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WAFFLE SLAYER: Kid-Friendly Cafes, Tiong Bahru, Singapore

Waffle Slayer


We were originally planning on hitting Strangers Reunion, but it was jam packed with people and we had four kids in tow, so we headed to the cafe next door instead, called Waffle Slayer. Turned out, they’re owned by the Strangers Reunion folk anyway!

The industrial chic cafe has almost zero signage, and the glass doors reflect very well.. so I actually walked straight past the cafe without realising what it was. The door panels that open up are fairly narrow – something to note if you have a very wide pram.



The narrow but long space is jam packed with tables and chairs, with most of the patrons being female (the guys were all there with their female counterparts, no tables were men-only).

Service is pretty quick, and very friendly, despite looking a bit short-staffed.



Complimentary water for the table, served in a big bottle. Major props!



The cafe is crowded on weekends, and not great for kids to run around in. Though I’d imagine the enclosed place would be alright when not as crowded on weekdays.

The older kids were kept occupied watching a movie on the iPhone.


We ordered the Za’atar-spiced eggplant fritters with lemon yogurt ($12.90) which I forgot to photograph – whoops! The kids enjoyed this because it was cut like fat chips, and they were really tasty. A great appetizer/snack to share.


Our Red velvet buttermilk waffle with pistachio tuile, chocolate fudge and vanilla ice cream ($14.90) disappointed me at first, because the entire waffle was soft and floppy and soggy. To me, a good waffle is crisp on the outside, and yields to a fluffy moist interior. But this texture was almost exactly like a microwaved waffle (despite it being freshly cooked in their waffle maker – I assume).

Fortunately, it did taste nice. Not blow-me-away fantastic, because of the miserable texture, but nice. The red velvet flavour actually wasn’t very strong, but the waffle had a lovely flavour and the large dollop of vanilla ice cream went down well.




Last Bite: Waffle Slayer specialises in, you guessed it, waffles! Ours arrived rather floppy and soggy, but their (large selection of) other dishes satisfied us.
Highchairs: Yes
Easy access: Yes (though be warned of the narrow entrance)
Change tables: No
Kids’ menu: No

Waffle Slayer
37 Kampong Bahru Road
Singapore 169356
Phone: 6222 4869
Prices: $$
Hours: Mon – Sun: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm

HIGHLANDER COFFEE: Kid-Friendly Cafes, Tiong Bahru, Singapore

Highlander Coffee

It was by recommendation of a girl friend, who said they had “excellent coffee”, that brought us here to Highlander Coffee. The cafe is tiny and houses only a few tables, but we were fortunate to score the corner ones since we had four (!) kids in tow.

You see, Highlander Coffee isn’t a place you go for food. It’s a coffee place, first and foremost. Founded a decade ago by two brothers, they are a hands-on barista workshop (located in a separate room at the back of the cafe) as well as a coffee appreciation workshop.




Apart from the impressive coffee equipment around the cafe (which is also for sale), the cafe decor and tables/chairs are about as basic and simple as you can get. It’s pretty stark, with  plain stools and round white tables. It’s obvious people go there just for the coffee.



And of course their coffee is lovely. My Flat White has a gorgeous creamy layer of crema, and the flavour is subtle but still flavourful. The Iced latte is impressive, because it still packs a powerful punch of coffee flavour, which often lacks in other cafes’ iced coffees (as they get too diluted due to the ice cubes melting).



Food-wise, it is clearly not Highlander Coffee’s forte and we find the food all edible, but nothing to shout about. Everything is pre-made and, if necessary, zapped in the toaster or microwave.

The Chicken salad croissant is happily packed with lots of fresh-looking salad, which I appreciate. The chicken is moist and tender, and I would consider this dish very similar to Delifrance’s version.



The Lasagne is tasty and full of melted cheese, so it’s pretty popular with the kids. There is not one single vegetable detectable in this dish though, so I’m pretty sure it’s not exactly up there in the Healthy Foods To Eat category..



