Adventure, baby!


Food, Fun & Friends

Beverly asked us all over for dinner during the long weekend.

She very sweetly made special food for a fussy vegetarian. I’m so grateful that I have such amazing friends who cater for me and my special tastes without complaining. Thanks, I love you guys 🙂

Amazing tomato and bocconcini salad.

Home-made garlic bread.

My vege patties and extra salad.

Alec gets up close and personal with a ferret.

Looking indignant.

Oh hai!

The cutest things!

Or maybe “cute” isn’t the right word.

Need dessert Bev?

Singed ferret! Jumping over tea lights ends with burned ferret.

Awesome custard tea cake that Bev made from scratch.

Obligatory food porn shot.

Happily fed and among friends.

Cuddles time!

Happy with great friends!

Isis & Matt’s Wedding

After a week of tumultuous weather, Saturday was stunningly perfect for my good friend Isis’ wedding – especially since it was to be held outdoors!

The ceremony as held at Observatory Hill in Sydney, in a rotunda. The view was stunning, so it was easy to see why it is such a popular wedding location.

Isis is Indian and her now-husband, Matt, is a Kiwi, so together they had a wedding that was a bit Indian, a touch Kiwi and a lot of Aussie.

The set-up for the Indian-fusion ceremony.

The stunning bride walked down the aisle by her adorable parents.

A lot of the ceremony was in Hindi I believe, so we didn’t really know what was going on. It sounded amazing, whatever they were saying!

Some blessing was going on here. And promising to be good to each other of course.

Exchanging flower garlands.

Making it official.

Flowers for tossing. Because of the breeze they went in the opposite direction than desired and landed on the guests – a nice fragant shower of flowers.

The groom’s awesome shoes.

Happy day! All dressed up.

The bride’s hands – covered in intricate henna designs. Her feet were covered too.

The very happy bride!

STUNNING location!

Being tourists and LOL-ing.

Aww – romance was in the air!

A full-length shot of my purty dress.

After the ceremony we had time to kill so we stopped by La Renaissance Patisserie Francaise in Argyle St at the Rocks for coffee and, erm, snacks.

The display alone had me drooling.

My raspberry tart. So divine I could have happily eaten a few more. Then again, I am quite the little piggy.

Alec’s mixed berry tart. Almost as good as the ones we had in Estonia.

Being such tourists.

The bridal couple changed into Western outfits for the reception.

The cake! It was uber tasty – some kind of moist vanilla cake with lemon-ish cream.

The set-up. The boat was called the Vagabond Princess.


Unsure what’s going on.
Making their entrance.


More awwwww.

Lunch! Indian-fusion tastiness.

The bridal couple did a very nontraditional dance – starting with a waltz, then breaking into an Indian routine, followed by hip-hop. It was so unexpected and so very very funny.

Posing with our friends.

After the cruise we went to Opera Bar with the bridal couple and friends for more celebrating. We watched the sun go down and had lots of laughs as the bride and groom were able to unwind and enjoy themselves.

Being complete tourists again.

Sun setting over one of Australia’s most well-known pieces of architecture – the Sydney Opera House.

Alec does his Wolverine impression.

The perfect end to the perfect day! Best of luck Isis and Matt, and thanks for involving us in your special day!

Dinner at Bev’s

My dear friend invited us over for a girlie night of puff pasty pizza and ferrets.

Bev … about to hack up something or another.

The makings of a very tasty salad – with rennet-free cheese.

Ummm I can’t even begin to explain this.

Bev starts on the pizzas.

Lol-isa can’t resist the feta.

Spreading on the topping.


My vege pizza with a corner of meat.

The meat-lovers’ pizza.

Covered in cheesy goodness.

Lise finishes up the salad.

Baked and ready!

After-dinner ferret-play.

There seems to be a ferret in the Tokidoki.

Or two!

What are you doing, naughty ferret?

“I am putting my head between my legs is what!”

When ferrets attack.

Acrobatics – trying out for Cirque du Soleil.

Tired and ready for snuggles.

