Adventure, baby!


Liam’s 2nd Birthday

One of my favourite munchkins turned two in style over the weekend. We had a great time at his new Tamarama pad and ODd on fairy bread.

Happy birthday Liam!

Farewell J-Vo

My dear friend Jenn is moving to Mexico City soon. She wanted to have a last night out with her fave Google gals, so we had a fun pole dancing class at Studio Verve followed by a dinner banquet. Jenn is an amazing athlete – as demonstrated by her superb tricks on the pole.

Holy moly, how does she DO THAT?

Demonstrating a much easier trick, the flying fox.

Sexy ladies, woo!

Dinner with wonderful friends.

We colour co-ordinated. Nice one girls!

Thanks for a fantastic night out Jenn. I miss you already.

Fadhila’s Trivia Night Birthday

My friend Fadz had a trivia night birthday party last week as well, held at the Fringe Bar. It was my first trivia night in a bar, and it was a lot of fun. We started out knowing most of the answers and thinking we were all that, but as the game went on and the questions got harder and we didn’t exactly kick ass like we thought we would. It was so much fun and I would love to do it again.

Happy quarter century Fadhila!

Happy Birthday Mr Cooper

My favourite soulless red friend turned 31 last weekend. We celebrated with a BBQ lunch in the park.

Reds thrive on chocolate.

The kookaburras would swoop down and steal the food off our plates.

Out and About, February

I’ve been a bit behind with blogging since we moved. Thankfully we have internet at home again now, so I’m back in the land of digital communication.

Jamie and Lisa’s Valentine’s Day Massacre party last weekend – it was 1920s themed.

Visiting Katia and her new little baby Jenson – so tiny and cute!
In the new house with the cat. Xenia loves to wrap her tail around things like our wrists or, in this case, Alec’s neck.

Mel’s 30th Birthday

My friend Mel’s 30th birthday party capped off an excellent Saturday night.

Happy birthday Mel! Hope you have a fabulous birthday day and week.


Farewell for Beverly

I was beyond thrilled that Beverly and Chris flew out from Shanghai for our wedding. To see Bev off in style, we spent her last day in Sydney in our typical fashion – eating, shopping, and eating some more.

Breakfast for lunch in Paddington.
With Chris, about to begin our shopping extravaganza.
Post-shopping, dinner at Counter Burgers, with Emma, Bev and Lisa.
The whole gang – check out the photo-bombers in the restaurant behind us.
So long for now Bev – hope to see you in Shanghai later on this year!

New Year’s Day

After only a few hours of sleep, we were up on New Year’s Day for lunch with friends. Beverly and Chris had flown in from Shanghai for our wedding and this was our first chance to hang out since they arrived in Sydney. It was the first time that we had all gotten to hang out together since Bev & Chris’ wedding in Singapore.

Since it was a public holiday, we spent the day doing what we used to always do together – eat, eat, and then eat some more. Lisa was lovely enough to host and cook, and we pigged out till we were stuffed…

The girls – stuffing our faces as usual.

Mel and Keeva’s Wedding

A wonderful way to finish up the Christmas period, with my friends Mel and Keeva’s wedding. The weather has been gloomy this week, and was overcast for Mel’s wedding on the 27th too, driving us indoors for the ceremony.  It was a ceremony with a glorious view though – overlooking the harbour, framed by the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The ceremony was lovely, the reception lots of fun, and we met a bunch of super-nice people. What a fabulous day!

My beautiful friend Mel.
My debonair partner.

Congratulations guys, thank you for including us in your amazing day!