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A Merry Christmas with Minted Holiday Cards

A Merry Christmas with Minted Holiday Cards

Every year since Cheese was born, I’ve printed photo Christmas cards for our friends and relatives. I love receiving gorgeous photo cards from our friends, and hope that they, similarly, enjoy receiving our holiday wishes for them in the mail.

This year, I designed our cards with Minted, a US company specialising in gorgeous stationary.

Minted has some excellent features that I really like and wanted to share.

A Merry Christmas with Minted Holiday Cards

1. A large variety of cards to choose from
There are hundreds of cards to make a selection from. Literally too many to look through!

A Merry Christmas with Minted Holiday Cards

2. A personalised card preview tool
You can easily upload your own images to see what the cards will look like with your favourite shots in them.

A Merry Christmas with Minted Holiday Cards

3. Photo manipulation
It’s super easy to zoom in and out and crop the images to suit the cards, and there’s an option for “auto enhance” too.

A Merry Christmas with Minted Holiday Cards

3. Customisation options
Add foil, change the colours, change the text from “holiday” to “Christmas” greetings. There are so many options for each card.

A Merry Christmas with Minted Holiday Cards

4. Save and review later
One of my fave features, you can save all your designs and then view them all at once so it’s easy to compare them and choose your favourite.

A Merry Christmas with Minted Holiday Cards

5. Free recipient addressing
It’s really easy to upload a spreadsheet with your family and friends’ addresses in them, and they are printed on the envelopes FOR FREE! My handwriting is appalling, so I really appreciate this.

A Merry Christmas with Minted Holiday Cards

6. Digital proofing service
This is great for the nervous orderers among us – when you’re printing a lot of expensive cards, it’s reassuring to know there is someone looking over them and checking you haven’t made a silly mistake. If you choose not to use the proofing service you get a $10 discount and get your order 2 days faster.

A Merry Christmas with Minted Holiday Cards

7. Frequent discount offers
When I ordered mine they had a 20% off sale, with the code in a banner across the top of the site.

A Merry Christmas with Minted Holiday Cards

8. The quality is gorgeous
I’ve ordered from Minted before and the quality is just stunning. When you compare them to much cheaper places you can get cards from, there is no quality comparison at all. You get what you pay for – which is, in this case, gorgeous cards your family and friends will keep long after the holidays are over.

A Merry Christmas with Minted Holiday Cards

9. International shipping
I was stoked to see they shipped to Australia! It costs $20 for their standard international mail, but that’s pretty regular for getting something shipped all the way Down Under.

I can’t wait to get my cards! I will show them off on social media when they arrive.

Wanting to order your own gorgeous holiday cards? Make sure you do so while there is still time at

Thanks to for the complimentary voucher to try their card ordering service. I’ve ordered from Minted in the past and have always been extremely happy with their quality and service so was more than happy to share my experience with others.

Toilet Training Battles With The Oricom Intelligent Potty (& GIVEAWAY!)

Oricom Intelligent Potty review via

Potty training in our house has been a battlefield. In the one corner, a very stubborn toddler. In the other, two very weary parents who are tired of cleaning poop up off the floor.

After six long months of trying various methods to toilet train Cheese, I met the Oricom folks at a blogging event, where, after hearing our toileting woes, I was offered one of their Oricom Intelligent Potties to try.

Honest moment: I previously thought all those fancy potties with all the bells and whistles were a waste of money. I just couldn’t see how sounds and lights and princesses were needed to get a child to do their business on a toilet. I was at breaking point though and willing to try absolutely anything to help us win the potty training war.

Oricom Intelligent Potty review via

And here’s the moment where I eat my words as my toddler falls for the fancy Intelligent Potty by Oricom. She calls it her “magic potty” and for the first time since we started this toilet training debacle, she is actually keen to use a potty.

Now, you may ask, what about this potty is so “magical” (or “intelligent”)? Basically, the Intelligent Potty is designed to keep toddlers stimulated, interested and curious. It has an ergonomic design that is comfortable for toddlers to sit on (the arm rests are great), and also for parents to clean up afterwards (everyone wins!).

The potty also has a pre-recordable sound module where you press he record button and record your personalised message (maximum 6 seconds). You can change the recording as many times as you like. My message went something like this: “Yay! Good girl, you went to the toilet!”.

When your kid sits on the potty and starts to go, they hear hear the sound of running water after 2 seconds, which encourages them to keep on going. When they’re finished and stands up, they will then hear your personalised message, followed by a child’s classic tune (10 different songs to choose from, like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star).

So yes, fancy and MAGICAL. And it’s WORKING.

