – 12:00 am, Sun: 10:00 am – 10:00 pm

ANTOINETTE @ PALAIS RENAISSANCE: Kid-Friendly Restaurants, Orchard Road, Singapore


I’m always so entranced whenever I step into Antoinette at the Palais Renaissance. Situated in the basement of  the mall, it’s like stepping into a pretty English garden. The sunlight streams in through the high roof, showing off the beautiful white decor. They place lots of greenery around the restaurant, so it’s not too stark white, and the wooden chairs have blue cushions to soften the look.

The area in the middle is circular and actually excellent for babies and young children, as they somewhat ‘contained’ in that space (just gotta watch they don’t tumble off the step!). Even if you sit outside that circle area, kids can still walk/run laps around – kind of like a race track 😉

Antoinette was quiet when we were there on a weekday lunch, with two other tables there besides us. Just as well, as less chance of diners/wait staff tripping over kids!


I’m so charmed by their high chairs. They’re white wood (of course), with a rattan back and cushioned seat. A refreshing (and luxe!) change from the standard Ikea high chairs. Bonus points: Carter didn’t seem to mind it and managed to sit through lunch before yelling to be taken out.

Antoinette Antoinette

I had a Ratoutille with fried egg and serrano ham that I completely forgot to photograph, because I was too eager to stuff it into a hungry Carter. He thoroughly enjoyed the soft vegetables mixed in with the fried egg, and ate the entire thing. So, I guess this is a thumbs up!

My main was the Red wine wagyu beef ragout, which floored me. It looked really moreish, more like a dinner item than a lunch!

It was beautifully presented. A thick slab of wagyu beef that rippled with fat, and was soft and moist in the mouth. It was paired well with the plain olive oil tossed pasta, and sat on a bed of creamy mash. The asparagus was tender but still crisp, and lent a pop of bright green to the dish.

A very hearty meal, especially for lunch. But I loved it.


I’m a fan of their coffees here. My Latte came out in a regular coffee cup, which confused me. Aren’t lattes normally in a tall glass? Nevertheless, it was good, and polished off my meal very well.



Last Bite: Antoinette at the Palais Renaissance offers a refined and quiet lunch during weekdays. Their set lunch is a real steal, and staff are extremely accommodating with kids.

Highchairs: Yes
Easy access: Yes
Change tables: Yes (in the mall)
Kids’ menu: No

Palais Renaissance
390 Orchard Road
Phone: 6735 6392
Prices: $$
Hours: Daily 11:00am – 10:00pm

GRUB @ Bishan Park: Kid-Friendly Cafes, Bishan, Singapore

GRUB at Bishan Park


I’ve blogged about GRUB before, but that was over their weekend brunch. This time, we were there for an early dinner!

Here’s a little tip: GRUB opens at 5:30PM. By then, you’ll see the eager beavers skulking around the park, waiting to dash over to grab a table once the cafe opens. So, if you’re already there, you can be an eager beaver too and be seated right on the dot at 5:30PM, meaning you get a table straightaway (GRUB almost always has a queue).

What we do is pop over just before then, and let the kids stretch their legs in the park. That way, even when we get our table, I can do the ordering and the kids can continue playing in the park right up until the food arrives. We waste no time, the kids get maximum playing time, and everybody is happy.

GRUB at Bishan Park GRUB at Bishan Park GRUB at Bishan Park

As expected, there are heaps of people lurking around GRUB by the time we are ready to eat. And the kids sure are ready to have their dinner, since they’ve already used up a bunch of energy whizzing around the park.

GRUB at Bishan Park

I love their Crabbies ginger beer. It’s served icy cold and is practically the drink to have after a walk around the park.

We kicked off with their Compressed Tomato Salad, with Feta, Rocket and Pine Nuts (S$7). I’ve heard so many raves for this dish, but never ordered it because it’s… errmm.. salad. I have issues with ordering salad. Salad and I do not agree.

I was surprised by the tomatoes.  The reviews are true – they do taste different! I hear they are marinated in a vacuum, thus making the tomatoes ultra juicy, soft and sweet. If you don’t normally like tomatoes, I reckon you’ll like this version.

The rocket leaves were horrific to me, I hate rocket.

Nice scattering of feta cheese and pinenuts, that complemented the tomatoes really well.

GRUB at Bishan Park

I had a Pork steak burger with apples, cashew chimichurri ($12). It’s a popular burger and one of my faves. The bun is super soft and fluffy, and the sauce is a fantastic and interesting mix. But what gets me is the PORK! It’s literally a steak of pork, all chunky and meaty. And it is soooooooooooo freakinnnnn soft. Absolutely tender, my kids can eat it (note: Carter only has two bottom teeth).

I swapped my fries for mashed potato, and you’ll see why later. Frankly, next time I’ll always swap it for the mash, because my kids can eat it, and it’s ridiculously yummy. The fact that it’s made of real potatoes on premises delights me, because I am still grossed out by the fact that most eateries in Singapore used re-constituted/powdered mash potato – I mean, how unappetizing is that? I certainly don’t want my kids eating that kind of food.

