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  • Kenya

    Why a Kenya beach and safari holiday should be on your bucket list

    A visit to Kenya has been on my bucket list for years. The East African nation is not only an awesome place for a safari, it’s also steeped in history – some of the earliest fossilized hominid remains have been discovered there, which dates human civilization in the area back millions of years. Kenya basically […] Read more…

  • Walking Across The Brooklyn Bridge

    New York Guide: Walking Across The Brooklyn Bridge

    The Brooklyn Bridge joins Manhattan to Brooklyn, spanning the East River. Since its completion in 1883, the bridge has become one of the city’s most famous icons. Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge is one of the best ways to explore the city’s neighbourhoods and experience breathtaking views along the way. Walking Across The Brooklyn Bridge […] Read more…


  • Milk Beach, Sydney Australia

    Milk Beach Sydney: Australia’s Best Beaches

    Milk Beach is located at the base of Hermit Bay in the Sydney National Park, in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. A small, isolated beach, Milk Beach is known for its breathtaking views of Sydney in the distance. The beach has calm water thanks to protection on both sides, its gentle waves making it great for kids […] Read more…

  • The Galley at Sydney Boathouse

    Restaurant Review: The Galley at Sydney Boathouse

    Kick back in the sun and enjoy the waterfront views while dining on super delish food at the Galley at Sydney Boathouse. The rustic, beachy vibes are reminiscent of seaside holiday while the food is fresh, colourful and seriously tasty. The Galley at Sydney Boathouse has stunning harbour views, while nestled into a little nook near […] Read more…


  • Coolangatta, QLD

    The best places to stop on a Sydney to Brisbane drive

    The iconic Sydney to Brisbane drive is a breathtaking 920km, or 10 hour, road trip past some of the most beautiful towns and peaceful beaches Australia’s coastline has to offer. While you can do the drive in a single day, why not spread it out over a few days or even weeks, and soak up […] Read more…

  • Coolangatta, QLD

    The Best Things To Do On The Gold Coast With Kids

    Queenland’s Gold Coast is a family-friendly stretch of coast lined with spectacular beaches, famous theme parks and lush hinterland rainforests. It’s no wonder families return year after year to holiday in this paradise, there is just so much to do on the Gold Coast with kids! Things to do on the Gold Coast with kids […] Read more…


  • The School Run Blogging Rut: A Day In The Life of a WFH Mum

    The School Run Blogging Rut: A Day In The Life of a WFH Mum

    This year has a big one in our family with the little one starting full time kindergarten. I had been thinking this change would actually lead to an increase in my productivity as I’d have two extra days to work, but something quite the opposite has happened. It turns out that five straight days, week […] Read more…

  • A Day in The Life of a WHF Freelance Writer/Blogger and Mum

    My excellent friend Jayne at Girl Tweets World recently wrote this hilarious look at a day in the life of a non-travelling travel blogger. I absolutely love peeks into people’s lives, especially when they are as funny as Jayne is. While Jayne and my jobs are fairly similar (we are both WFH writers/bloggers), thinking about how […] Read more…