My new Tokidoki bag. Lisa has rubbed off on me 🙂 It’s a Vacenze print in the bambinone style. I am Scotch-Guarding it right now.

Online before watching Sex and The City with Bev and Lisa – and ferrets.

New cupcake pouch!

Dinner at St James Hotel. They have such tasty cheap food.

Bev’s bruscetta.

Lisa’s beef Thai salad.

My delicious mash potato.

Mmm steamed veges.

Crazy ferrets and Etsy I believe.

2 comments on “Food, Ferrets and SATC”

  1. That food was delish.

    LOL, I look like I’m torturing poor wee Misty!

    Awesome placement on your bag! You’re making me want to use my Vacanze bag for a while again 😀

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