GRUB at Bishan Park


I always see people ordering the Grilled chicken leg with honeyed feta, roasted peppers, mash, rocket and corn salsa ($15). I guess it’s a healthy dish, so it appeals? I really like how it’s boneless, so it comes out almost looking like a giant sausage. The chicken is very moist, and the salsa is paired well with it. That said, in general I find chicken a very boring dish so I rarely order it for myself.

GRUB at Bishan Park

This is their signature GRUB cheeseburger with 100% freshly minced beef patty and Monterey Jack cheese ($13). It ain’t a huge burger, but the price point is really good, considering it comes with a big cup of fries. The patty is fresh and tastes distinctly like real beef. I feel the need to point this out since a lot of burger patties taste…. un-meat-like.

GRUB at Bishan Park

One of our favourite dishes? The Slow roasted pork belly with mango sauce, mash, and cherry tomato salsa ($15). A photo of this bad boy always shows up on blogs and social media channels, and I can see why. It’s blimmin’ AWESOME!!!!!

I must caveat – my photo looks positively unappetizing because it kinda got mangled (forgot to take a photo when it first arrived) and the light was not in my favour when we were dining there.. so in fact, most of my food photos don’t look very nice 🙁

But anyway. This pork belly is a real doozy. It is UTRA TENDER with just the right amount of fat through the meat. You can cut it with a fork, it’s that soft. But my favourite is the crisp exterior, which is seasoned to perfection. It’s paired beautifully with their creamy mash, and studded with sweet cherry tomatoes.

GRUB at Bishan Park

Leaving the best for the last, and here it is…….


GRUB has just launched these and hooboy, they take the cake over truffle fries for me. You get a big bowl loaded with fries, and they drizzle their homemade mentaiko sauce all over it (they provide a pot of sauce on the side if you’re like us and want mooooorrrrre), then toss on a bunch of seaweed.

The combination is pretty mind blowing.

I find it very hard to describe here, but think fries dipped in a sauce that’s like mayonnaise-on-steroids. It’s creamy, but has a real punch of flavour in it. And coupled with the shreds of seaweed? (note I don’t normally like seaweed) It’s AWESOME.

I can’t wait to go back and order another bout of these.

Obviously, as you can tell from below, the kids loved it.

GRUB at Bishan Park GRUB at Bishan Park GRUB at Bishan Park

GRUB at Bishan Park

And since we had an early dinner, the kids still have a bit of time to run around Bishan Park afterwards, while the sun sets.

Oh, to be so young and carefree……

GRUB at Bishan Park GRUB at Bishan Park GRUB at Bishan Park

Big kids wearing Elly.
Hunter’s sunglasses by sons+daughters from nottoobig.
Ybike (blue) from Mothercare.
Last Bite: Go to GRUB for an early dinner, and let your kids stretch your legs in Bishan Park at sunset. Their burgers are always spot-on, but our favourite is the slow roasted pork belly.


Highchairs: Yes
Easy access: Yes. Strollers and wheelchairs have a gated side entrance.
Change tables: No
Kids’ menu: No. The premise of the cafe is that kids can eat off the main menu.

Bishan Park
510 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 (enter off Sin Ming Ave, opposite Blk 408)
Singapore 569983
Phone: 64595743 (no reservations)
Prices: $$
Hours: Tue-Fri 5:30pm– 10:30pm, Sat-Sun and PH 9:00am–2:30pm 5:30pm–10:30pm



The Providore


The Providore is an open-concept cafe in (relatively quiet) Mandarin Gallery on Orchard Road. I finally managed to pay it a visit last week. I love the cafe layout. They have jams, teas and coffee for sale in pretty jars and tins on one side, and a scattering of tables around the cafe.

I personally felt that the air-conditioning is pretty chilly in the mall, so I selected a seat near the glass doors with the hope that some fresh (warm) air would gust in whenever someone walked through the doors. It somewhat worked.

The Providore

The Providore

Their Latte was a delight. Served piping hot, it was rich and smooth and…… “LOOK! Heart!” said Hunter.

The Mocha was mixed with liquid chocolate – thumbs up. Cannot stand mocha drinks mixed with chocolate powder.

The Providore

We enjoyed a quiet chat whilst waiting for our food to arrive. The open-concept layout of the cafe and laid back vibe seemed to go down well with Hunter, who was very well behaved and fun for most of our meal. He was rewarded later with some time on the iPad, and had us adults singing “Tayo tayo tayo!” loudly. AHEM.

The Providore The Providore

The Grilled ham and cheese toastie ($14.50) came out looking exceedingly bland. This was also due to the fact that I asked it to be served on their “softest bread”, since it was meant for Hunter. The sandwich came out looking like… well… something I slapped together at home.

It was very dry and hard to swallow, though the flavours were good. I cut off all the crusts (which was dry and had no ingredients) and fed him the middle bit, and he did eat it – so I was relieved that at least someone enjoyed it!

