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GIVEAWAY: Win a ‘Give Me Everything’ sticker pack (130 labels, worth $50) from Childlabel – shipped worldwide!


Childlabel pride themselves on making  high quality vinyl stickers (waterproof, freezable, microwavable and scratch resistant!), with their own designer on board to make sure they are damn cute. 

And they are. You’ll go a bit loopy admiring the adorable graphics, and trying to narrow it down!

I’ve found that labelling my kids’ stuff is really useful because:

  1. They take great pride in, errrrrr, admiring their names stuck all over everything.
  2. It helps them recognise their own stuff at school.
  3. It ensures their stuff doesn’t get mixed up with other kids’.


Childlabel are giving away one ‘Give Me Everything‘ value pack, containing 130 labels (worth $50) – shipped worldwide!

32 x Small Rectangle Sticker Labels
32 x Chinese Name Sticker Labels
28 x Circle Sticker Labels
20 x Rectangle Iron Ons
18 x Circle Iron Ons


a Brunch with my baby giveaway

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Giveaway will run from 21 Feb – 27 Feb 2014 inclusive.
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Childlabel will ship the ‘Give Me Everything’ pack to any address, worldwide.


So this is the pack that Carter received, which is the Under The Sea design. And Hunter received the Vrooom design. Both were perfectly suited for each kid, and I was delighted by how colour saturated the labels were. They are reaaaaalllyyy eye-catching!

ChildLabel01 ChildLabel02

You’ll notice below that the labels are made of a thin flexible plastic material, that is waterproof. They aren’t standard paper stickers at all!


I personally like the Circle stickers as shoe stickers. They are so vibrant that there’s no way my kids are going home with the wrong shoes 😉


Their Rectangle stickers have smooth rounded edges, and seal nicely on smooth surfaces. I thought it looked awesome on Carter’s new scooter 🙂


And we got some Book stickers too! OK so the kids don’t have textbooks yet… but I use them on their progress report books. Cuteness 🙂


Since they are waterproof, I whack them on their water bottles, and lunch boxes. It’s all matchy-match in this household!!



My favourite? The Iron On labels, hands down!!! These labels had all of us, including the school teachers, analysing them up-close, and even picking away at them.

They do NOT look like iron on labels.

They look like gorgeous stickers!!!

The colours are so vibrant and they look so cute, and are just so perfect looking, that people don’t realise they are iron ons. See below for yourself!

ChildLabel08 ChildLabel09

These (below) are Iron On labels too. They really look like stickers huh? And because they are iron on, they DO NOT BUDGE. I am in love with these. They are magic.


If you’re after labels that are really vibrant and with cute designs, you’ll want to check out Childlabel. Make sure you order those incredible Iron On labels, they are their best product IMHO!

 Thanks Childlabel!

BECASSE: Kid-Friendly Restaurants, Orchard Road, Singapore


Becasse, an open-layout cafe in ION, opened up last year but I’d only just gotten round to checking it out. Better late than never! A artisanal brand from Australia, Becasse was brought in by Jones the Grocer (whose cafe is right next door), also an Australian brand. It is positioned as “a modern interpretation of a French and European patisserie and bakery”.

We were charmed with the black-and-white mod feel of the cafe, and the spaciousness was a huge plus when you have an active kid. Carter spent half the time wandering around, and the cafe was fairly contained so I was happy to let him be.

Carter had the delight of one whole croissant, all to himself! He was in seventh heaven and polished his Croissant ($4) off at record speed – a testament to how good it was. Fluffy and crisp on the outside, the layers gave way to a pillow soft interior. Luscious.

Our server confirmed with us that we “don’t want jam and butter” with our croissant, which is what it’s meant to come with, but still charged us the price on the menu that includes the condiments. Just something to note.

Becasse - Brunch With My Baby Singapore Becasse - Brunch With My Baby Singapore

I was a big fan of the Duck Rilletes & Poached Pear ($21). The pot of duck was very very small, but delicious. It had the right amount of saltiness and fat, and the richness of the duck meat really came through. It was paired very well with the buttery and fluffy brioche bread.

Special mention of the poached pear and rocket salad that it was served with. I normally can’t stand rocket (so bitter!), but somehow, it was tempered by the dressing, scattering of walnuts, and sweet poached pears. It was a fantastic salad and I polished the whole thing off – very very rare for a salad-hater like me.

