I love Christmas. I love having family together, spending time with my puppies and presents 🙂

Christmas this year was at my parents’ house. Alec, Jan and his Uncle Alec came over for lunch, so we had a large family get together for the day.

The tree with bountiful presents.

Getting stuck into present-opening.

Kahlua observes from her perch.

Mum having a great time.

Kahlua is exhausted by it all.

Kahlua examining the Christmas carnage.

Alec looking for an escape route to play with his new toy

Alec and Unc get the dragonfly in the air.

Mmmm Christmas feast.

Self-portrait with mini-Buff wedged in the middle.

Dessert number one – mum’s awesome pavlova.

Dessert number two – my frozen berry cake.

Amy goes bananas.

Dessert number three – gingerbread house – yuuuummmm.

Taking the house apart.

The girls spend time with their pop.

Me and my babies.

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