Here are a few of my recent fashion purchases. I went to the Birkinhead Point factory outlets today, which is where I picked up the FCUK and Alannah Hill items. The factory outlets are a bit hit and miss, but the Alannah Hill one always has awesome stock, heavily reduced. Their pieces are occasionally damaged, so be careful to check out the zippers and look for stains and tears. Who could damage such beautiful clothes? It breaks my heart!

Pretty Alannah Hill jumper. Love sale time!

FCUK singlets.

Sweet ballet flats from the Parisian Ballet sale – they took a while to arrive but it was worth the wait.

Very like the Chanel ones for a lot less.

Cute design.

Mimco bag – bought a few weeks ago during the Mimco sale. Do I have an addiction? I think it’s fair to say yes.

Close-up of the beautiful leather.

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