My dear friend JennJenn is heading off the the Mexico office soon. I’m not really great at telling people how I feel in person, or even showing it through writing. This seems to be surprising to a lot of people as they think of me as a writer, ergo, I must be good at every kind of writing. Also, I’m a prodigious talker, ego, I must be ace at expressing myself verbally. Ba-bow. It doesn’t work that way. Turns out, I’m much better at showing how I feel through photographs.

So for my very dear friend’s farewell, I put together a book chronicling her time at the office over the four-and-a-half years she graced us with her huge presence. In the words of a much better wordsmith than myself, Jenn is the biggest, little person I know.

My friend, I am going to miss you a lot.

I promise we will be visiting you soon. Love you lots.

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