Candice’s Hen’s Party

Another hen’s party this weekend, this time for my friend Candice. She chose to have a high tea at the Park Hyatt. The Park Hyatt is in a fabulous location on the water with a stunning view of the Opera House.

It is a very elegant place, very modern and chic in comparison to the QVB Tearoom, which is very “old world” elegance.

A back-lit shot of me.

The food! Bigger portions rather than a wider variety. The top tier contained the most divine chocolate mousse and Shortbread cups with cream and strawberries on top.

Next tiers – sandwiches (I had a very tasty egg and mayo). There were some mini vege quiches as well (they were cold and not very nice). Bottom layer were the scones. Very nice indeed – light and fluffy with a crispy edge.

Table full of ladies and delights.

My favourite part – the mousse.

With my dear friend Candice.

The view!

It was quite intimidating for me to go because I didn’t know any of Candice’s friends. Luckily she has a lot of very friendly friends who went out of their way to be extremely nice to me and get to know me. I ended up having the most delightful day. A perfect Saturday afternoon!

La Gerbe D’or

J’adore French food. Since I can’t be in France to eat it right now, the next best thing is La Gerbe D’or in Paddington Five-Ways. Delightful cafe for breakfast or lunch, plus a patisserie to buy treat from to take home for those we left behind.

Last time we ordered a bowl of hot chocolate each, not realising it would be the size of our heads. This time we thought we would be smart and only order one and share it. Only problem was pouring it into the cups. This below illustrates what happens when you attempt this debacle.

A tomato and cheese tart. DELICIOUS. I will order this next time instead of stealing pieces from the girls.

Croque madam – like a croque-monsieur but with two eggs on top.

My French toast. The way the French have it! Seeped in eggs, with home made apple jam and cream and covered in icing sugar. The most delicious I have ever tasted.

Inside the croque madam.

Happy girls about to stuff themselves.

Dessert! The St Tropez – we shared this treat. A light friand-ish thing with light custard / cream blend.

Can I fit it all in my mouth?

Full of food goodness and ready to shop!

First day of hot weather! Check out our summery clothing.

Sushi Tei

Beverly and I put ourselves through a pump class at the gym, then indulged in noodles at Sushi Tei – one of Bev’s favourite places nearby. I love Japanese noodles and this place had a wide variety of delicious noodle and sushi dishes – as well as very polite service.

Bev practice’s Alec’s “stop taking photos of me” look. Check out the giant menu.

Potato and corn cakes.

My udon noodle soup. Very simple and plain.

Bev’s cutlet.

Sesame ice cream.

My ice-cream with chocolate inside thingy. I don’t know what it was called but it was very unique!

Isis’ Hen Night

Isis chose a hen day with a difference – a pole dancing class followed by dinner.

The class took place at Studio Verve, a little place in Surry Hills. I have taken a few pole dancing classes several years ago when it was just starting to become a trend, and it’s amazing to see how much it has changed from unstructured lessons in strip clubs to properly kitted out studios with syllabus’ and levels of classes.

The hen looks hot to trot.

Go Isis!

Alice takes a spin.

My turn. Weee!

Our instructor, Angie, shows us some advanced moves.

It looks pretty easy, eh?

Our turn to learn a routine.

Finishing pose.

Gratuitous butt shot #1.

Gratuitous butt shot #2.

Posing after the hard work is done. Hussies!

Group shot – go pole dancing!

The hen and Alice start with the drinks.

I try to get the hang of spins.

Me and Jenn – posing again.

Changed and ready for the night on the town.

All the girls at Pazzo, Surry Hills. Delish food at a reasonable reasonable price. It was about $50 pp for antipasto platters, bruscetta, a main (I had pumpkin filled pasta with pea pesto. Ultra tasty!) and a dessert platter. It was also BYO. We all brought a bottle of wine and got incredibly sloshed.

Yuuuuum! The marriageable dessert platter.

Malabar at Crows Nest

I’ve never been a fan of Indian food – with the exception of cheese naan (which I was told recently wasn’t traditionally Indian – what a disappointment!).

Beverly and Lisa however have been raving abut their favourite Indian place in Crows Nest, Malabar, so in the spirit of trying new things, I agreed to come along for some new flavours.

