I’ve been a moody emotional mess lately, so thought it was a good time to see a girlie weepy movie like P.S. I Love You with Emily. To quote Em after the movie “It’s a contrived crying movie!”. True, but Hillary Swank was really great, and I thought it was quite a beautiful movie.

Hillary Swank plays Holly, a young woman whose husband, Gerry (the divine Gerald Butler), dies of a brain tumour. The movie is really about dealing with grief and how to move on. Following her husband’s death, Holly receives letters from him helping her to get on with her life, but they also raise the question of if the voice from beyond the grave is really helping her or stopping her from starting over.

The movie is half set in New York, and half in Ireland, where there is some beautiful scenery, as well as some truly beautiful Irish men. Hillary Swank is in a class of her own. She’s just so great to watch on film – so believable and warm. The supporting cast was also great, including Lisa Kudrow as her best friend, adding comic relief, and Kathy Bates as her mother. I wasn’t as keen on James Marsters, who plays a friend – his accent sounded really bad and he overacted. I also wasn’t sure about Harry Connick Jr as a friend/love interest. He looks quite puffy and bloated these days, and his character was quite odd!

It was still a great girlie movie – one I will get on DVD to watch on days when I just need a good cry.

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