GIVEAWAY: One four-session pass to Bodytec (worth $320!)

I’ve crossed the three-month mark with Bodytec! (you can read my in-progress reports here and here).

All that’s required is once-a-week sessions, 20 mins each, and OH HELLO biceps! Hi there, newfound strength!

The whole premise of Bodytec is that they use EMS (Electro Muscular Training), one of the first studios in Singapore to do this. In short, it pulses electricity into your muscles to stimulate them as you’re training. It hails from Germany (the owner of Bodytec is German) and was originally used in hospital rehabilitation programmes for physical injuries, as well as training for athletes. It places ZERO impact to your joints, so it’s ideal for people with back or limb pain. Yet, it’s so effective that the recommendation is one 20-minute session per WEEK and that’s it!

The big bonus is that you “come as you are” – workout clothes, towels and toiletries are all provided, and you train barefoot. Really really good for office workers to pop by, and for individuals that can just pop into the gym, since you don’t need to drag a gym bag along.

Bodytec01 Bodytec03

So here I am all suited up in Bodytec’s EMS gear, ready to rock and roll. Doesn’t it all look like something out of Tron or any science fiction movie?


The cool thing is that Bodytec’s 20 min strength-training working is 18x more effective than ‘normal’ weight training. That is totally up my alley, because I simply don’t have the time to sit in the gym for an hour doing weights. And no, it doesn’t hurt at all. It feels satisfying, like you’re scratching an itch. It does require energy and concentration though, especially after a few sessions and they up the ante!


To let you try out what Bodytec is about, and for you to see and feel the results yourselves, Bodytec are giving away a pack of four sessions! These are personal training sessions, so expect excellent advice, hands-on help and super results.

Bodytec is giving away one four-session pass (worth $320!)

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Giveaways will run from 23-29 May 2014 inclusive.
Winner may do their sessions at any Bodytec studio.
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So you want to see results? 

I’ve lost 1.5KG, but it’s not really weight loss that is the point of the strength training. It’s more to build your core, strengthen your muscles, and give you a leaner and stronger physique. It’s addictive because it’s a simple and quick workout, and it gives visible results in a relatively short time frame.

Here’s my bicep!! Don’t laugh, it was entirely non-existent before, and this photo was taken after about 5 or 6 Bodytec sessions. Not too shabby, eh?


And a pic of me, about 8 sessions of Bodytec in. No, it hasn’t made me super skinny or anything, but a few people have mentioned that I look/feel tighter. I’m taking that as a compliment 😛

GIVEAWAY: One four-session pass to Bodytec (worth $320!)

And, a couple that works out together….. can later eat together! Chris joined me for a session one evening. They amped it up for him so he was pretty sore for the next two days 😉


So what kind of person is Bodytec good for?

Thankfully, it’s actually VERY lazy-person-friendly. In fact, it’s fantastic for those of you that make 20504820 excuses as to why you can’t go to the gym. You don’t have to bring a single piece of gym gear, and you’re done in 20 minutes. And it’s highly effective. It’s the lazy person’s idea of exercise heaven.

Bodytec is also excellent for those that want to improve (or actually have SOME) muscle tone. It’s strength training, so results are visible in terms of muscle leanness and definition.

I’ve seen older folk in the studio, I’ve seen fit young lil things, I’ve seen fat people.. pretty much anyone can walk in and have a good workout session. And that’s what I like most about Bodytec – it’s not overwhelming or daunting at all!

 Thanks Bodytec!

Bodytec – Singapore’s first dedicated and largest EMS studio

3 Pickering Street #01-01 Nankin Row Singapore 048660 (6822 8761)
6 Stanley Street #01-01 Singapore 068725 (6423 1306)
121 Upper East Coast Road #01-01 Singapore 455245 (6243 2497)

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