Becasse - Brunch With My Baby Singapore

Becasse’s amazing croissant makes a re-appearance, this time in the form of a Toasted Leg Ham & Gruyere Croissant ($8). This is an excellent deal and perfect as a snack, or as a lunch for light eaters.

Becasse - Brunch With My Baby Singapore

A big mug of Hot Chocolate ($6) to complete our meal. Served with a big, fluffy marshmallow!

Becasse - Brunch With My Baby Singapore

Carter had his first taste of hot chocolate. I’d say he liked it 😉


Becasse - Brunch With My Baby Singapore

Last Bite: Becasse offers a lovely and kid-friendly ambience at ION’s atrium, and specialises in French pastries and cuisine. Their croissants are a must-order!
Highchairs: Yes
Easy access: Yes
Change tables: Yes (in the mall)
Kids’ menu: Yes

ION Orchard
2 Orchard Turn
Phone: 68845365
Prices: $$
Hours: Daily: 10:00 – 22:00

GIVEAWAY: Win one of three Maxilla the Caterpillar books (worth $10.60 each)!

giveaway! (1)

Hunter is a highly tactile and visual learner, and has never really shown much interest in reading. I’m not too worried, since each child has their own interests, but secretly I really would like him to read more because it means he sits there quietly and self-entertains 😉

In general, the only books he likes are Thomas the Tank Engine books, or ones with vehicles in it (he likes to look at the pictures).

So I was VERY PLEASED when he really enjoyed Maxilla, a book about a boy named Rueben who finds a caterpillar in school garden and decides to keep it as his pet. He was quiet and captivated from cover-to-cover, and asked me “Read it again!” when I finished. It’s actually the first time he’s ever said that after a book! The beautiful illustrations help too – the pictures are colourful and captivates young children.

Maxilla is sitting on our couch and, every so often when he spots it, Hunter will go “Mama, how about we read Maxilla?” 

Written by Lianne Ong, Maxilla is targeted at 5-8 year olds, but Hunter has just turned 3 years old recently, and was able to grasp the concept and storyline just fine. Carter (18 months) only looked at the pictures and couldn’t stay focused til the end, so I’d say Maxilla works best for 3 years old and up.


Maxilla (poster)

MPH are giving away three Maxilla books, worth $10.60 each! 

a Brunch With My Baby giveaway

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Giveaway will run from 14 Feb – 20 Feb 2014 inclusive.
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MPH will ship the book to each of the three winners.


MaxillaBook02 MaxillaBook03 MaxillaBook04 MaxillaBook05 MaxillaBook06


Maxilla is available at major bookstores (Kinokunoiya, Times Bookstores, MPH Bookstores), and is retailing at $10.60 inclusive of gst.

Thanks MPH!


Kids’ Birthday Parties: What to focus on, and what’s not worth the effort



Planning a kid’s birthday party: I go by the theory of what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

But if you’re a bit of a perfectionist like me, it’s gonna come reaaaallllll close to killing you!

I’ve done (ie. planned, purchased, created, set up, take down) 3 birthday parties for my kids so far. That doesn’t sound like much, and it isn’t, but I went all-out with the decor each time (driving myself half-mad in the process). And based on those parties, I’ve learned each time what works, and what doesn’t work.

I hope you find these little tips helpful!



  1. Pick a theme – if you’re like me and like structure and order, having a theme is the way to go. Plus, guaranteed your child is madly into some sort of toy/concept right now, be it Barbie, Disney Cars, Ben10, etc etc. Having a theme makes all the decor cohesive, and actually makes it easier to buy in shops or online (you have a keyword to use!). Most importantly, nothing beats the look of sheer delight when your kid sees the party area decorated in their favourite thing of-the-moment!
  2. Get a ‘wow’ cake – this isn’t an open invite to spend top dollar on The Cake 😉 In fact, one of the more memorable cakes my kids have had was a simple chocolate cake from Lana, that had the words “Happy Birthday” iced on it. What made it stand out was just some simple tiny candles in spaceship shapes, that we stuck around. It was the most basic of decor, but somehow, it worked. The kids there were captivated with the wee candles! That said, we’ve also gone the whole shebang and gotten one of those fancy fondant multi-tiered cakes. I don’t regret that either, because it was delightful seeing the kids’ faces when the cake was wheeled out, and the photographic memories of that awesome cake last forever. Considering The Cake is often the main feature of the party, it’s worth making sure it’s memorable. Try baking it yourself too – a cake baked with a parent’s love will steal the show!
  3. Have a main event –  throw a bunch of kids into a limited area and you’ll have a disaster on your hands unless you have at least one form of entertainment for them. This can be something simple like a poolside party (which has always worked a charm for us), or something captivating like a magician or face painter. I’ve always been averse to the cost of paying for something like a Magic Show, but after seeing one first-hand at a recent party we attended (and seeing how completely enthralled and delighted the kids were), I’m having second thoughts and seriously considering getting one, if budget permits!



