In the years since Sex & The City ended, I’ve watched all of the episodes many times over. I’ve been awaiting the return of these old friends for a long time!

I took some clients of mine to see the movie in Gold Glass for a treat – my first Gold Class experience. It’s pricey, but so worth it! The seats are like reclining lounge chairs and there is a lot of space between the chairs and rows so it almost feels like your own private theatre.

The movie itself was OK – not brilliant but enjoyable. It really was like catching up with old friends. I thought it could have been a lot wittier – they had a lot of jokes but they were cheap shots in my opinion. I also thought the over-riding themes of forgiveness were too strong. Miranda gets cheated on and Carrie gets left at the alter – but both are urged to forgive their partner. The feeling that was being portrayed was “you’re getting old, you have to compromise now” rather than feelings from their earlier episodes when they would have ditched the guys pronto.

I did however enjoy the movie in total and will watch it again. The clothes were great, Charlotte was fabulous and I always love seeing NY in movies.

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