Oricom Intelligent Potty review via christineknight.me

Potty training in our house has been a battlefield. In the one corner, a very stubborn toddler. In the other, two very weary parents who are tired of cleaning poop up off the floor.

After six long months of trying various methods to toilet train Cheese, I met the Oricom folks at a blogging event, where, after hearing our toileting woes, I was offered one of their Oricom Intelligent Potties to try.

Honest moment: I previously thought all those fancy potties with all the bells and whistles were a waste of money. I just couldn’t see how sounds and lights and princesses were needed to get a child to do their business on a toilet. I was at breaking point though and willing to try absolutely anything to help us win the potty training war.

Oricom Intelligent Potty review via christineknight.me

And here’s the moment where I eat my words as my toddler falls for the fancy Intelligent Potty by Oricom. She calls it her “magic potty” and for the first time since we started this toilet training debacle, she is actually keen to use a potty.

Now, you may ask, what about this potty is so “magical” (or “intelligent”)? Basically, the Intelligent Potty is designed to keep toddlers stimulated, interested and curious. It has an ergonomic design that is comfortable for toddlers to sit on (the arm rests are great), and also for parents to clean up afterwards (everyone wins!).

The potty also has a pre-recordable sound module where you press he record button and record your personalised message (maximum 6 seconds). You can change the recording as many times as you like. My message went something like this: “Yay! Good girl, you went to the toilet!”.

When your kid sits on the potty and starts to go, they hear hear the sound of running water after 2 seconds, which encourages them to keep on going. When they’re finished and stands up, they will then hear your personalised message, followed by a child’s classic tune (10 different songs to choose from, like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star).

So yes, fancy and MAGICAL. And it’s WORKING.

Product details:

Available in Menthol (IP100MT) and Stone (IP100ST) colours.

High back support encourages correct posture and sitting position

Side support prevents slippage

Rounded edges to eliminate pinching

$ 89.95 RRP

Oricom Intelligent Potty review via christineknight.me


The kind people at Oricom are offering Adventure, Baby! readers the chance to win their very own Oricom Intelligent Potty valued at $89.95.

Entry is open to Australian mailing addresses only. Enter view the Rafflecopter widget below. The winning entry will be chosen based on the creativity of the blog comment.

The competition opens 12:01am Thursday December 17, to 11:59pm Wednesday December 24, 2014.

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16 comments on “Toilet Training Battles With The Oricom Intelligent Potty (& GIVEAWAY!)”

  1. I’m not one to get excited when thinking of poo explosions and water malfunctions from the little one.
    But.. a comfy, talking potty that also mimics a tap.. ingenious!

    I’ll happily have this throne in our house. Should win best new gadget of 2014.

  2. This potty is awesome I wish I had something like that when my kids were little, but I have grand children that love it

  3. To find something that can keep my child sit still – for longer than 2 seconds will absolutely be vital for making toilet training a success!

  4. I have just started toilet training my 2 year old son. He won’t sit down on the potty for more than a few seconds before running off and peeing in the shower! He loves music so I think this would be the perfect way to get him to sit still and pee where he is meant to!

  5. My son has just started toilet training and this potty would help so much not only is this so needed in my house its so stylish

  6. About to toilet train my 3rd boy…hoping this amazing potty will help keep the pee where it’s meant to be! 🙂

  7. Oh gawd, this looks great but I am in total denial because I have to go through all this again with my 2.5 year old soon!

  8. It will make going to toilet fun for my 3 year old and take stress away from me It would be a blessing for me.

  9. I’m dreading potty training and this looks like a product that will make it easier on everyone involved. Including my sanity.

  10. My little girl is only 16 months old right now but we want to be prepared and start early. We have conquered walking just a few weeks ago and we would love to have a potty sitting outside the toilet that we can chat with her about telling her what it is and what you can with it.

  11. Omg I need this. My 2 year old has regressed in her potty training. We get a wee or 3 a day in potty, all poos in nappy still as she will hide to avoid potty poos. Fingers and toes crossed to win 😉

  12. What a great idea! I think this potty would be fabulous for my son. He is ready to start potty training. The design looks and sounds fantastic!

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