The Canopy Treehouses, Cairns, Queensland, Australia

The Canopy Treehouses, Cairns

Stay in a treehouse nestled in the rainforest and get up close to Australian wildlife at the Canopy Treehouses in the Cairns Highlands, Queensland, Australia. 

The Canopy Treehouses offers six extremely private treehouses set in 100 acres of rainforest, teeming with wildlife. 

Cairns Canopy Treehouses

In the rainforest, visitors can find wildlife such as cassowaries, rare Lumholtz’s tree-kangaroos, endangered green possums, platypus, turtles, red-legged pademelon, wallabies,  coppery brushtail possums, northern bandicoots and birds including Victoria’s riflebirds, king parrots, spotted catbirds, honeyeaters and finches.

The eco-friendly treehouses are perched high in the rainforest canopy on the banks of the Ithaca River. 

There are three different accommodation options.

Cairns Canopy Treehouses

We stayed in one of the five self-contained timber and glass treehouses. Each treehouse has two bedrooms (one on the lower level and one in the “attic”), fully self-contained kitchen, spa bath and balcony with a BBQ and hammock. Other amenities include washing machine and dryer, telephone, DVD and TV. Each treehouse sleeps two to six people. 

The bedrooms contain either a queen or two single beds, perfect for families. 

Cairns Canopy Treehouses

Each treehouse is built on stilts, with the washing machine and dryer located on the ground level, where you can park your car under the treehouse, Up the first flight of stairs is the first floor , which contains the bathroom, living area, kitchen and bedroom.

Cairns Canopy Treehouses

The second bedroom can be reached by walking up another flight of stairs into a kind of garret room. Note that the second bedroom doesn’t have a complete wall (the wall is balcony height so you can look into the living area) or door so might not be suitable for smaller kids or two couples. 

Cairns Canopy Treehouses

The treehouses are thoughtfully stocked with kitchen and laundry supplies, to make your stay that bit more comfortable. 

Cairns Canopy Treehouses

If you need a bigger treehouse, the Bower House is the three bedroom treehouse, located on top of a ridge on the backing onto the rainforest, with valley and rolling green countryside views. 

Cairns Canopy Treehouses Cairns Canopy Treehouses Cairns Canopy Treehouses Cairns Canopy Treehouses Cairns Canopy Treehouses

As well as the standard features of the other Treehouses, the Bower House has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, (one including a double spa).

The third accommodation option is the Rainforest Unit which is attached to the main building, looking across the lawn to the rainforest. It has two bedrooms with a queen and single beds and is located at ground level, providing assisted wheelchair access.

Cairns Canopy Treehouses

Guests can take a walk around the beautiful rainforest and enjoy the serenity of the bush. We particularly enjoyed the river with its abundant turtle population.

Cairns Canopy Treehouses

Cairns Canopy Treehouses

We were lucky enough the next morning to meet one of the resident cassowaries as well as the pademelons at dusk. 

Cairns Canopy Treehouses Cairns Canopy Treehouses

The Canopy Treehouses is located 90 minutes drive from Cairns.

Cairns Canopy Treehouses Cairns Canopy Treehouses Cairns Canopy Treehouses Cairns Canopy Treehouses Cairns Canopy Treehouses Cairns Canopy Treehouses

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The Canopy Treehouses
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