I was going to title this post “My Bucket List”, but I think the concept is a bit morbid, so I prefer to call it what is really is – a list of things I dream and desire to do.

1. Visit the sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica.
2. Visit the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania.
3. Publish a book of my photography.
4. Have my photography exhibited in a gallery.
5. Start a family with Alec.
6. Climb Machu Pichu.
7. Teach my daughter that I hope to have, to dance like no-one’s watching.
8. Touch people with my photographs.
9. Set up a small animal sanctuary and take in all the reject animals no-one else wants.
10. Learn to cook a decent risotto.
11. Start my own business.
12. Ogle penguins in Antartica.
13. See a polar bear in the wild.
14. Visit the Galapagos Islands and swim with seal lions, watch giant turtles.
15. Never stop dancing.
16. Find a stronger sense of inner calm.
17. Be braver and stronger. Take more risks.
18. Support animal charities and welfare groups.
19. Help support animal legislation to bring about real change.
20. Renew my wedding vows on a Kauai’an Beach.
21. Stay young at heart.

I’m sure there are more, which I will post about later when I think of them.

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