Adventure, baby!


Weekend Washout

The girls and I spent the long weekend in Chatswood at the apartment. Puppies + apartment + heavy rain = an exhausting weekend.

Thanks Alec for your patience 🙂

The girls take in the posh North Shore.

RSPCA Million Paws Walk

Alec, Ness, Kate and I represented team Google with partners, friends and puppies at the Sydney Olympic Park. There is no such thing as too many puppies.

Pug bums.

Lil’ Buff

Obligatory self portrait

Too much puppy love

Dear lord

This pooch joined our party

Flying Yorkie!

Beautiful Havanese

Now I’m on the North Side, I miss my babies. I washed them on Saturday, so now they smell like flowers. Watch them frolic and bite each other here.

Sunrise over Warwick Farm

Cutest doggies ever


Surprise licking attack

Mini Buffy