Alec and I had a double movie whammy on Sat night. I hadn’t heard of either movie beforehand, and they were both really great, thoughtful movies.

Amazing Grace
This is the story of William Wilberforce, the man who brought about the abolishion of the slave trade in the UK. The title is from the song, Amazing Grace, that was written by John Newton, a former slave owner who found God, repented, wrote the song, and became a preacher.

The movie is inspiring. It made me feel like I should be doing something more worthwhile with my life. It also filled in a big knowledge gap. I find it unbelievable that people were treated in such a way (much in the same way that live animals are exported overseas today and in similarly disgusting conditions) so the British people could have delicacies like sugar in their tea. A lot has been written about slaves in America, but I’ve heard very little about the slave trade run out of the UK. It certainly shed some light on a dark period in history and how the efforts of one man made the world a better place.

In The Land Of Women
This is Adam Brody (The O.C)‘s first big role, as a porno script writer, who is feeling lost after being dumped by his actress girlfriend, so moves in with his elderly, wacko Grandmother to find himself. Out in the burbs he meets Sarah, a mother of two teenage daughters, and forms a friendship with both her and her eldest daughter.

The film is essentially a drama, focusing on the tender relationships between people, the healing power of forgiveness and acceptance, and lesson in being kind to people because until you look through their eyes, you really can’t know what life is like for them.

A really moving film, only flawed by Meg Ryan’s recently enhanced lips. To collagen-pumped lips, Australia says no. Adam Brody however, proves himself as a future leading actor, not just a teen soap star, with his poignant performance.

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