I was quite devastated by my iPhone loss back in January and have been hanging out for the release of the 3G phone in Australia ever since. Today it finally arrived. I lined up at an Optus store in Chatswood at 7:15 to secure the precious device. After being in line for about an hour I was told I needed a print out of my deposit confirmation – WTF? Surely this is in a database? I guess not! I had waited this long, I sure wasn’t going to give up now. I asked the nice people in line to mind my spot while I dashed out on the street to find an internet cafe that was open. I harassed the staff there to help me get up the email and print it – it took me over 20 minutes, so it wasn’t as easy as you’d think! I then ran back to the Optus store just in time – the man in front of me was now at the front of the queue.

Soon after it was my turn – and I thought I was only about 15 minutes away from iPhone glory. How wrong I was! An hour later, I rushed to the station to get to work – two hours and 30 minutes after lining up … OMG!

It was worth it though for iPhone glory. I got the 16GB in white on a cap plan. What I love most about the new phone is how less slippery it is. I dropped my old one so many times, resulting in its ultimate breaking. The new one has a different back that is grippier and some kind of beveling around the edges so my hands fit around it better – meaning less chances of dropping it!

My new phone in the store – it took so long to get it ready to go because the Optus and Apple systems were all crashing.

In the box … so pretty my precious!

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