Product details:

Available in Menthol (IP100MT) and Stone (IP100ST) colours.

High back support encourages correct posture and sitting position

Side support prevents slippage

Rounded edges to eliminate pinching

$ 89.95 RRP

Oricom Intelligent Potty review via


The kind people at Oricom are offering Adventure, Baby! readers the chance to win their very own Oricom Intelligent Potty valued at $89.95.

Entry is open to Australian mailing addresses only. Enter view the Rafflecopter widget below. The winning entry will be chosen based on the creativity of the blog comment.

The competition opens 12:01am Thursday December 17, to 11:59pm Wednesday December 24, 2014.

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Beat The Heat With Dyson Cool

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With November days reaching 40dC and summer off to a super warm start, there’s never been a better time to be test driving a new fan. The fab folks at Dyson have released a fan that is perfect for families, which is perfect as we badly needed a new (and safe!) fan for Cheese’s bedroom.

Beat The Heat With Dyson Cool via

The problem with small children like mine is that they have a tendency to test all boundaries – especially those that might maim them, such as sticking their fingers into a moving fan. For this reason alone, I was thrilled for the opportunity to try a bladeless Dyson Cool fan.

Beat The Heat With Dyson Cool via

The new Dyson Cool is not only safe for crazy kids like mine, it also has a lot of other benefits, such as:

It’s quiet
Up to 75% quieter than previous models.

It’s powerful: 
You’ll feel a strong blast of cool air from several feet away.

It’s easy to use
It’s so easy that Cheese can operate it by herself already. Seriously.

It has a remote control
The Dyson Cool comes with a simple remote control that lets you select one of ten airflow settings, set the sleep timer (up to nine hours), and activate the oscillation, all without lifting your butt off the couch. The remote is also magnetized to store neatly on the machine.

It’s super light weight
I can pick it up with one hand and the child in the other if I need to move both to another room.

It’s safe
Like I said before. No blades, so no cut off fingers.

It’s easy to clean
Super simple, as there are no hard to reach bits like on traditional fans.

It tilts
A simple push at the base tilts the fan backwards or forwards to direct airflow where you need it.

It’s tough
It’s pretty much toddler-proof, thanks to the destructive and endurance tests carried out at the Dyson labs. Every component is subjected to hundreds of tests to find any faults or weakness.

Beat The Heat With Dyson Cool via

Technical info you need to know:

The Dyson Cool uses Air Multiplier™ technology where air is drawn in by an energy-efficient, brushless motor. Airflow is then accelerated through an annular aperture, passing over an air foil-shaped ramp, which draws in and channels its direction. This creates and projects powerful, smooth, high velocity airflow.

Materials: Dyson Cool™ fans are made from Acrylontride butadiene styrene – ABS.

Weight: (approx.)

AM06: 3.3kg
AM07: 4.6kg
AM08: 6.8kg

Guarantee: Two year parts and labour guarantee.

Beat The Heat With Dyson Cool via


AM06 Desk Fan: $449
Comes in black/nickel, iron/blue & white/silver

AM07 Tower Fan: $649
Comes in white/silver & black/nickel

AM08 Pedestal Fan: $649
Comes in white/silver

Get more info at

Dyson provided me with a sample for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own.

LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra Tablet For Kids {Review + Giveaway}

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If you’re looking for an educational tablet for your child, but are reluctant to hand over your iPhone or iPad, then listen up. Our review and giveaway this week is for a LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra.

The kind people at LeapFrog sent us a tablet to try out with our toddler, and we had fantastic fun giving it a whirl. The LeapPad Ultra, which was launched last October, is the first kids’ tablet with kid-wifi – which is essentially a kid safe web and wifi experience. With a built-in 9 hour rechargeable battery, it will last long car rides and flights. It also comes with 8MB memory, which holds up to 40,000 photos or 100+ games/apps.

#Leapfrog #LeapPadUltra #review #kidstechnology via

Firstly, the tablet is indeed super tough, built to be chucked around by small people. This is crucial when you have a 3-year-old like mine who is not, shall we say, gentle or careful with her things.

The tablet was super easy to charge and start operating. A quick sign-in process registered the account with Leap Frog, and also created separate user accounts on the tablet, incase we wanted to add another child to the device. Very cool feature if the device is being shared between children of different ages.

The high-res touch screen is a good, big size, at 7 inches. It has a front and back camera installed that makes for fun games with the built-in camera game. My child loves taking photos of herself, so this was an immediate hit. The tablet also has a video camera installed, incase your kid wants to make videos (we’re not there yet, but I’m sure we will be soon!).

