Adventure, baby!


Zombie Day

Alec’s favourite day finally arrived. Sebastian, Alice & Jamie came over today for a festival of zombie movies.

We started with 28 Days Later, then, after some Chinese from Chatswood BBQ Kitchen, we watched 28 Weeks Later at the movies.

While I really enjoyed 28 Days Later, 28 Weeks Later lacked the main feature of the first film – sympathetic central characters to drive the story along. Without these characters it’s hard to get too involved in a story and care about how it ends.

The first film also focused on the evolution of its main characters, making it as much of a human drama as a scary movie. 28 Days Later reminded me of Lord of the Flies in that it commented on the thin veneer of civilisation that keeps our society in check. Take it away and we all revert to animals.

Holding on to your humanity in the face of monstrosity was a central theme in 28 Days Later, but not so much in 28 Weeks Later, which seemed to be more about gratuitous violence and death. With the lack of substantial lead characters who saw the movie all the way through, it also lacked the complexity of the original film.

On a less intellectual level, there were also no cute guys in 28 Weeks Later. Bring back Cillian Murphy and the naked shower scenes!

It was still a great day – and Jamie even made a new friend. Cecil the snake. A bargain from Coles, only $8!

RSPCA Million Paws Walk

Alec, Ness, Kate and I represented team Google with partners, friends and puppies at the Sydney Olympic Park. There is no such thing as too many puppies.

Pug bums.

Lil’ Buff

Obligatory self portrait

Too much puppy love

Dear lord

This pooch joined our party

Flying Yorkie!

Mother’s Day

Alec and I journeyed far up north to Newcastle to spend Mother’s Day with Jan. We went to the growers’ market in the morning…

Lots of fresh fruit.

We took Amy with us. She’s always a crowd pleaser.

The home-made soaps were divine. They will be appearing in our bathroom shortly.

Freshly ground exotic coffee. Alec was in heaven. The car reeked of coffee all the way home.

A live string band. Nice!

Back in Sydney we took my mum and dad out for dinner. We had delicious Italian food, followed by dessert.

Alec just wanted to eat his profiteroles in peace. I had other plans.

My mango-shaped gelato was heaven.

Belle Fleur at Rozelle

Alec, Daniel and I drove to Rozelle markets to check out some bargains.

Vintage cameras. Film! ooohh!

Daniel and Alec discuss the finer points of … something or another.

Gratuitous Weimaraner dog shot.

This is the point where Daniel and Alec were considering leaving me behind so they could fit the wine rack Daniel is checking out into the car.

WTF is with the tongue?

Bargains! Ohhhh!

At Belle Fleur, Daniel ogles the Belgium town hall made entirely of chocolate. 50 hours of love went into this creation.

Telescope made out of chocolate.


Beautiful Havanese

Now I’m on the North Side, I miss my babies. I washed them on Saturday, so now they smell like flowers. Watch them frolic and bite each other here.

Sunrise over Warwick Farm

Cutest doggies ever


Surprise licking attack

Mini Buffy