I miss my babies and wish I could see them more often. The naughty pair came over for visit this weekend and did cause some havoc, but isn’t that what puppies are for?

Buffy likes to burrow into the cushions – as captured below. The girls liked to cuddle up to their dad as well. Alec calls them “stalker dogs” because they don’t like us to be out of their sight. If I get off the couch to go to the kitchen, I turn around and there is one or both of them, at my heels looking up expectantly. Somewhat disturbing, somewhat cute. It’s hard to decide.

I met up with my parents to hand over my babies again. I really like walking the dogs here on a nice day like today.

Mum with baby Buffy. She is such a little micro dog.

Kahlua – my soul mate in doggy form.

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  1. Heehee, yup, puppies are for havoc and lots of love 🙂

    That looks lovely where you are out with your mum and I love the pic of Kahlua’s we paw up as she’s trotting along.

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