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Cheese Turns Three: Frozen Party Extravaganza

#Frozen #birthday #party via For Cheese’s third birthday party, only Frozen would do. She loves the movie and songs, so I decided to throw her a Frozen at my parents’ house. They have a big property with lots of yard space, perfect for lots of little kiddies to enjoy running around. First step: acquiring an Elsa dress from the Disney store. This was actually a lot easier than I thought it would be. I dropped by the Disney store in Times Square one day after hearing rumors that they had them in stock, and they did actually have them. Easy! I bought the dress and Queen Elsa crown both from the Disney store and saved them for her party to avoid damage. #Frozen #birthday #party via #Frozen #birthday #party via Next step was stocking up on Frozen party supplies. I bought all of mine from, including the plates, cups, snowy background backdrop that doubled as Arendale for the photobooth, the cardboard Anna and Elsa and an Anna and Elsa balloon, and co-ordinated cutlery, wands, tables cloths and crafting activities for the kids. #Frozen #birthday #party via The goodie bags also came from Party City – reusable cups, stickers, bubbles and clear party bags to wrap them all up in. I ordered cookies to look like Anna, Elsa, snowflakes and Olafs to add into the bags as well as put on the dessert table, from Cookie Queen Kitsch’n, a local cookie baker in Sydney. #Frozen #birthday #party via #Frozen #birthday #party via I own zero party goods, so borrowed lots from friends, like the cake stands, water cooler, kids’ trestle tables, kids’ chairs and jumping castle. Thank you girls, I really appreciate your generosity! #Frozen #birthday #party via I was worried about having lots of kids with nothing to do, so I put together craft tables. One with crayons, Frozen-themed colouring in pages that I bought from Etsy, Frozen stickers from and the wands. The other table had craft packs from that were suitable for toddlers and up – an easy project involving sticking together a foam photo frame with snowflakes and snowmen. The frame was a hit with all the kids, even the oldest guest, who was eight. #Frozen #birthday #party via #Frozen #birthday #party via #Frozen #birthday #party via For the centerpiece table, I strung up pompoms and snowflakes from, and created a fun table for both kids and adults to enjoy. Water bottles with “melted snowman” labels from Etsy, more of the cookies from Cookie Queen Kitsch’n, Sven reindeer and snowball cake pops (homemade), jelly cups with blueberries, raspberries and fondant snowflakes on top (homemade), Zumbo macarons with homemade fondant snowflakes on top, homemade cheese, vegemite and peanut butter sandwiches cut into stars, flowers and hearts, and popcorn in boxes (boxes bought on with stickers added to the side). #Frozen #birthday #party via #Frozen #birthday #party via #Frozen #birthday #party via #Frozen #birthday #party via #Frozen #birthday #party via #Frozen #birthday #party via #Frozen #birthday #party via #Frozen #birthday #party via #Frozen #birthday #party via The cake was made by Sydney-based Cakes by Rosalie. The top tier was cookies and cream, and the base caramel. Delicious! #Frozen #birthday #party via In the centre of the area we had a table with fruit and savoury food, making sure we had plenty for adults to enjoy. Olaf danced over the table to keep it in theme. #Frozen #birthday #party via To entertain 20 kids of various ages, we borrowed a jumping castle. Best idea ever. The kids had so much fun flitting between the castle, yard toys, craft tables and food that we didn’t need to do any organised games, referee any fights, or soothe any meltdowns. #Frozen #birthday #party via Our Cheesy Elsa had a wonderful party. She was so happy to see her friends and spent most of her party on the jumping castle. #Frozen #birthday #party via #Frozen #birthday #party via #Frozen #birthday #party via #Frozen #birthday #party via #Frozen #birthday #party via #Frozen #birthday #party via Happy birthday darling girl! We’re so happy you enjoyed your birthday and party. Love you to the moon and back.

So Long Sydney

I’ve had a busy two weeks of farewells with family and friends. I’m so sad to be leaving the people I care about. Please come and visit us soon!

At Avoca Beach with Mum and Dad.

Breakfast at Not Bread Alone with school friends Shelley, Julia, Rosalie, Karyn.

School friends plus long-time non-school friend, Beck!

Dinner with Lisa and Emma.

Work friends farewell lunch: Katia, Ali, Victoria, Siobhan, Fadhila, Vinzena.

Farewell work drinks with Kate, Rich and Victoria …

… and Fadhila and Kae.

Afternoon tea at Middle Head with Rosalie, Victoria and Francine.

A Google Halloween – 2010

Even though we don’t traditionally celebrate Halloween, I love that Google makes a big deal out of the day purely because it’s a bit of extra fun in the week. Here are a few pics from Googl’ween!

Ohh scary spider in reception.
The cafeteria gets a makeover.

There was a pirate wench in reception.

Stephen Conroy made an appearance handing out filters.

Victoria loving the pumpkin carving.

The bogan and Raggedy Ann make small talk.

Serial killer pumpkin.

Award-winning spider pumpkin.

On the weekend, I went to a party hosted by a friend and dressed up as Malice in Wonderland.

You’re next, not-so-innocent pooch!

Chiara turns 1

I’ve had a busy few months since my US-of-A trip with a lot of work, birthdays, netball and dance classes.

One particularly important birthday was for the ever-fashionable, completely adorable Chiara.

Little Miss celebrated her birthday with a pink tutu and totally gorgeous cake.

Happy birthday little one!

Bye Bye J-Vo

My dear friend JennJenn is heading off the the Mexico office soon. I’m not really great at telling people how I feel in person, or even showing it through writing. This seems to be surprising to a lot of people as they think of me as a writer, ergo, I must be good at every kind of writing. Also, I’m a prodigious talker, ego, I must be ace at expressing myself verbally. Ba-bow. It doesn’t work that way. Turns out, I’m much better at showing how I feel through photographs.

So for my very dear friend’s farewell, I put together a book chronicling her time at the office over the four-and-a-half years she graced us with her huge presence. In the words of a much better wordsmith than myself, Jenn is the biggest, little person I know.

My friend, I am going to miss you a lot.

I promise we will be visiting you soon. Love you lots.

Happy 30th B’day Katia!

A few weeks back, my dear friend Katia turned 30. We spent a lovely afternoon out in the Sutherland hire to celebrate.

With the birthday girl.

Alec makes a friend!
Welcome to the 30s KB!