I just realised that I still call my dogs “puppies”, even though they are all grown up! I think it’s because they’re so small and act like puppies. Particularly Buffy, she’s such a midget and makes the cutest baby noises.

I had the girls over on the weekend for some quality puppy time.

On the couch, Buffy likes to wedge herself under the pillows. Yawn!

Kahlua tries to lick Alec.

Buffy tries it on too.

We took the girls to a dog exercise park nearby to enjoy the sunshine.

Snuggled up to Dad.

So TIRING being so cute!

Whatcha looking at, huh?

Oh, me!

I know I’m cute …

Kahlua explores …

This pointer wanted us to play with him. He dropped his slobbery ball at my feet until I threw it for him. Which he fetched …. again, and again, and again …

This other big doggy adopted us. He was huge and friendly, but Buffy didn’t like him encroaching on her territory and growled at him. She was lucky she didn’t get eaten in return.

It was so great having my girls over – they are such sweet babies, and were amazingly well-behaved. I can’t wait to have them with us full-time.

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