I was pleasantly surprised by the delicious food – although I shouldn’t have been surprised since B & L are usually right when it comes to good restaurants. I was also pleased by the variety of vegetarian food on offer.

The interior – very dark unfortunately which made it not optimal for taking photos.

Colourful menu.

The house specialty is Dosai – B & L have been raving about it for a while now so I had to try it out.

The Dosai – a thin pancake wrapped around lightly spiced potatoes. Very, very tasty.

Hello there Lisa!

Patti Samosas – filled with spiced potatoes and peas.

Malabar Paratha – some kind of fried doughy bread. Delicious!

Bev in food heaven.

Nomming isn’t always a graceful thing.

Dessert – pistachio ice cream.

I can’t remember what this was called but it was a dessert with cottage cheese I believe, deep fried into dough somehow.

We adjourned to Bev’s house afterwards for ferret play and internet surfing.

The ferrets REALLY want to get on Cute Overload … “Ein, get out of my WAY!”

334 Pacific Highway,
Crows Nest, NSW,
(02) 9906 7343

Girls’ Day Out

Beverly has been telling us about this fabulous French cafe for a while, so I was more than happy to begin our shopping bonanza with hot chocolate and pastries. I’ve been to France a few times and am planning another trip, so it really got me into the “I’m going to France” groove. Which also reminds me that my lapse in practicing French has left my language skills as abysmal. Must refresh my memory before venturing the land of chocolate!

Back to the cafe, it’s called La Gerbe D’or and is in Paddington. Beverly knows the owner, a lovely French fellow, who recognised her and came over for a chat. The cafe was extremely busy, both with fellow diners inhaling gigantic amounts of hot chocolate, as well as locals popping in for exquisite pastries and baguettes.

Beverly points to the many items she is about to order.

This is not a distorted image. The bowl is as large as my head. We worked out it was about four cups worth, and only cost around $5. Bargain – and sickness-inducing.

Onion tart.

Mushroom quiche.

My late breakfast – so tasty and fluffy. It cost around $8, which I thought was a reasonable price.

Yes, another demonstration of how piggy we are.

Three girls, ready to pig out and buy lots of pretty things.

Lisa’s dessert.

Drinking my way into queasiness. It was so divine I just couldn’t stop. It was very sweet and light, but next time I will split it with someone.

In Alannah Hill I fell in love with this princess dress. I wasn’t exactly in the market for another dress, but what can you do when fate throws you the perfect frock?

After a day of trying on dresses, we adjourned back to the apartment for pizza gluttony from LCC. After boasting about the glory of LCC pizza, the girls insisted we all try it and decide once and for all if it is indeed the fairest pizza on the North Shore. The evening did not start auspiciously – the pizza took an hour to arrive. That is the standard delivery time for LCC and we’re used to it, but our guests were impatient for foooood.

Posing. Of course.


Don’t know what was going on here. Beverly has “I’m cranky, feed me” face. And Chris has … I don’t know what to call that.

Finally! Food! LCC were good to us and threw in a large garlic and herb pizza and garlic bread.

Alec tries to save me from myself.

Chillin’. Ahhh pizza satisfaction!

Spellbound by the Wii.

Cuties with their toy ferrets.

Couldn’t resist throwing this one in. Too cute for words.

La Gerbe D’or
255 Glenmore Road
Paddington, NSW 2021

Sakura Japanese Kitchen

Shelley took me to Sakura Japanese Kitchen before we saw a movie last week. It’s a tiny little place that serves fast, tasty, cheap Japanese food. There were lots of Japanese people in there so I think it’s safe to say if it’s a hit with the locals then it’s more than good enough for us!

The service is fast and friendly and the food come out within 10 minutes of ordering. Shelley had rainbow rolls and prawn and vege tempora, and I had vegetables tempora and udon noodle soup. The noodles were super tasty, the soup was delicious and the veges were huge! I also thought the food was good value – it cost about $11 for my dish. We will be back!

Sakura Japanese Kitchen
Shop 325 Pitt Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Tel. 02 9261 0711
Open seven days