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GIVEAWAY: One four-session pass to Bodytec (worth $320!)

GIVEAWAY: One four-session pass to Bodytec (worth $320!)

I’ve crossed the three-month mark with Bodytec! (you can read my in-progress reports here and here).

All that’s required is once-a-week sessions, 20 mins each, and OH HELLO biceps! Hi there, newfound strength!

The whole premise of Bodytec is that they use EMS (Electro Muscular Training), one of the first studios in Singapore to do this. In short, it pulses electricity into your muscles to stimulate them as you’re training. It hails from Germany (the owner of Bodytec is German) and was originally used in hospital rehabilitation programmes for physical injuries, as well as training for athletes. It places ZERO impact to your joints, so it’s ideal for people with back or limb pain. Yet, it’s so effective that the recommendation is one 20-minute session per WEEK and that’s it!

The big bonus is that you “come as you are” – workout clothes, towels and toiletries are all provided, and you train barefoot. Really really good for office workers to pop by, and for individuals that can just pop into the gym, since you don’t need to drag a gym bag along.

Bodytec01 Bodytec03

So here I am all suited up in Bodytec’s EMS gear, ready to rock and roll. Doesn’t it all look like something out of Tron or any science fiction movie?


The cool thing is that Bodytec’s 20 min strength-training working is 18x more effective than ‘normal’ weight training. That is totally up my alley, because I simply don’t have the time to sit in the gym for an hour doing weights. And no, it doesn’t hurt at all. It feels satisfying, like you’re scratching an itch. It does require energy and concentration though, especially after a few sessions and they up the ante!


To let you try out what Bodytec is about, and for you to see and feel the results yourselves, Bodytec are giving away a pack of four sessions! These are personal training sessions, so expect excellent advice, hands-on help and super results.

Bodytec is giving away one four-session pass (worth $320!)

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Giveaways will run from 23-29 May 2014 inclusive.
Winner may do their sessions at any Bodytec studio.
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So you want to see results? 

I’ve lost 1.5KG, but it’s not really weight loss that is the point of the strength training. It’s more to build your core, strengthen your muscles, and give you a leaner and stronger physique. It’s addictive because it’s a simple and quick workout, and it gives visible results in a relatively short time frame.

Here’s my bicep!! Don’t laugh, it was entirely non-existent before, and this photo was taken after about 5 or 6 Bodytec sessions. Not too shabby, eh?


And a pic of me, about 8 sessions of Bodytec in. No, it hasn’t made me super skinny or anything, but a few people have mentioned that I look/feel tighter. I’m taking that as a compliment 😛

GIVEAWAY: One four-session pass to Bodytec (worth $320!)

And, a couple that works out together….. can later eat together! Chris joined me for a session one evening. They amped it up for him so he was pretty sore for the next two days 😉


So what kind of person is Bodytec good for?

Thankfully, it’s actually VERY lazy-person-friendly. In fact, it’s fantastic for those of you that make 20504820 excuses as to why you can’t go to the gym. You don’t have to bring a single piece of gym gear, and you’re done in 20 minutes. And it’s highly effective. It’s the lazy person’s idea of exercise heaven.

Bodytec is also excellent for those that want to improve (or actually have SOME) muscle tone. It’s strength training, so results are visible in terms of muscle leanness and definition.

I’ve seen older folk in the studio, I’ve seen fit young lil things, I’ve seen fat people.. pretty much anyone can walk in and have a good workout session. And that’s what I like most about Bodytec – it’s not overwhelming or daunting at all!

 Thanks Bodytec!

Bodytec – Singapore’s first dedicated and largest EMS studio

3 Pickering Street #01-01 Nankin Row Singapore 048660 (6822 8761)
6 Stanley Street #01-01 Singapore 068725 (6423 1306)
121 Upper East Coast Road #01-01 Singapore 455245 (6243 2497)

GIVEAWAY: One of three Gymnademics trial class passes (worth $58 each!)



Carter just finished a full term at Gymnademics at ARC!