#Leapfrog #LeapPadUltra #review #kidstechnology via

Straight out of the box, the LeapPad Ultra comes equipped with 11 apps and of fun features, designed by experts just for kids. Older children in particular will get a lot of use out of the built-in apps, which include writing, drawing, snapping photos and making videos. The art studio app and pet game were the biggest hits with Miss E. The art app in particular has a wide variety of tools that can be used – far more than I’ve experienced from other art apps. It even has a cute animal footprint feature, where you select the animal and its footprints appear to be walking across the screen.

The tablet connects to wi-fi, so it’s easy to download more games and apps, or connect to other devices. Some of the games enable the tablets to “talk” to each other, which is so much fun for older kids in particular.

#Leapfrog #LeapPadUltra #review #kidstechnology via

Miss E found the tablet very easy to use, but I do have to log in for her to use it if it’s been turned off as it’s password enabled. An older child would have no problem with this however, and it’s a great security device.

One of the things I love the most about the tablet, and the reason I wanted to try it, was because it’s a super safe device for my child. She can’t find inappropriate content, or accidentally download apps or click on in-app purchases. I can also rest easy knowing that all of the apps and games have been designed by the LeapFrog learning experts. The games and apps are all educational as well as fun.

#Leapfrog #LeapPadUltra #review #kidstechnology via

If you want to add more games and apps, you can either download them from the app store online, or buy a cartridge that plugs into the side of the device. There are pros and cons to each. Obviously it’s easiest to load up the device with apps, but when you run out of space, what do you do? If you buy the cartridges, you have to bring some along with the device to rotate in and out, but it does then mean that you can have unlimited games, and you can also re-sell them when your child outgrows them.

#Leapfrog #LeapPadUltra #review #kidstechnology via

LeapFrog has created over 400 apps, games, videos, eBooks, music, and more for the tablet, so there is a lot of great content for kids aged four to nine. Games are designed to automatically adjust to your child’s level, to keep them challenged and inspired to learn.

Minnie Mouse Game: LeapPad Ultra Giveaway

Particularly good for Missy E’s age is the Minnie Mouse Bow-tique Super Surprise Party (an additional game that does not come with the device). She adores Minnie Mouse and really took to this game because it included one of her favourite characters. I liked the educational components of the game: it helps children’s listening, logic and reasoning skills, plus focuses on colours,blending sounds into words and also the difference between uppercase and lower case letters. The last feature is a little advanced for a three-year-old, but is a good demonstration of how the games grow with kids.

#Leapfrog #LeapPadUltra #review #kidstechnology via

The LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra tablet is really designed to keep kids entertained, while encouraging a love of learning. Created in a truly kid-safe tablet that can’t be smashed when accidentally dropped, it’s a great buy for a kid for their birthday or Christmas (is the holiday season really coming up already? Whaaaaat!).

#Leapfrog #LeapPadUltra #review #kidstechnology via

The LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra retails for RRP $199-$229, dependent on retailers.

We are so excited to offer Brunch With My Baby Australia readers the chance to with their own LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra tablet  (RRP $229) and downloadable app centre card ($29.99).

Entry is open to Australian mailing addresses only, via the Rafflecopter widget below. 

The competition opens 12:01am Tuesday September 16, to 11:59pm Monday September 29, 2014. 

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Mother, What is the Moon? A Book Review

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It’s always a lovely surprise to receive books in the mail. I love reading to E and hope she will end up loving literature as much as I do. The particular book we are checking out today is Mother, What is the Moon? by David Griswold, and illustrated by Eliza Reisfeld. The book is perfect for preschoolers, so if you have a kid aged 2 – 5, read on.

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Mother, What is the Moon? is full of gentle poetry and beautiful art, presented in an engaging way for little ones. The book tells the story of a young boy, asking his mother what the moon is. Her answer is both wise and whimsical. The moon is a nighttime adventure through snow, fields and streams. It’s connected to the cycle of life and nature, and is a thing of dreams, magic and science, all rolled together.

My 2.5 year old is currently obsessed with the moon. Every night, it’s the same. “Where is the moon?” “I can’t see it!” “It’s hiding!” This sweet book gives me a story to tell my toddler that answers the question “what is the moon?” when the moon, like us, is always changing.

Mother, What is the Moon? has become a new nighttime favourite in our home, among both the adults and our toddler. If you’re going to read a book a hundred times a week, make sure it’s one you’re all going to enjoy!

#motherwhatisthemoon #bookreview via

#motherwhatisthemoon #bookreview via

Mother, What is the Moon? is currently raising funds for its publishing run on Kickstarter. Back it to receive a first edition copy.

Brunch With My Baby was not compensated for this post. We just love awesome kids’ books.