Adventure, baby!


Buffy is home!

We had some wonderful news as we flew into New York. Buffy was found! The little scamp had gone wolf in the bush for two weeks. She had made a den in some used car parts down the back of the pet sitter’s property. The son saw her and tried to catch her, but because she tried tried to bite him (!!!) he had to trap her. Unbelievable. She’s looking pretty good for two weeks in the wild. She’s lost 1.5kgs (from under 5kgs anyway!) but is otherwise fine. Miracle!!

Help Bring Buffy Home

I just found out the devastating news that while we were on holiday in Hawaii, my 8 yr old Havanese, Buffy, escaped from her pet sitter back home in Sydney. Please help me find her.

NAME: Buffy
LAST SEEN: Lot 10 Minerva Rd, Wedderburn, NSW, Sydney, Australia where she was staying with her pet sitter.
DATE MISSING: Dec 15th, 2012
COLOUR: Yellow/blonde
BREED: Havanese
AGE: 8 yrs
SEX: Female, desexed
SIZE: Small toy – weighs under 5 kgs.
TEMPERAMENT: Extremely friendly and good natured.

CONTACT: Owen and Kay Knight, 02 96020661. Address: 12 Hope St, Warwick Farm. Email either myself at or my parents at

Please keep an eye out for this tiny, very beloved dog. She has been missing for 12 days now and the situation does not look good.

Thanks for any tweets, shares etc.



Most current photo: Buffy just had this haircut a few days before she went missing.
Most current photo: Buffy just had this haircut a few days before she went missing.

Buffy with her sister, Kahlua.
Buffy with her sister, Kahlua.

Welcome Summer!

Sydney is suddenly tropical. Stinking hot days, followed by days of non-stop rain.

I can’t wait till Christmas this year. After last year’s insanity of planning a wedding, this year is looking calm and relaxed by comparison.

Yayyyy summer!

Family outing at Manly

BFFs at Balmain


RSPCA Million Paws Walk 2010

My favourite day of the year isn’t my birthday, it isn’t Christmas, and, despite what Alec thinks, it’s not the chocolate holiday otherwise known as Easter. It’s actually the annual RSPCA Million Paws Walk.

I’ve attended the walk for the past six or so years since Kahlua came to live with us. I’m not sure how much the dogs actually enjoy going and being around thousands of other dogs and people, but it’s one of my highlights every year because it’s the one day where you get to see so many animals lovers en masse.

I am a huge supporter of the RSPCA and have a difficult time hearing about how cruel people can be to animals and the numbers that are dumped and put to an early death every year. This one day is the day that restores my belief that there are also a lot of people out there like me and Alec who really love animals. This year the walk is at Homebush again, starting at the Olympic Cauldron.

Go pooches, go!

This tiny pug was smaller than Alec’s hand.

Well, it has paws …

Kahlua hitches a ride.

The girls walk in tandem.

I’m a sucker for the cute, funny-looking dogs.

Buffy wants to be picked up!

Happy Million Paws Walk Day everyone!

Hawaii Honeymoon: Kauai Part 1

For a change of pace we spent our second week on Kauai. We stayed in a boutique hotel on the beach in Poipu. We had a gorgeous view from the window and it was amazing falling asleep and waking up to the sound of waves crashing on the shore.

Lovely decor.

Not a bad view!

Just another perfect day in Hawaii!

At the hotel pool bar with the first of many cocktails.

Staying on the beach allowed for many walks in different lights. Thanks for being such a good model Alec 🙂

Sand bar on the beach in the dying light.
I was hoping to spot a rare Hawaiian monk seal on our visit, but since they’re classed as critically endangered (only around 1500 left in total, 150 of which are on the main Hawaiian islands), so we were stunned to see a seal on the beach right outside our hotel on our first night. The next morning we went for a walk along walk along the beach, and saw a second one. Two days in a row, what amazing luck. The seals had hauled themselves out on to the sand and lay there for hours having a snooze. Local life guards set up barricades around them to keep people away.

Ignoring the paparazzi.
We stayed in an area where we saw amazing sunsets every night, right outside our room.

We also stayed right on a beach with great snorkeling. The water was crystal clear, so we had perfect visibility. There was a surprising amount of fish as well – in amazing colours. The fish were really relaxed about us snorkeling all around them, letting us get really close.

How’s the serenity?

Doesn’t get much better than this.

Monk seal spotting #2.
We hadn’t realised Kauai was famous for … chickens. That’s right. There are wild feral chickens running all over the island. You literally can’t take a step without tripping over a chicken. They are thought to be a cross between the chickens the Polynesians brought across many years ago, and the more recent fighting chickens, making them a very hearty breed. I’ve never seen such healthy, happy chickens, so island life clearly suits them well.

No, I’m not your dinner …

Woof – The Dogs Settle In

I’m loving having the dogs living with us. They’re settling in more and more and their personalities are coming out again. Kahlua has been extremely happy as well (she can be moody and depressed, so it’s great seeing her so happy all the time). I play games with Kahlua each morning when we get up. She likes playing fetch with her rope – I captured her playing in the little videos below.

The Menagerie

The animals are totally nuts. Some days it feels like I’m living in a bad Cesar Milan episode. If only he would come and sort out the craziness for us … Still, they are super cute.

The Pooches Are Here!

The doggies moved in on the weekend – cue sleepless nights and animal chaos!

The girls went a bit nuts for a few hours, then Kahlua settled down, and Buffy continued to go nuts. Once she discovered the cat, she wouldn’t settle. She was determined that they would be BFFs. Xenia however is completely traumatised and wants nothing to do with the dogs. Hopefully they will eventually sort it out among themselves. The good thing is none of them want to hurt each other, so that gives me hope for a successful animal integration.

Kahlua snoozes through our West Wing marathon.
Oh hai, Dad!
Buffers on her pillow mountain.
Trying to slurp the cat to death.
Xenia finds a perch the dogs where the dogs can’t reach her.

Out and About, February

I’ve been a bit behind with blogging since we moved. Thankfully we have internet at home again now, so I’m back in the land of digital communication.

Jamie and Lisa’s Valentine’s Day Massacre party last weekend – it was 1920s themed.

Visiting Katia and her new little baby Jenson – so tiny and cute!
In the new house with the cat. Xenia loves to wrap her tail around things like our wrists or, in this case, Alec’s neck.