He (very obviously) loves it, and recognises the place the moment I turn into the carpark. He eagerly runs past the kiddy car rides (quite a feat in itself!) and straight for the Gymademics entrance. I guess it helps that his teachers are young, vibrant, and pretty 😉

Gymnademics at the ARC - Brunch With My Baby Singapore


Gymnademics prides itself in being an enrichment centre that adopts a holistic approach towards early childhood development. In short – your kid learns, whilst having a TON of fun. And I mean, a ton!! Carter views it as a playgym, and adores the stimulating environment (it is totally different to playschool, by the way).

Hunter, who did Gymnademics too a year ago, is always envious when he finds out I’m bringing Carter there, so we’ve had to be really surreptitious about it or the poor child pleads to come along too.

Gymnademics has a strong focus on music in combination with intellectual and physical activities. Carter is in the Pre-Fellow class (1-2 year olds) and it is perfectly suited for his high-activity personality.

You can see a rough class breakdown of what happens here.

Normally, you’d have to pay for a trial class. But Gymnademics are giving us a cool deal right here!

Gymnademics are giving away three Gymnademics trial class passes (worth $58 each!)

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These are the kids running towards Gymnademics. Carter is going for their class, whilst Hunter was signed up for their Free Play deal (4 sessions for only $40! I thought it was such a bargain.)


What I personally find the cutest is the trapeze! Kids start off just holding (with assistance) onto the bar and swinging.. then progress to doing a full head-over-heels spin over the bar. It progresses gradually each week, so kids don’t end up overwhelmed.




Outlet Details
Address: Alexandra Retail Centre, 460 Alexandra Road #02-25, Singapore 119963
Telephone: +65 6271 7569
Opening Hours: Wednesday to Sunday, 9am to 5pm

GIVEAWAY: Win one of two Aleva Naturals skincare hampers (worth $125 each)!

GIVEAWAY: Win one of two Aleva Naturals skincare hampers (worth $125 each)!

Aleva Naturals has launched in Singapore (stocked in Mothercare stores), boasting a big range of pure, natural, and vegan products for babies and kids.

Hailing from Canada, the products are natural plant-based and devoid of any hidden chemicals. A HUGE plus when it comes to dealing with baby’s sensitive skin.

Here’s what the product range looks like, and almost all of them will appear in the two winner’s hampers if you win this giveaway!



Aleva Naturals are giving away two hampers, worth over $125 each!

a BWMB giveaway

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Giveaways will run from 9-15 2014 inclusive.
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Winners may collect their hamper from the office (address will be provided).


Most impressive of all are their divine bamboo wipes. ALL OF THEM!!! There are 5 kinds, and you’ll see that all the packaging comes with a plastic clip lid. These are INVALUABLE. I don’t even know why there are wipes out there that have a sticker lid – they are completely useless. I love these Aleva Naturals wipes packaging!

On top of that, the wipes are made of ultra-soft extra strong bamboo cloth, and it makes a noticeable difference. They are very very strong, and so gentle. All-organic, I don’t worry about unecessary chemicals lurking around on the skin afterwards. It’s also eco-friendly, as they’re 100% biodegradable in 21 days (impressive).

AlevaNaturals03 AlevaNaturals04AlevaNaturals13


The Aleva Naturals moisturizers and balms are free of fragrances, so either have no smell, or a very subtle one from the organic ingredients. My kids are slathered in Aleva Naturals Sleep Easy Calming Lotion before bed every night – and I like how it absorbs quickly and easily instead of ‘sitting’ on their skin for ages.

And the Daily Soothing Moisturizer?

I’ve… errr… stolen it for my own use 😉

AlevaNaturals05 AlevaNaturals06AlevaNaturals09 AlevaNaturals07


The Aleva Naturals Breathe Easy Chest Rub is one of my go-to products right now – it’s excellent for when one of the kids have the sniffles or is feeling under the weather. It’s a natural alternative to those menthol rubs and superb for young children’s skin. It’s not as greasy as Vicks rubs, so I particularly like how it doesn’t soak into their clothes.

This is Hunter’s hand, rubbing some of it into Carter’s leg! I think it’s supposed to go on his chest though… 😉



Aleva Naturals also have a range of body wash, shampoos and bubble bath products. The downside is that they don’t foam up like mad, but that’s because the range is devoid of harsh chemicals (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is the chemical that is used in almost all hair/body products out there, as it’s what makes products foam, but is known to be a skin irritant). The upside is that they feel really really soft and kind to the skin. I’ve snuck the products to use on myself, so I know!

