J’adore French food. Since I can’t be in France to eat it right now, the next best thing is La Gerbe D’or in Paddington Five-Ways. Delightful cafe for breakfast or lunch, plus a patisserie to buy treat from to take home for those we left behind.

Last time we ordered a bowl of hot chocolate each, not realising it would be the size of our heads. This time we thought we would be smart and only order one and share it. Only problem was pouring it into the cups. This below illustrates what happens when you attempt this debacle.

A tomato and cheese tart. DELICIOUS. I will order this next time instead of stealing pieces from the girls.

Croque madam – like a croque-monsieur but with two eggs on top.

My French toast. The way the French have it! Seeped in eggs, with home made apple jam and cream and covered in icing sugar. The most delicious I have ever tasted.

Inside the croque madam.

Happy girls about to stuff themselves.

Dessert! The St Tropez – we shared this treat. A light friand-ish thing with light custard / cream blend.

Can I fit it all in my mouth?

Full of food goodness and ready to shop!

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