Their pies are pre-made and popped into the toaster oven to reheat, but the Chicken pie is still pretty good. It’s a shame it’s not served with a side salad or on a proper plate (it arrives unceremoniously on a paper plate), which would have elevated it into more of a real cafe dish instead of looking like a I-grabbed-this-at-the-petrol-station quickie.



The Tuna sandwich looked the most basic and homemade out of all the dishes. It was even served on plain old white bread, not even croissant or homebaked bread or focaccia or anything! Fine to order if you’re desperate, but fair warning here that you’ll be completely unimpressed.



The Pasta bolognaise is pretty much exactly like the Lasagne above, except with macaroni pasta. It’s a bit on the oily side, due to all the cheese, but Hunter likes it so I won’t complain.


Last Bite: Higherlander Coffee may not offer freshly-cooked or impressive food, but it’s their outstanding coffee (and expertise) that people go for. Their Iced latte is excellent!

Highchairs: No
Easy access: Yes
Change tables: No
Kids’ menu: No

Highlander Coffee
49 Kampong Bahru Road
Singapore 169362
Phone: 6226 1686
Prices: $$
Hours: Mon – Sat: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

CARPENTER & COOK: Kid-friendly cafes, Bukit Timah, Singapore

Carpenter & Cook

Carpenter & Cook has a pretty unfortunate location for most (it’s far out west) but since I do live far out west, I consider it a pretty brilliant location! 😉 That said, I do reckon it’s worth the trip because you’ll find few (no?) cafes like it in Singapore.

Look at the cafe, in all it’s beautiful vintage charm:

CARPENTER & COOK: Kid-Friendly Cafes, Bukit-Timah, Singapore


Most of the vintage decor and furniture in the cafe is up for sale, but they don’t come cheap. Personally, I love poking around their lovely cookies-in-a-bag and homemade jam (which are delicious!).
CARPENTER & COOK: Kid-Friendly Cafes, Bukit-Timah, Singapore


They don’t do any freshly-cooked hot food, which is a bit odd and a huge shame. To compensate, they offer a (pretty impressive) selection of pastries, tarts, and desserts. Everything is displayed by the counter, which is fantastic for a visual order-er such as myself. I feel like I’m spoiled for choice!

CARPENTER & COOK: Kid-Friendly Cafes, Bukit-Timah, Singapore

CARPENTER & COOK: Kid-Friendly Cafes, Bukit-Timah, Singapore

CARPENTER & COOK: Kid-Friendly Cafes, Bukit-Timah, Singapore
Some of their beverages are served in these gorgeous old-school mugs. I LOVE them. Complimentary water is offered – huge props to them for this!
CARPENTER & COOK: Kid-Friendly Cafes, Bukit-Timah, Singapore


Their coffee comes in a tiny mug, but is deliciously creamy.

CARPENTER & COOK: Kid-Friendly Cafes, Bukit-Timah, Singapore


The Croissant is a total STAR. Flaky layers of pastry, with a buttery fluffy inside. Carter gobbled this right up!

CARPENTER & COOK: Kid-Friendly Cafes, Bukit-Timah, Singapore


I personally love the Almond croissant, which I’d recommend if you feel like something sweet. It’s a regular croissant draped in a crisp almond ‘cap’, and scattered with almond flakes. Delicious.

CARPENTER & COOK: Kid-Friendly Cafes, Bukit-Timah, Singapore


Their Quiche was a startlingly tiny slice for the price, I’d expected double the portion size. It’s enough for a petite snack, but is not sufficient (by FAR) if you’re thinking of having this dish as a main meal. That’s a shame, because the quiche is delicious, especially that buttery crumbly crust.

CARPENTER & COOK: Kid-Friendly Cafes, Bukit-Timah, Singapore


Ahhh their Sea salt and caramel chocolate tart, which is famous by now. I’ve had it almost ten times, and it’s consistently good. It’s small for what you pay, but at least it’s done perfectly!