AlevaNaturals10 AlevaNaturals11 AlevaNaturals12


Aleva Naturals is stocked at Mothercare stores in Singapore.



GIVEAWAY: Win one of two $50 vouchers at BabyAtt (+15% off for everyone)!

GIVEAWAY: Win one of two $50 vouchers at BabyAtt (+15% off for everyone)!

It’s rare to find a clothing brand that offers quality materials AND a lot of fine detail in their clothing. So I was squealing with pleasure when I saw the stuff BabyAtt stocks in real life!

BabyAtt are all about childrens apparel with a quirky twist. Inspired by stories, fueled by imagination.

Basically, they are REALLY. FREAKIN’ CUTE.

Check out the BabyAtt dress shirts for boys below! (psstttt… they also have the girls versions. Prepare to have your mind blown with cuteness overload).



The materials used in BabyAtt clothing are eco-friendly and pure organic. The details are all hand-sewn. The clothing is incredibly durable, due to a stringent 4-stitch sewing technique instead of the usual 2-or 3-stitch.

In real life, the quality and attention to detail is top notch.

For kids, the clothes are a real magnet because the details and bits and bobs on the clothing means the kids are excited putting on the tees – it’s very novel for them. When they’re in the shirts, other kids will go up to them to have a look, and other parents have also asked where we got the shirts from.



BabyAtt are giving away two $50 vouchers!

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Use code BWMB to receive 15% off storewide at BabyAtt!

Code valid from 2 May – 2 June.


Just to point out, both my kids are wearing the 24M size. They are 20 months old and 3 years old, both weighing 14KG.

Here’s a closeup of the BabyAtt ‘cloudy apple’ shirt that Carter is wearing. Made with 100% organic cotton, it looks really different because of the slanted row of wooden buttons. I love this detail! 3 clouds are also tightly sewn on and provide cuteness and texture to the shirt.

Carter’s wearing it with denim jeans, but I reckon it’d also look fab with crisp white shorts for a smart-casual summertime look!



Here’s Hunter in the BabyAtt ‘fly me to the moon’ shirt, also featuring 100% organic cotton. This one looks a tad more formal to me, because of the white base colour. It’s like a cute version of Daddy’s work shirt, so Hunter finds this quite amusing!

Check out those BALLOONS!! I can’t stand how cute they are. Various fabric cutouts form the balloons, with strings dangling from them (don’t worry, they are very securely fastened down).

BabyAtt04 BabyAtt06a


I’m really happy with these BabyAtt shirts because both kids are comfortable in them. They are roomy enough to move around in, yet not overly baggy. And, I’m delighted with how the one size can fit a 20 month old and a 3 year old – it means I”ll get HEAPS of wear out of them!

BabyAtt07 BabyAtt08BabyAtt01


Thanks BabyAtt!


GIVEAWAY: Win one of five SunMoon goody bags (worth $30 each)!

SunMoon giveaway - Brunch With My Baby Singapore

I was a bit hesitant to try my kids out on SunMoon fruit products.

Let me be more specific.

I was a bit hesitant to try Hunter out on SunMoon fruit products.

You see, Carter (1.5 years old) is an eat-with-gusto kinda kid. He’s awesome with food. I can chuck anything vaguely edible in front of him, and he will gobble it up with SO much glee that he makes eating steamed carrots look like the most delicious chocolate on earth. No, I had no worries about Carter there.

But Hunter. Hunter (3 years old) is very good with fruit – that part is true. My kids are both pretty deprived of sugary snacks, so to Hunter, fruit is a total snack attack! BUT, he’s very picky and petulant. One day he’ll like kiwi, the next day he won’t. Ad infinitum with all other fruits. So I was very interested to see how a picky eater would fare with SunMoon fruit products.

But guess what we have here?

SunMoon giveaway - Brunch With My Baby Singapore


Eating fruit! With gusto! Self-feeding, even!! TRIPLE WHAMMY, WHAM BAM THANK YOU MAAM!!

I am very pleased, and you can read on below for detailed reviews of their products, as well as my tips on more exciting ways to eat their fruit cups.

But for now, we have some goody bags to giveaway!!


