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  • Chinese Friendship Gardens Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia

    Chinese Garden of Friendship, Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia

    A peaceful way to spend a few hours in Sydney is with a stroll through the Chinese Garden of Friendship at the south end of Darling Harbour. Chinese Garden of Friendship, Darling Harbour The gardens were built in 1988 as a symbol of friendship between Sydney and the southern Chinese city of Guandong. It was designed […] Read more…

  • Bondi Beach, Sydney

    12 Of The Best Ocean Pools in Sydney

    Cool off in one of these 13 spectacular ocean pools in Sydney. These seaside pools offer a great way to relax, unwind, and splash at leisure, while admiring breathtaking ocean views of Sydney harbour and beaches. Most ocean pools are great for kids, making these spots a top choice for families in hot weather. 12 of […] Read more…



  • The School Run Blogging Rut: A Day In The Life of a WFH Mum

    The School Run Blogging Rut: A Day In The Life of a WFH Mum

    This year has a big one in our family with the little one starting full time kindergarten. I had been thinking this change would actually lead to an increase in my productivity as I’d have two extra days to work, but something quite the opposite has happened. It turns out that five straight days, week […] Read more…

  • A Day in The Life of a WHF Freelance Writer/Blogger and Mum

    My excellent friend Jayne at Girl Tweets World recently wrote this hilarious look at a day in the life of a non-travelling travel blogger. I absolutely love peeks into people’s lives, especially when they are as funny as Jayne is. While Jayne and my jobs are fairly similar (we are both WFH writers/bloggers), thinking about how […] Read more…