  1. Party favors – from observation and doing random checks with friends, hardly anyone remembers what their kid received as a party favor. More often than not, the stuff just gets chucked out after the kid’s had 5 minutes with it anyway. I’m not saying don’t give them out, because it’s still a sweet ‘thank you’ gesture to give a small present to your kid’s friend, but there’s no need to go overboard wringing your head for ideas on what to pop in. Try focusing on giving just ONE quality item as the favor, something that the kid will enjoy and use for awhile. Beware though, it also translates to more expensive, and if you x10 or x20 the number of favors you’ll need, the cost can get quite prohibitive. If you’re in this pickle, just get some really cute (and disposable) cheap toys and some lollies and chuck it into a simple bag, and you’re done!
  2. Making your own food – I’ve been to parties where the parents made their own food, and they’ve all complained later they wouldn’t try doing that again! Unless you’re cooking/baking for a relatively small party, outsource. It can be tasteful and simple (the afternoon tea pastries from Delifrance work a treat!), or something more filling (there are loads of hot food caterers out there, starting at just $8 per guest), but it takes a load off your plate when you’re trying to prep decor for the party AND handling your child.
  3. Agonizing over the decor – don’t sweat the small stuff! That’s my new mantra. Whenever I’ve done the decor for parties, I’ll be a nervous wreck how all the colours don’t match up, or if a piece of decor falls off the wall. The handicraft wasn’t cut out with perfect edges? Heaven forbid! But you know what? No. One. Notices. People are busy watching their own kids and having a good time, they aren’t speculating the quality (or lack thereof) of your craft work. So feel free to cut corners (literally and figuratively) and just chill out.


Not convinced?

Pretty sure you’re a perfectionist and that you’ll drive yourself (and everyone else) crazy planning a party?

Leave it to the professionals like Party Perfect, who will be your fairy godmother and save you a LOT of time, effort and energy (and hair pulling). We offloaded all the grunt work to them for Hunter’s 3rd birthday recently, and boy, I ACTUALLY HAD SOOOO MUCH FUN!! I could completely switch off and sit back and relax, both before, during and after the party.


MU PARLOUR: Kid-Friendly Cafes, Holland Village, Singapore

Mu Parlour

Tucked away on the second level among the Holland Village shops, Mu Parlour is accessible via a narrow and nondescript staircase. It’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it kind of entrance, so you really need to be on the lookout to realise there’s a cafe upstairs.

For this reason, Mu Parlour is generally pretty quiet, with customers that are either regulars or via word-of-mouth. It’s an excellent choice if you’re after a relaxed and quiet brunch, and also kid-friendly because the area is very self-contained and the large window offers kids a bit of a birds-eye view of the people below, which keeps them quiet for awhile 😉



I loved their Strawberry milkshake ($7.80). It was creamy and cold, and just the refreshment we needed on a warm day. Bonus points for the cool glass mason mugs they use!



The No. 11 Beef, avocado, bacon, MU secret sauce ($15) was quite the stunner. The black bun (squid ink?) was soft, and the beef patty was perfectly juicy and the richness of the beef really came through. I loved the generous helping of cheese and ‘secret sauce’ and thought the burger was very well executed. I’d get this one again for sure.

Special mention to their fries too – I love how they serve shoestring fries, my favourite! They add a generous scattering of fried garlic and herbs on top of the fries, which elevates them to yummilicious levels.



Last Bite: Mu Parlour offers a quiet and relaxed reprieve from the busyness of Holland Village. Their milkshakes and No. 11 burger comes highly recommended!
Highchairs: Yes
Easy access: No (stairs up to second floor)
Change tables: No
Kids’ menu: No

Mu Parlour
16A Lorong Mambong
Singapore 277677
Phone: 6466 9336
Prices: $$
Hours: Mon – Thu: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm, Fri: 11:00 am – 1:00 am, Sat: 9:00 am – 1:00 am, Sun: 9:00 am – 8:00 pm

GIVEAWAY: Win one Free Play Pass worth $40 (ie. 4 visits) from Gymnademics!



