Hello everyone. My name is Christine and I’m a shopaholic.

I stopped by Alannah Hill today accidentally … and came out with a top, skirt and dress. The top and skirt were both drastically reduced to less than one third of their original prices, which I think makes up for buying the dress at full price – FULL PRICE! I can’t remember buying anything full price from AH in years.

I needed a dress to wear to the weddings in Prague however, and this one is perfect. Lace overlay with a removable slip, so I can roll it up and just shake it out when I get there. Plus, it’s also perfect for my work Xmas party.

The cute brown jersey top. A bargain and matches a lot of pieces I already have.

Sweet taupe skirt. Fits really well, lovely embroidery, perfect for work without being too corporate.

This photo doesn’t do my gorgeous new dress justice. Bless you Alannah Hill for making such gorgeous clothes.

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