SunMoon are giving away five goody bags (worth $30 each)!

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Giveaways will run from 25 April  – 1 May 2014 inclusive.
Winner’s entry(s) will be verified according to the entry criteria(s).
Winner may collect their goody bag at the SunMoon office in Singapore.


SunMoon giveaway - Brunch With My Baby Singapore


So, above, we have the boys tussling over one packet of SunMoon fruit crisps. Carter (obviously) loves them. But the weird thing is that Hunter loves them too. And I mean, LOVE. Why is this weird? It’s weird because Hunter doesn’t actually like dried fruit – I’ve never had any success introducing it to him.

But when I wave a packet of these babies around, he gets all excited and will pretty much do anything to get his hot lil hands on a packet. Inside consists of 100% fresh fruit that has been freeze dried. This means it preserves all the nutritional goodness of the fresh fruit without the use of any preservatives and flavorings. Basically, it’s feeding your kids whole fruit – inclusive of all the fibre goodness.

Also, he particularly adores the packets with strawberries in it. Weird again, because he hates fresh strawberries! But he will eagerly pick out allllll the strawberries in the packet and stuff them into his mouth with a happy grin. I’m actually very pleased about this fact, because we all know how berries are really good for young kids (and adults), so it’s my sneaky way of making sure he eats his berries.


SunMoon giveaway - Brunch With My Baby Singapore

SunMoon giveaway - Brunch With My Baby Singapore

SunMoon giveaway - Brunch With My Baby Singapore


Then there’s the SunMoon fruit cups. With no articial preservatives, flavouring, or colourings, and ZERO sugar added, these are a fab little healthy snack of juicy goodness. They come in convenient little grab-and-go disposable cups with spoons attached.

Sold in a twin-pack at SG$1.90. Flavours include Peach, Seasonal Mixed Fruits, Mandarin Orange.

SunMoon giveaway - Brunch With My Baby Singapore


I tried to take a shot of the SunMoon fruit cup, but by now, Hunter and Carter were privvy to the goodness of this brand (they’d already had the fruit crisps), and were climbing over my back (!!!) to grab these.

So this photo was the best one I got.

SunMoon giveaway - Brunch With My Baby Singapore


They’re pretty kid-proof when sealed, so Hunter couldn’t open it up by himself. Just as well because the fruit chunks come floating in 100% apple juice, which I didn’t want spilling everywhere.

The fruit is juicy, sweet, and refreshing. I always imagined pre-packaged fruit to be mushy and have a weird taste or aftertaste, but this has none. The cute individual cup packaging kinda tricks my kids into thinking they’re awesome snacks, so they gobble up their fruit oh-so-merrily.

SunMoon giveaway - Brunch With My Baby Singapore

SunMoon10 SunMoon11


Here’s what I like to do with our SunMoon fruit cups:

  1. Eat them as-is – well, duh!
  2. Mix in yogurt – I mix with plain greek yogurt because the fruit adds a lovely sweetness to it, and it’s a super healthy breakfast.
  3. Sprinkle on top of cereal – fruit on cornflakes, mixed with a bit of milk. Yummy power breakfast!
  4. Sprinkle on top of vanilla ice cream – for a real decadent after-dinner treat.
  5. Make a fruity milkshake – simply pop it in the blender with some milk or yogurt, and a squeeze of honey.


And guess what? From 18 April to 9 May, you can Buy 2 and Get 1 FREE at all Sheng Shiong & NTUC Fair Price outlets.

The SunMoon fruit cups and fruit crisps range is available at Sheng Siong, NTUC Fairprice, selected SPC & Caltex stations, SunMoon retail and online stores.

Thanks SunMoon!



GIVEAWAY: Win one of five products from Mustela’s 9 Months range for mums!

giveaway! (1)

Mustela have a lovely range, called Mustela 9 Months, catered for new and expecting mothers. The suite of products are designed for women to use during pregnancy as well as after childbirth. They target a mother’s skin and various body issues to keep women comfortable and able to enjoy their pregnancy.


