I had a great time last night with Alec. We went to dinner at Baia (Cockle Bay), a great Italian place with delicious food. Best boscaiola pasta ever.

We then headed to the Opera House to see the Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan perform Wild Cursive. It was Alec’s introduction to dance – I hope he enjoyed it as much as I did. We had great seats, a few rows from the front.

The piece Wild Cursive was inspired by calligraphy. The moves were amazing – fluid at times, sharp and forceful at others, with strong roots in martial arts and contemporary dance. I loved how it was a true ensemble piece. No one dancer was the star, they were all amazingly talented.

Unlike a lot of the ballets that I see, Wild Cursive was fresh, innovative, dramatic, exciting and energetic. They had limited props and very plain black costumes, which meant that the focus was purely on their amazing moves and technique. Modern contemporary dance the way it should be.

Thanks Alec for a really great night out. I love you!

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