CARPENTER & COOK: Kid-Friendly Cafes, Bukit-Timah, Singapore


Their Brownie pales in comparison to the chocolate tart (above). It’s nice, but nothing to shout about. In fact, I’ve actually completely forgotten what this tasted like..

CARPENTER & COOK: Kid-Friendly Cafes, Bukit-Timah, Singapore


Standing near the entrance of Carpenter & Cook, isn’t the interior just lovely?!

CARPENTER & COOK: Kid-Friendly Cafes, Bukit-Timah, Singapore
Last Bite: Carpenter & Cook serves up absolutely delicious pastries, tarts and desserts, albeit on the tiny side. But it’s the gorgeous vintage interior that truly charms us!
Highchairs: Yes
Easy access: Yes
Change tables: No
Kids’ menu: No

Carpenter & Cook
19 Lorong Kilat #01-06
Singapore 598120
Phone: 6463 3648
Prices: $$
Tue – Sat: 10:00 am – 10:00 pm
Sun: 10:00 am – 7:00 pm

THE MARMALADE PANTRY: Kid-Friendly Restaurants, Bukit Timah, Singapore

The Marmalade Pantry


I’ve been to The Marmalade Pantry at the stables a couple of times, but never had a chance to write a review. I’m not sure why I never got round to it, because it’s a fantastic place for the family! The car park area is outdoors (the restaurant is in a standalone building) so be prepared for a super-heated car afterwards, but at least in the meantime, you’ll be dining in cool comfort indoors (though there are outdoor tables).

I’ve always loved The Marmalade Pantry for their drinks – they are consistently good. I personally find the Strawberry shake with ice cream ($9) is heart-stoppingly expensive (hey, it can get me THREE meals at the hawker centre!) but damn it is good. And at least it’s served in a large glass. It’s thick, full of ice cream, loads of flavour, and has fresh strawberries. The kids LOVE this shake, so this is always a must-order for us.

And their Iced Latte ($9) is always a winner. If I remember correctly, the menu said it had ice cream in it, but I also don’t -recall ours having any on this particular day, apart from lots of ice to chill the coffee-poured-on-top-of-milk combination. It’s a delight to have this chilled drink, though, on a hot and lazy weekend. Just a shame about the price!



Hunter and Carter share a Scrambled eggs with sausages and toast soldiers ($12), from the kids menu. The polish half off each, and are still hungry. So I realise that the portion size is pretty small for a kid and very young children can order one meal each. The eggs are done well, and the sausage is tasty, so I’m just happy they’ve gobbled it all up.



I’m impressed with the Steak sandwich with wasabi mayonnaise, caramelized onions and rocket ($24) and how it is presented. Laid out on a large platter, this is an EXCELLENT dish for a hearty eater – you won’t be disappointed. Even if the steak and large bun doesn’t fill you, there’s a tumble of (absolutely delicious) sweet potato fries that will.



The Spaghetti carbonara with soft-cooked egg, bacon bits and parsley ($24) is freaking awesome. It always is, every single time. The sauce is beautifully creamy, the bacon bits are charred perfectly, and that wonderful poached egg…. ooh!! This dish is a winner if you’re into more-ish creamy foods.



After you’ve had your meal, the kids can stretch their legs at the horse stables right outside. The grass is green, the great outdoors does such good thing for kids, and we are all happy. The kids are delighted to check out the horses up-close!


A bit of a photo dump, but I just adore these photos my girl friend took of the kids! Sorry for the photo spam! 😛

MarmaladePantry06 MarmaladePantry11 MarmaladePantry12 MarmaladePantry13
Last Bite: Marmalade Pantry do killer (but expensive) drinks, and delicious mains. But what we love most is checking out the horses afterwards!
Highchairs: Yes
Easy access: Yes
Change tables: No
Kids’ menu: Yes

Marmalade Pantry
55 Fairways Dr
Singapore 286846
Phone: 6467 7748
Prices: $$$
Tue – Fri: 15:00 – 23:00
Sat – Sun: 10:00 – 23:00

GIVEAWAY: One 3-day juice cleanse with Beauty Cleanse (worth $320)! (+ 15% off code for everyone)



This is totally against Brunch With My Baby beliefs, but yet is so relevant.