Remember when we did a feature on Gymnademics?

Carter’s started with them! He’s been to two sessions now and is really enjoying it. I’ll be frank though, his first session there was just him being aaaalllll over the place. He couldn’t focus on anything the teachers were saying/doing, because he was just so fascinated with the room and all the fun things in it! But, when he came back a week later for the second session, he went through all the routines just fine, and was actually interested in the flash cards and activities.

It’s so nice seeing your child captivated during class, you know? Seeing him happy and soaking in all this information and activity makes my day! I think he really enjoys the fun and music during each class.


Gymnademics are giving away one Free Play Pass worth $40 (ie. 4 visits)! 


a Brunch with my Baby giveaway

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Giveaway will run from 7 Feb– 13 Feb 2014 inclusive.
Winner’s entry(s) will be verified according to the entry criteria(s).



Free Play @ Gymnademics at Alexandra Retail Centre 
Wednesdays to Fridays
From children aged 5 months to 5 years
1 hour $15, 4 hours $40


So what of their regular classes?

They go for a 1 hour duration and, believe me, will have you pretty tired out afterwards! It’s a lot of activity, coupled with learning exercises. Here’s a rough idea of what happens during Carter’s class:

First there’s flash card matching revision, from words learned last week. Hunter did a term of this last year and, believe me, you’ll be reaaalllyyy impressed by what they remember from the previous week’s lesson!

This is Carter matching up “sectional sofa” with the picture. I’m not sure if that was a fluke 😉



After that, it’s a bit of musical instrument playing (or banging) time. Both my kids have always gone for the little drum! Carter is an incredibly serious drummer (fat cheeks and all) and will studiously whack the stick onto the drum.



Then there’s word flashcards, based on the theme for the week. This week, it’s Electrical Appliances. As you can see, Gymnademics doesn’t ‘baby’ down words or concepts. They use adult (and pretty difficult!) words. And, again, you’ll be really impressed by how much your kid can absorb within a few classes.



And it’s onto musical activity again, this time with wooden sticks! The kids love to wave them high and low and bang around, creating a mega ruckus 😉



One of the most popular activities comes next – obstacle course/circuit. It is one phenomenal way to tire an active kid out 😉 There’s balance beam, tunnels, steps, slides, stepping stones – you name it!! Carter was a basket case during his first class (ran around everywhere!) but during his second class, he went through the circuit systematically.



Then there’s picture time based on the concept of the week. This week, it was Flying Machines! CARTER’S FAVOURITE. Needless to say, he was captivated, especially when the teachers whipped out a helicopter that had moving blades.



And then, flying trapeze!!! I’ve always thought this was brilliant fun, but I don’t think I’m allowed on it. This is Carter, being assisted (the teacher is holding his hands) on the trapeze. After 5 swings, he ‘flies’ into my arms! And, the idea is, with a bit of training, your kid can soon hold themselves up with no assistance. This activity trains their upper body muscles, and also increases oxygen to the heart due to the position.



Gymnastics time! Every week, they progress in their activity. In this picture below, Carter is practicising his hand stand. And, after a few weeks, he will be able to do an (assisted) forward handspring! I thought Carter would go ballistic being held up like that (I think I would!!) but nope, he was actually really calm and quite pleased with himself afterwards. Go figure.



A bit of calm down time, so we did daily activities to music. This week, it was using a cut-out doll to “jump on the bed” and a toothbrush to “brush teeth”, which kids are supposed to respond to when they hear the appropriate “boing!” or “brush brush” sounds. It’s ridiculously cute to watch 😉



The craaaaziest part of the session – relay race!! Kids have to grab a toy fruit/veg, and run a short distance to drop it into a container, then run back to you to collect the next fruit. This is MAJOR EXERCISE for kids, considering the amount they run and how small they are. And they really have so much fun running back and forth, giggling away!



A much-needed water break



And then it’s parachute time, flipping it around to the music. Carter was pretty overwhelmed/scared when he saw it during his first session, but he loved it during his second session.



