I can’t believe it’s already into the first week of March. The year so far has been consumed with wedding – post-wedding – moving house. We’re close to being settled in the new place, with the exception of a few little things, and finalising everything for the arrival of the pooches. I’m hoping they can move in this weekend if everything goes to plan. Last weekend we put up a pergola-type thing and a fence to dog proof off an area. This weekend is constructing the dog kennel, setting up their area, getting the lawn mown (it’s a jungle out there!) and a few little other things. I’ll be so glad when it’s all done and we are settled with the dogs (and cat!). It’s been a busy, stressful start to the year.

The rest of the year is already looking busy, with some travel locked in; Hawaii in April for our belated honeymoon, an undecided location in Asia in June for a work offsite and possibly a North America trip around the end of the year for another work offsite.

I’ve also signed up for Saturday netball comp with the Chatswood Rangers. I played in the winter night comp and thought that this year I would commit to playing Saturdays to give it a go. I love playing in a proper league and have seen the benefits to my skills already from playing with a new group of people who are all really dedicated to the sport, not just doing it occasionally for a social thing.

My work netball team will be competing in the NSW corporate games in a few weeks – we came fourth last year with an average team, so with our stronger team this year I’m hoping we will medal if not win.