There are THREE particular products that we will be featuring today, and the winners can choose one of the products below as their prize 🙂


1) Stretch Marks Double Action – SG$59.90

Specially formulated for expectant mothers, Mustela 9 Months Stretch Marks Double Action helps prevent and reduce stretch marks thanks to its innovative combination of naturally-derived active ingredients:

    • A patented anti-stretch marks formula activates the production of fibers that strengthen the skin. The skin becomes more supple, elastic, and resistant to the causes of stretch marks.
    • A restructuring complex based on sophora japonica and oligo-elements promotes cell renewal and the regeneration of the skin.
    • Avocado peptides and hydrating shea butter provide the skin with immediate relief and lasting nourishment.


2) Stretch Marks Care Oil – SG$39.50

Specifically formulated for pregnant women and young mothers, Mustela 9 Months Stretch Mark Oil helps  prevent stretch marks using an exclusive combination of 100% vegetable oils and a natural active ingredient:

  • The production of fibres that strengthen the skin is activated by lupeol, a natural, patented active ingredient. Skin elasticity is improved, helping it to cope better with stretching.
  • Skin is nourished and softened using luxurious pomegranate seed, musk rose and baobab oils.
  • Skin is nourished, moisturized and protected using avocado oil and sunflower oil.

care oil

3) Body Restructuring Gel – SG$52.50

Specially formulated for post-partum skin care, Mustela 9 Months Post-Partum Body Restructuring Gel firms up slackened skin and reduces unsightly puffiness with its naturally-derived ingredients:

  • Restores firmness to skin tissue thanks to its combination of Elastoregulator, lupeol and centella asiatica.
  • Remodels body contours thanks to a combination of plant extracts including sophora japonica with its draining and diuretic properties.
  • Improves skin quality thanks to avocado peptides with their soothing, lipid-replenishing properties.


Mustela are giving away one product
from the 9 Months range to FIVE winners! 

a BWMBgiveaway

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Giveaways will run from 18-24 April 2014 inclusive.
Winner may select one of the three listed products in this giveaway.
Winner’s entry(s) will be verified according to the entry criteria(s).

Mustela is available at all Kiddy Palace outlets, Takashimaya Department Store (Baby department), Robinsons, OG, Mums & Babe, Motherswork, selected – Spring Maternity, Watsons and Guardian.

GIVEAWAY: One 3-day juice cleanse with Beauty Cleanse (worth $320)! (+ 15% off code for everyone)



This is totally against Brunch With My Baby beliefs, but yet is so relevant.

I’m talking about juice detoxing with Beauty Cleanse!



If you’ve been following the Brunch With My Baby Facebook page, you’ll have seen my progress. I’ve just finished the 3-day detox and emerged alive and kicking, so there’s something to be said about that 😉

Before I started, all I thought was, WHY BOTHER? Then I learned that a juice cleanse essentially “gives the body the break that it deserves from unhealthy food choices (we all are guilty as charged), to recover and rejuvenate from all that strenuous digestive work it has been doing. But without you undergoing any form of diet, starvation or deprivation.”

But WHAT DO THE JUICES INCLUDE? How can they help me survive 3 days without eating?? They are all “about nourishing the body with life-infusing nutrients with juices made from fresh, raw (unpasteurized) and organic fruits and vegetables”

So I started this week, and you can read about it here:

  1. The night before

  2. Day 1

  3. Day 2

  4. Day 3


What did I LIKE about Beauty Cleanse?

  • They deliver all the juices, ready made, straight to your door. It means you can leave all the nutrition calculations up to them, as well as the sheer effort.
  • The support is top-notch. I felt very hand-held via phone calls and emails.
  • They are the first and only fresh organic juice producer in Singapore using what is considered the best juicer in the world, the Norwalk Hydraulic Press Juicer.
  • It’s do-able. I didn’t faint, or feel hungry. I could go to the gym, I could cook for my family, I could do my grocery shopping – all without feeling like I was going to break down into a nervous wreck 😉


What did I NOT LIKE about Beauty Cleanse?

  • It was hard finding fridge space. There are 6 juices a day, so 18 bottles got delivered, 500ml each. That’s a LOT of fridge space! Needless to say, you and your partner can’t do it together unless you have a giant (or empty) fridge.
  • I was completely sick of drinking juice. Stating the obvious here! But I was just so bored of the taste of fruit and veggies. Why can’t they puree me a hamburger and pass it off as a juice? HUH???


