I wasn’t very keen to see this movie based on the previews that had been screening as it looked formulaic, fluffy and boring. I read some decent reviews however and decided to give it a go with Lisa on our movie night.

We were both really pleasantly surprised with how fun and non-cliched it turned out to be.

Will (Ryan Reynolds) is unlucky in love. He has a beautiful daughter who, on the eve of his divorce, wants to know the story about her mother and how they got together. He tells her a story about the three loves of his life, one of whom is her mother, and she has to work out which one her mother is from the story. It sounds cheesy, but is actually adorable, smart, witty and romantic.

I really loved seeing Isla Fisher as one of the love interests – she’s so very Aussie without being ocker. Sassy, adorable and fun – also really tiny!

A definite date movie. I will be going back for seconds!

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