Dance movies are a source of extreme relaxation for me. Nothing is more entertaining than some well-executed routines, with a romance usually thrown in for good measure.

Rosalie and I both loved Step Up the original, so of course we were super-keen to see the sequal, imaginatively titled “Step Up 2 The Streets“.
The movie has completely new characters but set in the same neighbourhood. The focus is also more on the neighbourhood than just the school, and is the story of a B-girl who, rather than trying to fit in with a performing arts school she is made to attend to avoid being sent to live in Texas, instead helps other students who don’t fit the typical dancer mould to become a dance crew. The crew rehearse with the intent to perform at the infamous (and apparently illegal – dancing is dangerous, yo!) “streets” competition where crews battle in the same way that rappers do.
The dance sequences are fierce – some really strong dancing, and I really loved the last dance piece – in the rain no less. I found the clip on YouTube, so watch it if you don’t mind a spoiler.

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