Beverly asked us all over for dinner during the long weekend.

She very sweetly made special food for a fussy vegetarian. I’m so grateful that I have such amazing friends who cater for me and my special tastes without complaining. Thanks, I love you guys 🙂

Amazing tomato and bocconcini salad.

Home-made garlic bread.

My vege patties and extra salad.

Alec gets up close and personal with a ferret.

Looking indignant.

Oh hai!

The cutest things!

Or maybe “cute” isn’t the right word.

Need dessert Bev?

Singed ferret! Jumping over tea lights ends with burned ferret.

Awesome custard tea cake that Bev made from scratch.

Obligatory food porn shot.

Happily fed and among friends.

Cuddles time!

Happy with great friends!

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