I’ve been looking forward to seeing this show for months as it’s based very closely on the movie that I love.

I took Mum, Dad and some friends to see it at the Capitol Theatre in Sydney today for the 1:30 matinée.

I have to say, I was very impressed by the show adaptation of the movie – it managed to remain very true to both the story and feel of the film, and the addition of songs and more dance numbers only added to the experience.

What I think the show did best was blend the happiness, humour and the drive that makes dancers successful with the harsh lives of the pit miners in County Durham who are faced with pit closures and losing their jobs.

The kids were all amazing. So talented and engaging. The music was fabulous – very similar to in the movie, with lots of original songs as well. I also thought the staging was inventive, with moving sets that added to what was going on stage rather than distracting from it.

If you can still get tickets, I would highly recommend this show. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up.

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