I’m talking about juice detoxing with Beauty Cleanse!



If you’ve been following the Brunch With My Baby Facebook page, you’ll have seen my progress. I’ve just finished the 3-day detox and emerged alive and kicking, so there’s something to be said about that 😉

Before I started, all I thought was, WHY BOTHER? Then I learned that a juice cleanse essentially “gives the body the break that it deserves from unhealthy food choices (we all are guilty as charged), to recover and rejuvenate from all that strenuous digestive work it has been doing. But without you undergoing any form of diet, starvation or deprivation.”

But WHAT DO THE JUICES INCLUDE? How can they help me survive 3 days without eating?? They are all “about nourishing the body with life-infusing nutrients with juices made from fresh, raw (unpasteurized) and organic fruits and vegetables”

So I started this week, and you can read about it here:

  1. The night before

  2. Day 1

  3. Day 2

  4. Day 3


What did I LIKE about Beauty Cleanse?

  • They deliver all the juices, ready made, straight to your door. It means you can leave all the nutrition calculations up to them, as well as the sheer effort.
  • The support is top-notch. I felt very hand-held via phone calls and emails.
  • They are the first and only fresh organic juice producer in Singapore using what is considered the best juicer in the world, the Norwalk Hydraulic Press Juicer.
  • It’s do-able. I didn’t faint, or feel hungry. I could go to the gym, I could cook for my family, I could do my grocery shopping – all without feeling like I was going to break down into a nervous wreck 😉


What did I NOT LIKE about Beauty Cleanse?

  • It was hard finding fridge space. There are 6 juices a day, so 18 bottles got delivered, 500ml each. That’s a LOT of fridge space! Needless to say, you and your partner can’t do it together unless you have a giant (or empty) fridge.
  • I was completely sick of drinking juice. Stating the obvious here! But I was just so bored of the taste of fruit and veggies. Why can’t they puree me a hamburger and pass it off as a juice? HUH???


Beauty Cleanse are giving away one 3-day juice cleanse
(worth $320)!

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Beauty Cleanse are exclusively offering a 15% discount for Brunch With My Baby readers with code: BWMB


Code is valid from 11-25 April 2014 inclusive.


This is the exact Skinny Genes cleanse I was on, and the exact one that you will win.



And since this is a family-friendly site and all…. here are my kids loving the juices. I kept having to share my juices with them!

Me and my 500ml juice bottle. That’s 3L of juice daily for 3 days. Gulp. Literally!

Thanks Beauty Cleanse!

JIMMY MONKEY: Kid-Friendly Cafes, Buona Vista, Singapore

Jimmy Monkey: Kid-Friendly Cafes, Buona Vista, Singapore

Jimmy Monkey has been featured here on Brunch With My Baby before, but it’s worth another mention since the service is excellent and I found myself thoroughly enjoying their food lately.

It’s fairly dark inside, but it isn’t crowded (we normally go on weekday mornings), so it makes for a nice spot of relaxation. The vibe is chill, the area is pretty unknown, and recently I’ve spotted a few kids there with their mums.. so I don’t feel as awkward bringing mine along!

Jimmy Monkey: Kid-Friendly Cafes, Buona Vista, Singapore

Jimmy Monkey: Kid-Friendly Cafes, Buona Vista, Singapore

Jimmy Monkey: Kid-Friendly Cafes, Buona Vista, Singapore


MAJOR PROPS to Jimmy Monkey for providing chilled water, complimentary. Not only that, you can help yourself to the tall green glass bottles to refill at your leisure. Much love and respect!