Story time, using flashcards. I’m not sure why Carter looks so transfixed by the picture of a Daddy ironing his clothes 😉



Magic box time! This houses a super fun hands-on activity, so it’s always a hit for the eager kids. This time, it was sticking on the matching number/colour. And Carter could do it after I showed him a couple of times! We’ve never done this activity before, so I was chuffed to learn of his new skill that I never knew he could do 😛



I love the catchy “Hip hip hooray, we learned something new today!” goodbye song near the end. I always get up and dance like a crazy person too 😉 And so do my kids! Both Hunter and Carter like to shake their booty and stomp around 😛



The class lasts for an hour, and frankly, I’m glad it doesn’t go any longer. I don’t think I have the stamina! It’s very go-go-go, and the kids lap it all up.

I really enjoyed Gymnademics for Hunter because, being a cautious child, I thought the high level of activity and gymnastics would help him out of his shell a bit.

And I enjoy Gymnademics for Carter because, a very active child, it gives him what he craves for and he completely knocks out afterwards. WIN.



Outlet Details
Address: Alexandra Retail Centre, 460 Alexandra Road #02-25, Singapore 119963
Telephone: +65 6271 7569
Opening Hours: Wednesday to Sunday, 9am to 5pm

THE MISSING PAN: Kid-Friendly Restaurants, Bukit Timah, Singapore

The Missing Pan

We’ve been on a bit of a hiatus recently. Between birthday parties, a trip to Perth, and Chinese New Year shennanigans, it’s been a really busy past few weeks!!

But, we hope to get back in the swing of things ASAP 🙂

It’s with great delight that I bring to you The Missing Pan, a gorgeous cafe that opened just three months ago. Located next to Coronation Plaza along Bukit Timah Road, the cafe has me ecstatic because THEY OPEN AT 9AM!! I do love my breakfasts, and rarely do I find cafes that are open this early (if you know of any more, please give me a holler).

When we stepped in, we were a bit confused as the place was tiny. Turns out that that’s just their first/entry level, which showcases their freshly-baked breads and pretty cakes. We were ushered into a lift and brought up to Level 2, where the sit-down area was.

The soft grey, tan and turquoise colour palette of the cafe had me swooning. Doesn’t it look so pretty and relaxing?

TheMissingPan02 TheMissingPan03


Their menu is, surprisingly, pretty extensive. And WOW, it also looks pretty spectacular. You will not find the standard brunch dishes here, but unique twists to regular dishes as well as new ones. The menu itself will take you a good few minutes to pore through!



I was pleased to see that they had a kids menu, which looked really enticing:



We kicked off with a rich Latte ($5.50) and a giant-sized Lychee and lemon mint homemade soda ($6):



And this is my favourite dish, their 62 degree eggs benedict with smoked salmon ($22). The Missing Pan’s rendition is absolutely superb, and very different to regular Eggs Benedict dishes I’ve had in other cafes. Served on homemade sourdough, the free range eggs were slow-cooked at 62 degrees, resulting in an extremely creamy egg with a molten gooey egg yolk – it was absolutely luscious.

The smoked salmon was like nothing I’ve ever had. Normally, smoked salmon is sliced thin, and very salty. You know, just the regular stuff. Their smoked salmon was FAT chunks of salmon, that was meltingly tender – almost like a sous vide salmon. It was nowhere near as salty as regular smoked salmon, so the delightful creaminess and sweetness of the fish came through.

Frankly, I thought this dish was outstanding and would get it again.



The Over Hangover (chicken schnitzel, bacon, sunny-side up egg on sourdough and bacon vinaigrette) ($19), I hear, is recommended for hearty eaters. And they’d be right – this will fill you right up. Using the same home-baked sourdough bread, the mountain of eggs, bacon, chicken and salad greens impresses when it arrives.. not to mention the tumble of crisp fries next to it.

At first, we thought the chicken would be dry and tough because the crumbed exterior was so dark. However, once we tried it, we realised the chicken was so succulent and juicy on the inside! It was actually perfectly cooked.

Two thumbs up for this dish, especially if you prefer your brunch to be fried 😉



I personally found the Rosemary rosti stack with bacon, sunny-side up egg, tomato, grilled zucchini salad ($16) to be least interesting. The potato rosti was cooked perfectly and the egg was delicious, but I just found the dish a bit boring because it’s just a whole lot of potato. Perhaps it would have been even better served with some of their fat chunks of smoked salmon, just to create variety?

That said, this is a winner if you’re on a bit of a carb fix.



I adored the Brownie bite, which was going at $2 a pop. The brownie was rich and fudgey, and I loved how it was encased in chocolate.



