I could also have called this “The big blow out of 2007”. When I look at how much I bought, it doesn’t look like a lot, but my credit card was screaming!

Here are my sales purchases – very badly photographed. I love end of year sales. I tend to go a bit nuts in my favourite store. Alannah Hill always has really good sales, where I stock up on things I’ve been lusting after for the past year. I also found some good things in Review – usually i find it to be way over-priced.

This top, which I am calling my disco diva look, was actually from a different sale but I got it on the day of the sales, and it only cost me $16, so I think it deserves to go in the bargain bin. I think I will wear it if I ever go clubbing again, or for fancy dress parties.

The Alannah Hill collection. This little cardi is super soft and made with cashmere.

This one actually has lots of little pink hearts all over it, but didn’t photograph well.

Just a little work top I loved. It does well with a black skirt I have been having trouble finding things to go with.

Review clothes – this jacket is more corporate than I would usually wear, but I thought I should have it for client meetings, and it was really reduced. I think I paid about $70 for it.

Review top for work. Again, not what I would usually wear, but I think I should have a few things like this so I look more like an adult, less like a uni student on work experience.

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  1. Whoa…look at the gorgeous schtuffs! You got one of the cashmere cardies…so lovely. And I love the heart one, and the jacket! My sale shopping so far has included shoes, dvd’s and um…more perfume 😀

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