Jimmy Monkey: Kid-Friendly Cafes, Buona Vista, Singapore


My Flat White arrives in a cheerful bright blue cup and is accompanied by a wee piece of biscotti.

Jimmy Monkey: Kid-Friendly Cafes, Buona Vista, Singapore


I can’t ever visit Jimmy Monkey without ordering The Hulk ($16), a stunning mass of chunky avocado and feta on sourdough and sprinkled with dukka. It’s outstanding and both my kids love it! The avocado is always creamy, ripe-soft, and contains no weird brown or squiggly bits. It’s healthy and delicious.

Jimmy Monkey: Kid-Friendly Cafes, Buona Vista, Singapore


New on their menu is Grilled mushrooms and poached egg on toast. I love the fat juicy mushrooms, but the poached egg is a little undersized – it would have been perfect with another egg. Nevertheless, this is still delicious and the smokiness of the grilled mushrooms really comes through.

Jimmy Monkey: Kid-Friendly Cafes, Buona Vista, Singapore


If you’re after a burger-style meal, you won’t go wrong with the JM Breakfast Sandwich ($16) with bacon, rocket, egg, romato tomato, avocado and kay’s relish. The flavours and textures of the various ingredients go together so well, and it’s juicy but not to the point where you have liquid running down your arm as you take a bite. Delicious!

Jimmy Monkey: Kid-Friendly Cafes, Buona Vista, Singapore

Last Bite: Jimmy Monkey’s laid back vibe and simple-but-delicious dishes are a hit with us. The Hulk is a must-order if you like avocados!

Highchairs: Yes
Easy access: Yes
Change tables: No
Kids’ menu: No

Jimmy Monkey Cafe
9 One-North Gateway
#01-51 One-North Residences
Singapore 138643
Phone: 6777 8470
Prices: $$
Hours: Mon – Fri: 8:30 am – 8:30 pm, Sat – Sun: 8:30 am – 6:00 pm

ONE MAN COFFEE: Kid-Friendly Cafes, Thomson, Singapore

One Man Coffee

Newly opened One Man Coffee is pretty non descript and easy to walk past. They share the same space as Crust Pizza, and so operate only during the day time. It works, because their all-day brunch and coffee offerings are perfect for us ladies who brunch (with kids)!

The interior is simple, consisting of a few large wooden tables to sit at. There is also seating outside with gorgeous rattan swings, but it’s too hot a day and so we cower inside in the air conditioning.




Their menu is limited but still enticing. A selection of pastries and cakes is displayed in a cabinet against the wall, which are from Bakery Artisan Original Bakery (BAO).



We are totally blown away when our kids are served a complimentary babycino each. I’m shocked. Usually cafes will charge for this, and it makes me realise that I am already in love with One Man Coffee for being just so damn nice

Here they are, looking like a little hipster couple, enjoying their babycinos 😉



Their beans are from Melbourne’s Axil Coffee Roasters and I am happy to see my Flat White arrive in a large-ish cup. It’s flavourful with a subtle aftertaste, and I almost order another one because I enjoy it so much.





I think I’ll get the Grilled cheese sandwich on sourdough rye ($6) with ham ($2) and avocado ($2) for myself when I’m next here. It’s a very basic sandwich and technically do-able at home, but they somehow just nail it. I had a small bite and loved it!

Special shout out to their avocado. We noticed that every single person that ordered it had perfect looking avocado on their plates.




I found the Gashouse egg ($10) a little less exciting. The bread was a little too dry (it really needed some sort of hollandaise or creamy sauce to break through the dryness), though the baked egg in the middle was done well. The bacon jam served on the side was delicious!



