Adventure, baby!


New Camera!

I caved and bought the Canon 5D Mark 2. I’ve been lusting after it for a while and thought now was as good a time as any, so I made the purchase and tried not to freak out while handing over my credit card.

First pics taken on the new camera! Games night at Chatswood.

Dad’s Birthday

We went out west today to celebrate my dad’s birthday. Our original plans of driving down the coast were halted due to the extreme heat. It was about 40 degrees out west and my doggies weren’t coping at all.

The birthday boy cuts his cake!

With my very hot little Buffy.

Kahlua is so hot she is barely awake.


We agreed to baby-sit Misty and Star over the holidays for Beverly and Chris. They’re such crazy little critters, but adorable too.

They look so innocent … I lie, they look like sneaky ferrets, and that’s what they are! They got into EVERYTHING and ate a hole in the fly-screen door when I wasn’t watching them closely enough. I also lost one in a cavity in the kitchen cupboards (and lured him back with ferret crack) and one of them bit Alec on one of his nipples.

Add in my two dogs, and it was four crazy critters in the apartment – quite a lot of entertainment!

The ferrets were really no trouble – and it was hugely entertaining to watch them and the dogs interact. Kahlua was, of course, completely terrified, but Buffy wanted to make friends with them and couldn’t let them out of her sight.

Things I have learned about ferrets:

  • They poop a lot. All the time it seems. Poop, poop, poop.
  • They dig plants out of their pots.
  • They sleep for most of the day, usually upside down in the cutest positions.
  • They are completely silent! Except for incessant wheezing and sneezing that make me think they were choking on dust bunnies and rush to vacuum the floor.

The ferrets are moving to Shanghai shortly – best of luck with the trip fuzzies!

Star licks her little nose, pausing from sniffing out trouble.

Poised for trouble.

Zonked – too much mayhem makes for sleepy ferrets.

There were actually two ferrets, but the other one didn’t hold still long enough for me to photograph!

Featuring Arthur, The Crazy Cockatoo

I would like to re-introduce Arthur, the sulfur crested cockatoo. He was raised mostly by Alec’s family after an unfortunate start in life, and is now, at around age 34, a vocal member of the family. He currently lives with Alec’s dad in Newcastle and has been left to us in his will – ruh-oh!

Arthur and Alec are old friends. He likes to scream “Aleeeeec” and have the underside of his wings scratched.
Nice birdy, but don’t be fooled. Evil lurks within.

Notice the dexterity with which he eats things out of his foot. This should have been a warning to me.

Oh hai!


Ummm …

Oh crap!

That blur you see is the birdy eating the front of my camera, which he then spat at me. Nice!

Lesson learned – only photograph cockatoos with a long lens. Don’t get close enough for them to EAT it.

Little Visitor

This cockatoo came to visit us on the balcony. After trying to steal some pink buttons from one of my shirts, he eventually got sick of me taking photos an inch away from his beak, and flew off to steal shiny things from another balcony.

Wuff Time

I spent the weekend with my girls getting some quality time in. I just love them so much and can’t wait till I can have them with me every day again.

Looking the wrong way and about to bark off a warning to people on the footpath.

Little angels saying, “Don’t go mummy!”.

How can you resist these soulful eyes?

Scratch mah belleh!

Kahlua’s eyes are so human.

Little munchkin Buffers curls up in my cuddle-U.

Very fluffy and clean.

Save The Sea Kittens!

PETA are quite wacky. Their latest campaign is to stop people eating fish by comparing them to kittens. My “sea kitten” is more of a princess fish….

My second attempt – kitten success!

Puppy Update

Well, not so much of an update just a few pics I took today. Kahlua has had a bad ear infection for several months now, so her ear is constantly yucky looking. The vet thinks we’re finally getting the better of it now though, so hopefully it won’t be much longer till my biggest baby is back to normal.

Buff is the same as always. Silly, nutty and completely adorable.

Tiny tot.

So bored now!

A good shot to show perspective of how tiny the little one really is.