Beauty Cleanse are giving away one 3-day juice cleanse
(worth $320)!

a BWMB giveaway

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Giveaways will run from 11-17 April 2014 inclusive.
Winner may select start date based on availability.
Winner’s entry(s) will be verified according to the entry criteria(s).


Beauty Cleanse are exclusively offering a 15% discount for Brunch With My Baby readers with code: BWMB


Code is valid from 11-25 April 2014 inclusive.


This is the exact Skinny Genes cleanse I was on, and the exact one that you will win.



And since this is a family-friendly site and all…. here are my kids loving the juices. I kept having to share my juices with them!

Me and my 500ml juice bottle. That’s 3L of juice daily for 3 days. Gulp. Literally!

Thanks Beauty Cleanse!

GIVEAWAY: One pair of Holster glimmer sandals (worth $89.90)!


From memory, every single one of my mummy friends own a pair (or five) of Holsters. The Australian brand make kickass shoes for daily wear, that are both comfy and look cool! I can easily walk around in mine all day long, with no sore feet or toes.

The thing is, Holster mostly do sandals that have the between-the-toes thingy. I don’t know how to describe it, but it’s the style that flip flops have. A few people have told me that, despite Holsters being comfy, they still don’t like that little thing that goes between-the toes. It’s annoying for them.

And so, there has been a lot of excitement among my group about the new Holster ‘glimmer’ sandals – currently stocked at nottoobig boutique!

The boast the same glitterati design that Holster is famous for, but with a toe-strap at the front. A GREAT option for those that prefer nothing between their toes!

I particularly like the Pewter colour, which is really versatile and goes with pretty much everything I wear. Even swim wear by the pool!



nottoobig are giving away one pair of
Holster glimmer sandals (worth $89.90)!

 a BWMB giveaway

You can submit some of the entries more than once a day, so come back tomorrow to get more entries in the draw.

Giveaways will run from 4-10 Apri  2014 inclusive.
Winner may pick up their prize at the nottoobig boutique.
Holster glimmer sandals are available in Champagne and Pewter colours.
Selection is based on available stock.
Winner’s entry(s) will be verified according to the entry criteria(s).



HolsterGlimmer03 HolsterGlimmer04


Thanks nottoobig!


GIVEAWAY: Win one of two Huggies Ultra Pants hampers (+ free samples for everyone)!

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Click here to nab your FREE 3-piece sample of Huggies Ultra pants!



Because I am a pedantic person and simply must make sure I have the best, I set about purchasing EVERY SINGLE DIAPER BRAND there is in the market in Singapore when we moved here 3 years ago. I finally settled on Huggies and have been using the brand for both kids (Hunter was potty-trained a year ago so I stopped using diapers on him, but Carter wears them to this day).


Here’s what I look for in a great diaper for my kids:

  1. Thin/flat in size – I carry a bunch of diapers when I go out, and since I go out every day, all day, I’m not willing to have a fat chunk of diapers taking up useless space. And you know what? Diaper brands vary greatly in their physical thinness – I know because I’ve bought them all.
  2. Large surface area when worn – some brands made my look like a my kid’s wearing a g-string. And, no matter how cute their ass is, I do not want it hanging out the sides! I look for diapers that move with my active kid, and don’t ride up his ass.
  3. High absorbency – I have zero tolerance for leaks. Nothing worse than picking up my kid in the morning and realising they’ve soaked through their clothes, sleepsack, AND the bedsheets! My kids wear one diaper for a 14-hour stretch, so the diaper needs to be highly absorbent, and prevent diaper rash.
  4. Easy on/off – I don’t want to fiddle around getting the diaper on (kids are not the most patient), and I want to whisk the diaper off with little fuss and no messy poo smeared everywhere. Just to make it difficult for diaper-makers, I also want a diaper that my kid can’t rip the sides off themselves.


I’ve been using the standard version of Huggies Ultra Pants since Carter was about 8 months old. I started using the pull-up Pants style when he started crawling, simply because he would kick around and fuss during diaper changes on his back. It was WAY easier whisking the diaper down his legs, and he could stand up during changes.

They now have the new Huggies Ultra Pants, which are gender specific. It makes logical sense to start your kid on pull-up diapers once they start really moving, because it is SO much easier/faster to change them!