Last Bite: One Man Coffee no frills vibe and excellent coffee make it a great hang out for brunch. Kids get a complimentary babycino, which is absolutely tops in our book!
Highchairs: Yes
Easy access: Yes
Change tables: No
Kids’ menu: No

One Man Coffee
215R Upper Thomson Road
Singapore 574349
Phone: 6456 1555
Prices: $$
Mon: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Wed – Sun: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

VIOLET OON’S KITCHEN: Kid -Friendly Restaurants, Bukit Timah Singapore

Violet Oon - Kid Friendly Restaurants, Bukit Timah Singapore

I’ve been to Violet Oon’s Kitchen a couple of times previously, but this was our first time there during Restaurant Week. The black-and-white bistro features signature Nyona food with a slight fusion twist, making the restaurant a very unique find in Singapore.

The kids were particularly pleased with the paper tablemats, which I could flip over and they could draw to their hearts content on.

Violet Oon - Kid Friendly Restaurants, Bukit Timah Singapore


The appetizer trio was beautifully presented, and was very very petite but pretty adorable. The Ngo Hiang was crispy on the outside but moist on the inside, and it was basically like a Chinese sausage. The Nasi Kuning had a lovely coconut flavour and was tinged bright yellow, however the rice was slightly on the hard side so the kids had a bit of trouble swallowing it! My piece of Beef Rendang was ATROCIOUS and inedible – it was simply one piece of gristle/chewy tendon and zero meat. When I pointed this out to the server, he was nonplussed and just said “Oh ok”, without doing anything about it.

A restaurant should always empower staff to fix problems and mistakes swiftly and positively.

Violet Oon - Kid Friendly Restaurants, Bukit Timah Singapore


I adored the Meatless meatball pasta. Yeah, you heard that right – they’re meatless meatballs!! And yet, they’re DELICIOUS. Made with walnuts and parmesan, these balls are fat and moist and just divine. This is the 3rd time I’ve had this dish, and I love it every time.

Violet Oon - Kid Friendly Restaurants, Bukit Timah Singapore


Their signature Vio’s shepherds pie arrives piping hot in a small pot. The potato is creamy and very buttery, and the meat inside is extremely tender though highly over-salted. 50% less salt and this dish would have been perfect. Wonderful comfort food on a rainy day 🙂

Violet Oon - Kid Friendly Restaurants, Bukit Timah Singapore


The Dry laksa features a coconut-based reduction and packs a real taste-punch! If you like laksa, you’ll like this. It’s spicy and sour and comes with fat prawns. Unfortunately for me, it also came with bean sprouts..

Violet Oon - Kid Friendly Restaurants, Bukit Timah Singapore


Their desserts are massive! The Bread and butter pudding with whiskey sauce needs to be shared between two people or you’ll overload on your carbs 😉 It’s a fat chunk of moist pudding, sitting in a pool of whiskey sauce that is pretty potent!

Violet Oon - Kid Friendly Restaurants, Bukit Timah Singapore


The Pulot hitam with vanilla ice cream was pretty overwhelming, as it came in a large deep dish with a giant scoop of ice cream. It’s sure to delight a dessert lover because it will fill you right up! I really enjoyed this – the plainness of the black rice went very well with the sweetness of the ice cream, and the hot and cold temperatures worked. I also like to tell myself that this is healthier than many other desserts out there…

Violet Oon - Kid Friendly Restaurants, Bukit Timah Singapore


Last Bite: Violet Oon’s Kitchen features traditional Nyonya food with a fusion twist, in a lovely bistro that’s comfortable and not too crowded. Be warned: their desserts are huge!
Highchairs: Yes
Easy access: Yes
Change tables: No
Kids’ menu: No

Violet Oon’s Kitchen
881 Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 279893
Phone: 6468 5430
Prices: $$$
Tue – Thu: 11:30 am – 10:00 pm
Fri: 11:30 am – 11:00 pm
Sat: 9:30 am – 11:00 pm
Sun: 9:30 am – 10:00 pm

MADE BY LAUREN JASMINE: Kid-Friendly Cafes, Telok Ayer, Singapore

Lauren Jasmine - Kid-Friendly Cafes, Telok Ayer, Singapore

I’m not sure why other cafes or boutiques haven’t thought of this, but Made by Lauren Jasmine has absolutely NAILED it on the head with this one! Say hello to shopping AND eating… all under one roof.

