My favourite day of the year isn’t my birthday, it isn’t Christmas, and, despite what Alec thinks, it’s not the chocolate holiday otherwise known as Easter. It’s actually the annual RSPCA Million Paws Walk.

I’ve attended the walk for the past six or so years since Kahlua came to live with us. I’m not sure how much the dogs actually enjoy going and being around thousands of other dogs and people, but it’s one of my highlights every year because it’s the one day where you get to see so many animals lovers en masse.

I am a huge supporter of the RSPCA and have a difficult time hearing about how cruel people can be to animals and the numbers that are dumped and put to an early death every year. This one day is the day that restores my belief that there are also a lot of people out there like me and Alec who really love animals. This year the walk is at Homebush again, starting at the Olympic Cauldron.

Go pooches, go!

This tiny pug was smaller than Alec’s hand.

Well, it has paws …

Kahlua hitches a ride.

The girls walk in tandem.

I’m a sucker for the cute, funny-looking dogs.

Buffy wants to be picked up!

Happy Million Paws Walk Day everyone!

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