Adventure, baby!


Welcome Home Shelby!

My dear Shelley abandoned me for a month to take a holiday in the USA. She came home this week and I went over to pay her a visit.

Here is Shell’s cat, Xenia, with some of the yummy American chocolates Shell brought home in the background.

Glad you’re home Shells!

Team Thai and Arvo in Crows Nest

After a few days of being sick and doing nothing, I went to join Lisa in Crows Nest for an excellent afternoon and evening of chatting and food.

We got takeaway Thai from Team Thai on the main strip in Crows Nest.

Fresh veges just waiting for me.

My food being cooked.

Mmmmm veges and fried rice. My fave Thai food.

Cute cute kitty watching trains.


Puppies On Holiday

The girls came to stay with us in Chatswood. We took them to a park for an afternoon snuffle.

Kahlua on the look out.

Buffy is having a lip-smacking good time.

Alec chills out.

Beautiful Kahlua relaxes.

Me and the Buff.

Me with Kahlua.

Where’s The Bee?

I’m learning how to make my own videos. This is my first attempt. Kahlua and Buffy playing with their bee toys on Xmas day.

Christmas Day

I love Christmas. I love having family together, spending time with my puppies and presents 🙂

Christmas this year was at my parents’ house. Alec, Jan and his Uncle Alec came over for lunch, so we had a large family get together for the day.

The tree with bountiful presents.

Getting stuck into present-opening.

Kahlua observes from her perch.

Mum having a great time.

Kahlua is exhausted by it all.

Kahlua examining the Christmas carnage.

Alec looking for an escape route to play with his new toy

Alec and Unc get the dragonfly in the air.

Mmmm Christmas feast.

Self-portrait with mini-Buff wedged in the middle.

Dessert number one – mum’s awesome pavlova.

Dessert number two – my frozen berry cake.

Amy goes bananas.

Dessert number three – gingerbread house – yuuuummmm.

Taking the house apart.

The girls spend time with their pop.

Me and my babies.


It’s pug Friday!

Check out this pug who was terrorised in his own home by a peacock. Poor little fella!

Easy Like Sunday Arvo

I had the puppies this weekend so Alec and I took them to lunch at The London in Rozelle with some friends. The London is a pretty cool pub – mostly because it allows dogs inside. The food was a bit pricey, but was still nice, and the company was great.

Girls looking glam.

The boys at the guys’ end.

I try on B’s sunnies.

Profile view. I think I must get a pair.


All of the food groups. Sugar, chocolate and fat.

My boscaiola. It was supposed to be with chicken. I asked for it without chicken and they gave me bacon instead. Weird.

L’s vege nachos.

Alec’s schnitzel.

Dessert – mousse. It was yummy. Not sure it was $13 yummy, but still good.

The girls chill out.

Pat me muuuuuuum.

The girls meet a new friend. Butt-sniffing ensues.

B makes some new friends.