I had a recent problem where my favourite brown boots ended up on a boat to Prague – to hopefully be seen again in around nine months. To get over my heartache, I took part in some extreme shopping today with a very patient friend.

Mollini had a one-day only VIP 40% off sale – enough to make any retail loving girl slightly bananas. It seemed there were many girls like us in Sydney – and they were all packed into the Mollini stores. We went to three stores to get these awesome shoes – the first two of which were packed and sweaty and strewn with shoes and paper. The last one was blissfully forgotten about by shoppers and we could finally enjoy trying on shoes without elbows in our backs.

The results make me very happy – one pair of brown boots to temporarily replace my favourites while on their European holiday, and a pair of brown Mary Janes that I was planning to buy full-price anyway. Awesome shopping day!

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