Adventure, baby!


Sheilds UP!

This guy has the best defense systems ever.

I can imagine doing this myself at work – “No, I won’t do it, you can’t make me!”

Tribute to Hedgies

I love these lil critters. I’m sad we can’t have them in Aus, but it’s probably for the best. They don’t live very long (3 – 6 years I think) and are very sensitive to temperature. Let’s be honest here – I just killed a pine tree. What hope to I have of keeping a wee thing like this alive?

Bebeh hedgies. SO cute.

Ready to roll.

Is that his tail down there?

Can’t Stop The Rain

I think this is the most amazing photo of a frog I’ve ever seen.

I’m amending this post after being asked if I took the photo. I only wish I did. I found it here. Photographer is unknown.

Puppeh Washing Day

I went way out west to wash my fur-babies. I also cut enough hair off them to make several new dogs. How do they get so hairy?!

Kahlua looks at me with mournful eyes. “Why did you cut off all my beautiful hair, Mum?”

Lil’ Buff seems happy with her new ‘do. “I am so springy now! I can leap really small steps!”