I just adored the Indiana Jones movies growing up. I still love them now and can watch them over and over, so I think there’s something special to these movies. Part of the magic lies in the casting of Harrison Ford as Indie. He is so dry and laid-back, and so incredibly grace-less that he’s more of an everyman representation rather than a superhero or even James Bond. Therein has always been the charm of Indie – charisma that women love and the everyman-ness that make guys feel like he’s a regular bloke just like them.

This latest movie comes some 17 years after The Last Crusade (which, incidentally, is my favourite of the trilogy). Indie is MUCH older and looks it, particularly in the beginning. When the bad guys start thumping on him, I wanted to jump in and yell “stop beating up the old man!”. In true Indie fashion though, he is tough, saves the day and doesn’t lose his hat.

I particularly enjoyed Shia LaBeouf as the young bad ass son of Indie’s former flame Marion (remember her from Raiders of the Lost Ark?). I really hope that the Indie movies continue, with Shia donning the famous hat.

I won’t go into the storyline – let’s just say there’s a mythical object, damsel needing to be saved and evil communists trying to take over the world. What it adds up to is another really enjoyable Indie movie.

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