Beverly found out about an Alannah Hill factory outlet sale being held in Paddington, so Bev, Lise and I trouped off tonight to check out the sales.

The one thing I don’t like about sales is that it removes the pleasant buying experience. Instead, you get girls competitive about grabbing things in their size. It’s really shopping at its worst, but I can’t resist a great bargain.

Here we are, emerged victorious from our excursion.

My buys below – I got the lot for $380. About 60 – 70% below retail cost on all items.

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  1. That was fun! Except for getting my thumb jammed in that door! 😛 It was my first Alannah Hill sale and first AH purchase! So glad we went on the Thurs night, it wasn’t too busy and at least we didn’t see gals having tug o’ wars over dresses! heehee!

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