 HuggiesPants02 HuggiesPants03 HuggiesPants04 HuggiesPants05 HuggiesPants08

I’ve been popping Carter into this new version, and it’s even better than the previous version we’ve been using for so long, because the Huggies Ultra Pants nails every point I listed above in what I need in a diaper.

Carter uses these Huggies Ultra Pants (new boys version) exclusively, both day and night, because the absorbency is top notch. Thin to carry around, comfortable and wide to wear, zero leaks, and rips off in a split second. I’d buy these diapers again and again.



The sides are easy-open and are of this unique texture that binds the two sides together, without having clothes getting stuck to them. They are, by far, the easiest diaper sides to rip off. Yet, the technology makes it hard from babies to tear it off themselves from their angle.


When is it time to change? When the pee indicator changes from from yellow to blue (indicating the diaper is full). They roll up in a jiffy, and form a neat little packet to chuck out. The OCD person in me sighs with pleasure.


These are the available sizes for Huggies Ultra Pants. FYI, Carter wears an XL and he is 19 months old. They fit very well and will last him for quite awhile, I believe, since kids generally don’t grow as quickly (or fatter) at around his age.

They are now available at major hyper/supermarkets near you but if you would like to do some sampling first, check out below for some ways you can get your hands on some!


Huggies are giving away 1 female hamper and
1 male hamper
of Huggies Ultra Pants!

a BWMB giveaway

You can submit some of the entries more than once a day, so come back tomorrow to get more entries in the draw.

Giveaways will run from 21-27 Mar 2014 inclusive.
Each hamper includes 2 bags of Huggies Ultra Pants in M size (36 diapers in each bag).
Winner may collect their hamper from the Huggies office.
Winner’s entry(s) will be verified according to the entry criteria(s).


Huggies are giving away a FREE 3-piece sample of the 
new Huggies Ultra Pants!

 (click here to get yours sent to your door)

Includes 3-pcs of Huggies Ultra Pants diapers, and a S$5 discount voucher to redeem at all FairPrice Super/hypermarkets for every 2 packs of purchases of Huggies Ultra Pants or Diapers


Thanks Huggies!

GIVEAWAY: Win one of two $50 Mothercare vouchers!

See Kai Run Mothercare - Brunch With My Baby Singapore

Carter has an unfortunate super-fat-feet problem. It means that all the good $$ I spent on Hunter’s shoes (justifying that my second child could wear them) went down the drain, because Carter simply couldn’t fit into the majority of Hunter’s old shoes.

With a wide foot and a very high arch (actually I think it’s just fat), Carter struggles with the upper-part of shoes, which cut into the top of his feet. VERY few shoes fit him and make him comfortable.

So we checked out these See Kai Run ‘Ryan’ shoes from Mothercare. They’re made with nubuck leather (soft!) and with a flexible rubber sole that washes easily. Best of all, it boasts a generous width and wide toe box – CRITICAL for Carter.
See Kai Run Mothercare - Brunch With My Baby Singapore

See Kai Run Mothercare - Brunch With My Baby Singapore See Kai Run Mothercare - Brunch With My Baby Singapore


Mothercare stock a range of See Kai Run shoes at their various branches. I actually feel a little daft trying to give the grand dame of kid stores in Singapore an introduction, because if you haven’t heard of Mothercare, then you haven’t been out shopping in Singapore before.  THEY’RE EVERYWHERE! We stocked up on virtually every baby essential at Mothercare – both in Shanghai and in Singapore.

So I am delighted to share with you that:


Mothercare are giving away two $50 vouchers!

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Basically, Carter was wearing his See Kai Run shoes daily until he outgrew them – so I was happy 🙂 I’m probably going to get a larger size but in regular leather (the ‘Ryan’ or the ‘Jude’), once I spot it in a Mothercare store in his size!

Here he is pottering around in his See Kai Run ‘Ryan’ shoes. They are great for daily wear because they’re durable! These photos were taken a few months ago, hence why Carter looks shorter and younger..

See Kai Run Mothercare - Brunch With My Baby Singapore See Kai Run Mothercare - Brunch With My Baby Singapore See Kai Run Mothercare - Brunch With My Baby Singapore


Thanks Mothercare!