It’s kind of like my dream come through – beautiful homewares and gorgeous clothes/accessories (both by their own designers and imported from the USA), with tables and chairs tucked in little nooks (check out the comfy sofa up in their attic!) for you to sit at to have a coffee and some brunch.

Lauren Jasmine - Kid-Friendly Cafes, Telok Ayer, Singapore Lauren Jasmine - Kid-Friendly Cafes, Telok Ayer, Singapore Lauren Jasmine - Kid-Friendly Cafes, Telok Ayer, Singapore


Their menu is modest but sufficient if you’re there for a snack or a brunch. Most of what they have is displayed in the cabinet, but they have a few more brunch-type items (croissants, big breakfasts, etc) up on the blackboard behind the counter.

Lauren Jasmine - Kid-Friendly Cafes, Telok Ayer, Singapore


I enjoy my Flat White ($4.90), which is served with a little biscuit on the side.
Lauren Jasmine - Kid-Friendly Cafes, Telok Ayer, Singapore


Their pies are OUTSTANDING and, dare I say it, one of the best I’ve had in Singapore. The Egg and mushroom pie ($7.50) and Chicken and mushroom pie ($7.50) are just perfection!! The crust is buttery and has a sweet aftertaste, which pairs well with the savory filling. Both pies have chunky ingredients, which I love, and they also come in hefty quantities.

Top marks for their pies. I’d come back for these anyday.

Lauren Jasmine - Kid-Friendly Cafes, Telok Ayer, Singapore


I was even more impressed with the Chocolate earl grey tart ($6.50). THIS. WAS. HEAVENLY. Again, their pastry was sublime – thick and buttery. The chocolate was molten, yet not hot (it was room temperature). It was gooey, luscious, and oozed so sexily it had us captivated.

The chocolate wasn’t too sweet, and the richness was cut through by the earl grey tea (very mild, it’s not weird). I loved it. Easily the best chocolate tart I’ve had in a very very long time.

Lauren Jasmine - Kid-Friendly Cafes, Telok Ayer, Singapore Lauren Jasmine - Kid-Friendly Cafes, Telok Ayer, Singapore


Last Bite: Made by Lauren Jasmine’s unique shopping-and-food concept is sure to appeal to many ladies. Their pies and tarts are outstanding!
Highchairs: No
Easy access: No, as it’s split over 3 levels.
Change tables: No
Kids’ menu: No

Made by Lauren Jasmine
47 Amoy Street
Singapore 069873
Phone: 6423 0626
Prices: $$
Hours: Mon – Fri: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm

GIVEAWAY: One pair of Holster glimmer sandals (worth $89.90)!


From memory, every single one of my mummy friends own a pair (or five) of Holsters. The Australian brand make kickass shoes for daily wear, that are both comfy and look cool! I can easily walk around in mine all day long, with no sore feet or toes.

The thing is, Holster mostly do sandals that have the between-the-toes thingy. I don’t know how to describe it, but it’s the style that flip flops have. A few people have told me that, despite Holsters being comfy, they still don’t like that little thing that goes between-the toes. It’s annoying for them.

And so, there has been a lot of excitement among my group about the new Holster ‘glimmer’ sandals – currently stocked at nottoobig boutique!

The boast the same glitterati design that Holster is famous for, but with a toe-strap at the front. A GREAT option for those that prefer nothing between their toes!

I particularly like the Pewter colour, which is really versatile and goes with pretty much everything I wear. Even swim wear by the pool!



nottoobig are giving away one pair of
Holster glimmer sandals (worth $89.90)!

 a BWMB giveaway

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Giveaways will run from 4-10 Apri  2014 inclusive.
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Holster glimmer sandals are available in Champagne and Pewter colours.
Selection is based on available stock.
Winner’s entry(s) will be verified according to the entry criteria(s).



HolsterGlimmer03 HolsterGlimmer04


Thanks nottoobig!