I’m on a romantic movie binge. After way too many movies with deep depressing endings, I’ve had enough. All I want to watch right now are movies with happy endings. Sappy, predictable, cheesy movies where a girl and guy meet, fall in love, fall out of love, reunite, then have a dream wedding and live happily ever after. All in a tidy two hours. It could happen in real life, right?

Back on topic, Emily, Katia and I saw 27 Dresses tonight. Katherine Heigl plays Jane, the mousy, reliable girl who can’t say no to anyone, and, as a result, ends up helping everyone achieve their dream wedding rather than living a life that would enable her to have her own wedding. Jane is in love with her boss, George, but is incapable of telling him how she feels. Jane is also obsessed with weddings. She has been a bridesmaid 27 times, and her favourite part of the newspaper is the weddings section. She’s like the Murial of New York City.

Jane’s life is thrown into upheaval with the arrival of Tess, her baby sister. Tess and George meet, fall quickly in love, and Jane is asked to plan their wedding. George isn’t the only cute guy in the movie however. Throughout her many weddings she attends, Jane meets smart alec Kevin, played by James Marsden,Ha writer whose job is to cover weddings. He is desperate to get a job in features, and when he meets Jane, sees his big chance to write a great story that will get him ahead in his career.

Romantic entanglements ensue. Singing, crying and enormously ugly dresses take over. A really fun movie that left me feeling cheery as anything.

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