As my many, many blog posts of So You Think You Can Dance attest to, I am obsessed with the show. So much so that I bought tickets to go and see the live tour when it played at the Sydney Entertainment Centre tonight.

The show was a lot of fun – pretty much the same as the TV show, lots of dancing routines. The routines were a mix of old ones from the show and new. There were a lot of video clips from the show was well.

The only annoying thing about the show was the strange scripted dialogue between routines. The dancers all had to introduce each other and say super-cheesy things that made us ROFL.

It was also interesting seeing how different it was watching the same people live vs on TV. On TV the cameras focused a lot on their faces but live it was easier to see things like lack of stage presence and lack of technique.

To be brutally honest, they all looked a lot better on TV. In person I could only compare them with the many other professional dancers in shows I’ve seen. Perhaps that is unfair, but that’s how it is!

I still really enjoyed though. I liked a lot of the choreography and Kate was very good to watch in person.

Half of the opening routine

Rhiannon and Graeme – Hip Hop
“4 Minutes”

Last Routine – “You Can’t Stop The Beat”

The terrible angle is because the people sitting behind me were threatening me if I kept filming, so I had to be sneaky.

Top Ten Routine

I found this one on YouTube

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