Alec made me a deal – he’d download me Finding Jane, the new Jane Austin movie, if I saw Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with him. I help up my end of the bargain and saw TNMT with Alec and Daniel this week. What a blast from the past. The graphics were pretty cool, but it wasn’t as funny as I was hoping for.

I highly appreciated the turtle-on-turtle action, with Raphael and Leonardo facing off in battle (Raph won), but I wanted more of Michaelangelo, my fave turtle when I was a kid. The movie reminded me a lot of Ghostbusters. Demons attacking the city, gargoyles on tops of buildings coming to life, a green vortex spinning into the sky… Splinter also reminded me of a combination of Mr Miagui from Karate Kid and Yoda. Not the most original of movies – high on nostalga value though.

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