Adventure, baby!


iPhone Snapshots

A few shots with the iPhone at Bev’s place playing with the ferrets.

“We can flyyyyyy!”

“Yum … 21 jams!”

“Oh, hai!”

Ready to pounce.

Pugs in Fashion

I have a pug obsession. And a clothes obsession. Combine them and you get this photo shoot from Vogue Italia, by Steven Meisel and featuring Linda Evangelista.


We checked out of our house at Callala beach this morning and slowly drove home via Berry, Kiama and Stanwell Tops. The rain started bucketing down after we left Kiama so unfortunately it wasn’t nice enough to take any pics.

Kiama – the little blowhole.

Oh hai!

Wonky self-portrait.

Kiama lighthouse.

Big blowhole. Thar she blows!


“I love my dad!”

I had such a great weekend. The girls were amazingly well-behaved! Such a pleasant surprise – both my wonderful Alec for taking me away and my loving dogs for not being painful!

Callala Beach Getaway

Alec surprised me with a beach weekend down south at Callala beach. He rented a dog-friendly house and spirited me away after work on Friday night for a lovely weekend.


Buffy’s first time on sand.

Kahlua has a bad hair day.

Freedom! First time off leash in public.