The BYO (homemade orange yogurt ice cream, raspberry jelly, macerated strawberries, basil, chocolate crisp) ($14) didn’t interest me, as I’m not a fan of any type of fruit-based dessert. But, the large chocolate crisps on top were delicious!!



Last Bite: The Missing Pan has only been open for a few months, but nails their unique menu. The food is excellent, as is the service and ambience. Plus, it’s open at 9AM for breakfast!
Highchairs: Yes
Easy access: Yes
Change tables: No
Kids’ menu: Yes

The Missing Pan
619D Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 269724
Phone: 6466 4377
Prices: $$
Hours: Tue – Sun: 9:00 am – 10:00 pm

GIVEAWAY: Win one of three sets of bowtie + tie from A,Apple Pie!

A, Apple Pie from Pupsik Studio - Brunch With My Baby Singapore

There’s something really ridiculously cute about a little boy all spiffied up. I feel like I just gotta go nibble on their ears and pinch their cheeks until someone pulls me aside and tells me I’m being weird!

A, Apple Pie (a brand created by Pupsik Studio) have just launched their pearlised polka dot fabrics for Chinese New Year, which feature girls cheongsams as well as boys shirts.

But if you think it’s a bit full-on, you can tone it down with just a smart little Bow Tie or TiePsssstttt…… they’re on SALE right now at those links! (Was: S$14.90. Now: S$12.90)

They come attached to an elastic band that you simply pull over your kid’s head, and tuck into their collar. Simple concept, and fuss free.

A, Apple Pie are giving away three sets of bowtie + tie!

a Brunch With My Baby giveaway

You can submit some of the entries more than once a day, so come back tomorrow to get more entries in the draw.

Giveaway will run from 17 Jan – 23 Jan 2014 inclusive.
Winner’s entry(s) will be verified according to the entry criteria(s).
Three winners will be sent a set of bowtie and tie, colours chosen based on availability.


And, here’s an extra goodie from A, Apple Pie:

Get 15% off anything from A, Apple Pie’s 2014 collection, using code: BWMB

Valid until 28 Feb 2014.







GIVEAWAY: Elly ‘The Horse Parade’ bermuda shorts (worth $39)!

Elly CNY 2014 - The Horse Parade - Brunch With My Baby

Nothing to spur a parent into action like the words (especially when blurted urgently) Chinese New Year is coming! Specifically, from grandparents that want to be super sure you and the kids have a brand new set of clothes for the occasion.

Fortunately for us, our (extended) family don’t celebrate CNY with a vengeance, so the kids aren’t subject to being dragged around from home-to-home for hours on end (this is what my local friends complain about the most).

Unfortunately for us, it means we don’t have an excuse to get decked out in outfit after outfit of CNY themed stuff!

So we haven’t really gone crazy snapping up CNY outfits, but the range from Elly got me really excited because their CNY “The Horse Parade” range is just so wearable through the year! Check out that link and you’ll know what I mean.

Anyway, both boys ended up with their Red Horses and White Horses bermuda shorts (click that link for more details and photos of the shorts). I personally like these BEST out their whole boys range because:

  1. The fabric is thin but strong. It will last through tumbling around and regular wear and tear.
  2. The style is classic and smart-casual. I love how these are comfy and slip on easily, but still look nice and preppy.
  3. The print is freakin’ cute. It’s subtle enough (ie. not a blinding array of colours) to pair with various tops.
  4. The shorts are actually unisex! Quite a few girls I know are going to be rocking these.


Here’s your chance to score a pair of Elly’s new CNY Red Horses and White Horses bermuda shorts! 


Elly are giving away one pair of ‘The Horse Parade’ bermuda shorts
(Red Horses or White Horses!)

a Brunch With My Baby giveaway

These unisex shorts are available at $39 for sizes 9M to 3Y and $42 for sizes 4Y to 7Y.

Oh, and Elly have a special promotion going on – they are offering free local shipping this month (Jan 214) – just use the code “FREESHIPPING” when you checkout!

Elly CNY 2014 - The Horse Parade - Brunch With My Baby Elly CNY 2014 - The Horse Parade - Brunch With My Baby Elly CNY 2014 - The Horse Parade - Brunch With My Baby


Got a little girl and you’re all “Well this boys stuff is boring. BRING ON THE GIRLY CUTENESS!”? 

Life Is In The Small Things is holding a sister giveaway for Elly’s CNY girls range 🙂 Hop on over!

Thanks Elly!