Top things to do in one day at Litchfield National Park

Located just 90 minutes from Darwin, Litchfield National Park is the perfect Top End day trip with waterfalls, swimming holes, walking trails and termite mounds to see. 

Litchfield National Park

While you could easily spend days slowly enjoying the area, if you’re tight on time it is possible to hit up many of the highlights in one day. 

Litchfield National Park

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Tips for visiting Litchfield National Park

Ensure your car is full of petrol. There are no petrol stations in the park.

Bring food and water. There are very limited places to buy anything to eat or drink (just one small kiosk)

Bring sunscreen, hats and sunglasses. Even in winter the park is blazing hot.

Magnetic termite mounds

The magnetic termite mounds of Litchfield National Park are up to 100 years old and two metres high. 

Litchfield National Park Litchfield National Park

Wangi Falls

The iconic Wangi Falls feature picturesque walking tracks of varying and stunning waterfalls. Camping is permitted at the falls – facilities include a kiosk, hot showers and barbecues. 

Litchfield National Park

Florence Falls

Visit a secluded plunge pool in the middle of a monsoon rainforest at Florence Falls.There are a number of walks around the falls, and Florence Falls is open for swimming for most of the year.

Litchfield National Park

Buley Rockhole

A popular spot with locals and tourists alike, the Buley Rockhole is a series of cascading small swimming holes fed by waterfalls in the middle of a rainforest. Buley Rockhole can get quite busy. Picnic and barbecue facilities are available. 

Litchfield National Park Litchfield National Park Litchfield National Park

Tolmer Falls

Tolmer Falls is one of the most spectacular falls in Litchfield National Park, cascading over two high escarpments into one deep plunge pool. A short walk from the car park leads to two viewing platforms at the top of the gorge. The 1.6 kilometre Tolmer Falls loop walk takes you to two viewing platforms at the top of the gorge. It’s an easy walk (that is rocky in parts), taking about 45 minutes. Swimming is not permitted.

Litchfield National Park

Sandy Creek Falls (Tjaynera)

Access to Sandy Creek Falls/Tjaynera is limited to 4WD access only, plus a 1.4km trek through the rainforest. Sandy Creek camping ground is available for those wishing to stay the night. Swim only in the areas marked safe to do so. 

Lost City

Visit the unique rock formations that make up the Lost City of Litchfield National Park. A 4WD is essential to access the Lost City. 

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