The Providore

The Providore have a rotating Lunch Specials menu, and one of the items there that day was Spaghettini with seared tuna ($25.50). I thought spaghettini was very very thin spaghetti, but this was regular spaghetti. Not that it’s a bad thing, but just odd that they mislabeled something like that. The pasta was good, with fresh tuna and lots of stewed tomatoes in the sauce. Hunter loved this.

The Providore

I thought the Steak sandwich ($14.50) was a winner, and great value considering the woeful Ham & Cheese Toastie was the same price! It was a petite portion (especially the steak), but was beautifully executed. The bread was fluffy, soft and warm. And the steak – ohhhhh, delicious! So absolutely tender with no weird rind bits. They were a little heavy handed with the mustard (it made us reel), but we still really enjoyed this dish.

The Providore


I saw the Red Velvet Cake on the menu and couldn’t resist. The cake itself was perfectly moist and just tangy enough – lovely. However, the layers of cream didn’t sit well with us – it was so sugary we had to scrape it all off (and believe me, I can take sugar!). In fact, it seemed that so much sugar was added to the cream/icing that it had reached saturation point – as we could actually detect crunchy bits of sugar through it. Ack. So, in short, superb cake, terrible icing.

The Providore The Providore The Providore
Last Bite: The Providore offers a casual, open-concept approach that is great for kids. The food is average-to-nice, but what we really enjoyed here was their fantastic beverages.

Highchairs: Yes
Easy access: Yes
Change tables: Yes, in mall’s bathroom
Kids’ menu: No

The Providore
Mandarin Gallery
333A Orchard Road #02-05
Singapore 238897
Phone: 6732 1565
Prices: $$
Hours: Mon – Sun: 9:00 am – 10:30 pm

Why Dining Out With Kids Is An Extreme Sport

Dining out

Why Dining Out With Kids Is An Extreme Sport


Reckon you’re the epitome of calm and zen?

Pretty sure you have the ability to control and contain any situation?

I thought I did.

Then out popped my 2-year-old and 1-year-old, and they brought the notion of competitive eating to a whoooooole new level. I’ve never had to skill up so quickly!

So here’s fair warning for the day you have your own kids, and step out all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in anticipation of a leisurely lunch.

If you would like to experience what it’s like to eat out with toddlers, why not follow the steps below?

When you first walk in:
Ask your waiter for a high chair. Leave it empty.
Set a chicken (a live one) down on the floor and shut your eyes for half-a-second.
Go chase the chicken.
When you find your chicken, place it in the high chair.
Ensure chicken sits appropriately and does not exit high chair for the next hour.
Congratulations. You are now ready to enter a restaurant with toddlers.

When you want to order food:
Hold your menu and look at it for one second.
Turn it upside down.
Flip it over.
Bang it on the table. If you have two menus, bang them together like cymbals.
Smack yourself in the head with it.
Throw it on the ground.
Pick it back up and colour on it with some crayons, or simply tear it.
Hold it as far away as you can and read only the first 3 items on the menu.
Congratulations. You are now ready to order from the menu with toddlers.

When you’re waiting for your food:
Put on your earphones and blast Justin Beiber’s “Baby” at top volume. On repeat.
Take out your bag containing 10 different toys. Make sure you do this calmly.
Place one toy on the table.
Smear your fingers in butter, and pick it up.
Throw it on the floor.
Repeat this with the other 9 toys.
Pack all 10 toys back into your bag. They are nowhere near as fascinating as the salt and pepper shakers.
Congratulations. You are now ready to wait for your food with toddlers.

When you want to feed a toddler:
Place a bowl on the lazy susan. Spin it.
Get a dozen eggs.
Place eggs, one by one, into the spinning bowl.
Go to the bathroom between each egg. Spend 5 mins in there coaxing yourself to do a wee.
Pick the bowl up and throw it on the ground. The eggs weren’t good anyway.
Find some cooked spaghetti strands, and repeat the process.
Throw all the food away.
Congratulations. You are now ready to feed toddlers.

When you want to enjoy your meal:
Admire how good your dish looks and smells when it arrives.
Let it cool down for 30 mins.
When sufficiently stone cold, proceed to eat. Set your timer for 2 minutes.
Congratulations. You are now ready to eat your meal with toddlers.

When you need to clean up after eating:
Place some jelly and biscuits in a blender. Leave the lid off.
Put blender under table and turn it on.
Use the restaurant’s allocated 1 napkin to clean it all up, your hands included.
Ask for your bill, pretending nothing ever happened.
Congratulations. You are now ready to clean up after toddlers.

Now you’re ready to walk out of the restaurant … leaving you feathery eggs and jelly works of art behind. Plaster on your most winning smile, blurt out “sorry for the mess!”, grab your chicken, and JUST LEG IT OUTTA THERE.

And if you’re already a parent? Take the easy way out, and visit a child-friendly restaurant in Singapore. Your toddler may not make it any easier for you, but hey, at least you’ll have company to commiserate with!


This article was originally written for Material World.