Alec, Daniel and I drove to Rozelle markets to check out some bargains.

Vintage cameras. Film! ooohh!

Daniel and Alec discuss the finer points of … something or another.

Gratuitous Weimaraner dog shot.

This is the point where Daniel and Alec were considering leaving me behind so they could fit the wine rack Daniel is checking out into the car.

WTF is with the tongue?

Bargains! Ohhhh!

At Belle Fleur, Daniel ogles the Belgium town hall made entirely of chocolate. 50 hours of love went into this creation.

Telescope made out of chocolate.


2 comments on “Belle Fleur at Rozelle”

  1. Lovely! There is a new patisserie that has opened up on Darling Street that you really must check out. It is a tiny hole in the wall, but everything is devine. We went in on Sunday and almost everything was sold out, but we did manage to get a chocolate mousse thing infused with lavender essence, passionfruit tarts (a bit like those lemon citron ones) and lemon cheesecake. They were definitely the best cakes I have had ever! Yum….

  2. That sounds delicious. I would love to come by and we could visit the place that makes excellent mousse and maybe check out other cool shops in the area. I love Rozelle/Balmain.

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