Adventure, baby!


My Bridal Shower & Hens Day

My dear friends Shelley and Rosalie threw me a fabulous bridal shower / hens day on Saturday.

We started with high tea at 3pm at the Park Hyatt in The Rocks. We were given a private room overlooking the water, so we had plenty of space to wander around, and it was quiet so we could chat.

The girls put together an amazing recipe book for me with their favourite vegetarian / dessert recipes and a pic of the two of us. It was so sweet and thoughtful.

After the high tea we kicked on with cocktails at the Blu Horizon Bar, at the Shangri-La Hotel.  The girls shouted me numerous cocktails while we sat first in the genie room, and then in lounges overlooking the amazing city view.
Beck and I finished getting ready at her place and caught a cab into the city.
With the youngest party-goer, Chiara. She’s a wild one.
Group shot with most of the girls.
With Ro – organiser and book-maker extraordinaire!
Partying on into the night with the new Mrs Johnston.
With my mum and her friends, enjoying their high tea.

I was initially uncertain about having a hens party. The thought of having all of the focus on me is actually quite frightening. I feel a lot of pressure to make sure everyone has a good time and find it hard to just enjoy myself. This time, however, it was a lot of fun, with everyone just so happy for me and looking at me with so much love all day. It was wonderful to be around the women who are closest to me for a day of eating, drinking and much talking. Thanks to all my wonderful ladies who are always there for me.

Shelley’s Wedding

Shelley’s wedding day – it was hard to beleive the day was actually here! I woke up early – 6am – full of nerves for the bride. We were at the salon by 8am getting our hair done, and I started to feel better once I ate! Everything ran smoothly and it was a lovely day 🙂

Hair and make-up – done!
Ready to go to the chapel!
Walking down the aisle.
The beautiful bride.
Signing the register.
Entering the reception venue.
Yay! Married!
Me and Rosalie.
Colour-co-ordinated school friends.
My favourite micro person, Chiara, sporting her new mohawk.
My wonderful fiancee. He was so amazing, taking care of my friends, taking photos for us. Thank you Alec, I can’t wait till it’s our turn!

Night Before Shelley’s Wedding

The eve before Shelley’s wedding. I left work early to get a train to the Vibe Hotel in Milson’s Point to assist the bride with her preparations. We had our nails done, then got take-away for a relaxing night in. It was hard to sleep though, I was so nervous for the following day!

Last photo of the couple before they get married!
Look at our pretty nails! No, I wasn’t being felt up. Bad angle …

Shelley’s Hens Day

I had a wonderful time yesterday at Shelley hens day. We organised a day at the races followed by dinner at Cargo Bar, then clubbing at Retro.

I’m so excited for the wedding next weekend – I can’t believe my Shelby is getting married!


Katia’s High Tea Baby Shower

I hosted my first baby shower for my friend Katia. She wanted a simple high tea with no baby games – easy! The venue was Patisse, a new place in Waterloo. They served delicious food at a very reasonable price.

Mum-to-be Katia.
Tasty treats!
Group of girls plus one boy.
Happy baby shower KB! Can’t wait to meet the little man.

Rosalie’s 30th Birthday

My dear friend Rosalie had her 30th birthday party on Halloween this year. It was a dress-up party, themed “blast from the past”. My outfit is meant to be from the ’50s.

With my old friends! We’ve been friends for about 18 years. Julia, Rosalie, Karyn.

Alec – not costumed 🙁

The stunning birthday girl.

Happy birthday Rosalie!

Julia’s 30th Birthday

Celebrating Julia’s 30th birthday. I can’t believe we’re all this old now! Check out Rosalie – not long to go now till the little one appears.

Liam’s 1st Birthday

A trip out to Bronte today for little Liam Duff’s first birthday party. I just love kids parties with fairy bread everywhere.

Alec and the wee birthday lad.

The sun came out briefly and we stopped by the beach on the way home.

Lisa’s B’day Dinner

For a belated birthday celebration, we had dinner at Not Bread Alone at Crows Nest. I did take pics, but the lighting was terrible and the photos were awful, so no food pics!

The lovely birthday girl with Matt.

Happy to be out of the house after a week on the couch.

Back at Lisa and Matt’s – meet hat cat!

I think Monkeypants objects to her new nickname.